Body image and my flabby thighs

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         June 1, 2012 Articles 1 Comment

         Body Image and my Flabby Thighs

         This is how the text message conversation went with my mom yesterday:

         Mom: When you come over today, bring your swimsuit. Dad just cleaned the pool and it is supposed to be hot outside.

         Tara: I don’t think I’m ready to show the world I don’t think the world is ready to see my flabby thighs….or my flabby stomach….or any of the other
         wobbly bits I have lying around since the baby was born.

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Philosophy on a Napkin                                                     

         ….and this is how the conversation a few weeks earlier went with my husband:

         Dave: It happened.

         Tara: What has happened?

         Dave: The thing I swore would never happen to me has happened.

         Tara: And what is that?

         Dave: I have back fat.

         Tara: Back fat??

         Dave: Yeah, the fat every guy puts on when he gets married. See, look. (and he proceeds to show me the back portion of his love handles)

         Tara: Oh babe, you look great. Don’t sweat it.

         Dave: No, I can’t have this. See, it jiggles when I go up and down the stairs. (and he proceeds to run up and down the stairs to demonstrate)

         Why are we so concerned with our body image?

         I had a friend, when I was traveling overseas, that was from Madagascar. She looked like this:

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Philosophy on a Napkin                                                       

         She was tan, thin, spunky, and fun to be around.

         She was incredibly concerned with her body image.

         You see, in Madagascar, if you are heavier, it is a sign of wealth. If you are thin, it means you are malnourished and poor. She was self-conscious
         because she wanted to be fatter.

         Does this mean body image is nothing more than a cultural phenom?

         Why has our culture chosen anorexic-skinny to be the bar by which all others are measured?

         I propose a theory. It’s scandalous and controversial. I might get blog-shot for it. Here it goes…..

         Our body image is less about pounds than it is about our own sense of security and self-worth.
         We can’t blame it on these guys:

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Philosophy on a Napkin                                                    

         Or these guys:

         but really, it comes down to….

         What we think and feel about ourselves is a direct reflection of how we think God sees us.

         If we really thought that God viewed us like this:

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Philosophy on a Napkin

         and this:

         and this:

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Philosophy on a Napkin                                                     

         …we wouldn’t get caught up in comparing, and we would be less self-conscious about how we looked and were perceived by others.

         Come on, you know I’m right. It sucks having to take responsibility for our own problems, doesn’t it?

         P.S. – Since I probably should take my own advice, I went swimming in the river on Sunday. The world saw all my wobbily bits…..and I think I they

         Your thoughts?

         One Response to Body Image and my Flabby Thighs

            1.        Carol Lane (mom) says:
                 June 2, 2012 at 2:37 pm

                 Hmmm . . . this is a good question. I’d like to think I’m concerned with how my body looks because I’m concerned with my health. But it really
                 is more about gaining acceptance and measuring my value against the “norm.” I don’t know how to fight this. Our culture puts such a premium
                 on how we look. I hate it. And for women, we seem to always be measuring ourselves against other women . . . are we more or less attractive than
                 they are? I’m curious what others have to say about this. Men don’t seem to struggle as much with this issue. Why can’t we simply accept
                 ourselves and others for the way they/we are instead of always trying to do mental “makeovers” of each other?


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