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									     Travel & Tourism
     accredited by the Institute of Certified Travel Agents

     TRAVEL AND TOURISM helps students learn the basics of this fast-paced business
     with emphasis on geography, communications, computer proficiency and applica-
     tions, economics, and business math.

     Work Environment                                   the largest employers worldwide, the        Course Outline
     Travel and tourism students have a                 opportunities for qualified travel and      • Introduction to
     wide range of employment opportu-                  tourism agents are greatly expand-            Travel & Tourism
     nities in such areas as travel agencies,           ing. Graduates are prepared for en-         • English for Travel &
     tour operators, chambers of com-                   try-level employment with travel              Tourism
     merce, conventions and visitor bu-                 agencies, tour operators, airlines and      • Geography for Travel
     reaus, the airlines, hotels and car                transportation industries, hotels,            & Tourism
     rental companies. Students will par-               visitors bureaus, and chambers of           • System Applications
     ticipate in mentoring and internship               commerce. Graduates may decide to           • Travel & Tourism II
     activities with industry professionals.            pursue a two or four-year degree in         • Travel Destinations
                                                        travel and tourism or in such closely       • Strategies for Success
     Career Opportunities                               related fields as sales, marketing,
     Travel Agent                                       hospitality, and communications.            Related Courses at
     Reservation Agent                                    Starting salaries in this field tend to   Wilson Tech
     Hotel Manager                                      range from $7.00 to $11.00/hour.            • Computer Informa-
     Sales Representative                               Part-time, evening, and weekend               tion Technology
     Tour Packaging                                     work is available.
     Flight Attendant
     Travel Marketing                                   Student Supplies
                                                        none required
     Advanced Standing Available*
     Dowling College                                    Proficiency Exams Required for
     Suffolk County Community College                   Sequence Credit:
     SUNY Cobleskill                                    Introduction to Occupations
     *Advanced Standing is available to those who
     successfully complete this Tech course. Check
                                                        Technical Diploma
     with the Tech counselor or the individual          Endorsement
     college admissions office for more details.
                                                        Technical Diploma Endorsement
     Employment Outlook                                 Academic credits integrated include:
     Travel and tourism promises to be                  Academic credits integrated include:
     one of the fastest growing service                 • Applied Math
     industries as our country moves to-                • English 12
     ward the 21st century. Already one of              • Economics/Participation in Gov’t
                                                        In order to be granted the Technical
                                                        Diploma endorsement, students must
                                                        pass the Institute of Certified Travel
                                                        Agents exam in Travel Agent Profi-
                                                        ciency (TAP).                                Scheduling
                                                                                                     Grades: 11 & 12
                                                                                                     Length: 1 or 2 years
                                                                                                     Units:    4 1⁄2 or 9
                                                                                                     Location: Republic
                                                                                                     Sessions: AM

78                                 Wilson Tech • 631/667-6000 •

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