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Peeing in the Shower


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         June 12, 2012 Articles No comments

         Peeing in the shower…..Convenient or Unsanitary?

         My husband and I have debated this question many times throughout our marriage (I guess that is a scary insight into our marriage). I, for one, am a
         huge proponent of peeing in the shower. That warm water has a way of getting things goin’. Dave will occasionally indulge, but operates under a strict
         set of urinating rules:

         1. No shower peeing at someone else’s home.

         2. Only pee in the shower if you:

         a. Forgot to go ahead of time and can’t hold it.

         b. Went ahead of time and have to go again.

         Some think this habit is appalling, others think nothing of it. To me, the crux of the debate lies in where that pee goes, or where does shower water go?
         If you can avoid contact with your ….um…..well……you know, then why is relieving yourself while bathing all that bad?

         I did some research to find out exactly where shower water goes, hoping that would settle the debate once and for all.

         First, I found out that shower water is treated the same as sewer water. It goes to the same place where toilet water goes. So, where does that go?

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Philosophy on a Napkin                                                          

         Toilet water, shower water, rain water, and washing machine water all goes initially to a sewage treatment plant. There it undergoes several processes.

         First it enters a screen house where rocks, metal, sand, and gravel are sifted out.

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Philosophy on a Napkin                                                        

         After the poop river is scraped for non-organics, it travels to sedimentation tanks for another breakdown. In the tanks, the water moves slowly so that
         solids sink to the bottom, and oil and grease float to the top. Grease is skimmed from the surface, and sludgy solids are scraped from the bottom and
         transferred to digestion tanks.

         After emerging from the sedimentation tanks, the wastewater is a murky grayish brown, and still contains dissolved materials and suspended solids
         (also known as poop). It is then emptied into aeration tanks where it spends three hours. Here, a carefully controlled population of hungry
         microorganisms feed on the poop in the water.

         Nature would accomplish what’s done in this part of the treatment process, but it would take seven to ten days and miles of flowing river. With the
         influx of millions of gallons of wastewater every day, the process needs to be enhanced and accelerated. The treatment plant does this job in hours.

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Philosophy on a Napkin                                                        

         After the solids have been chomped by the poo-poo bugs, the wastewater enters the final clarifiers, where it is again swept at the top and bottom (the
         microorganisms sink to the bottom) and sludge is returned to the previous tanks (for another chomping) or sent to the digesters.

         Wastewater finally travels through an outfall where it’s disinfected with chlorine, then pumped into rivers.

         and there you go…..

         So NOW what are your thoughts about peeing in the shower?

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Philosophy on a Napkin                                                  

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