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Workers' compensation insurance safeguards the employees, injured in the course of
employment. In many states of US, it is a mandatory policy and is required by every company with
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Most of the time a claim is filed, the worker is fine and they can return to work, but this is for more
minor injuries. There are temporary injuries such as a sprained wrist or perhaps a concussion from
a fall where they will need to visit a doctor and be off work for a several weeks. Then there are
injuries that are long-term and can possibly be lifelong injuries. Depending upon the severity of the
injury, the worker could be off work for a short period of time or for a long period of time. While the
employee is off work, they may be entitled to workers compensation settlements.

Risk controlling measures vary according to the nature of the vulnerabilities. However,
effectiveness of any step lies in proper review and implementation of safety measures on a regular

Many workplace injuries are catastrophic and financially devastating to the injured workers' family.
Workers should not be tricked or bullied into giving up the benefits provided by the Workers'
Compensation Act that may include death benefits to the family of workers who are killed on the
job including funeral expenses. Other benefits may include weekly wage payments while out of
work, payment of medical bills, and lump sum payments for permanent use of body parts and for
settlement of the claim. Claims must be filed in a timely manner or the right to file may be lost

The next best way to reduce workplace injuries is by emphasizing on-job safety during training.
Provide safety training to all the employees about safe handling of equipment, possible risks in the
workplace, company safety rules and procedures, emergency procedures (usage of fire
extinguishers, etc.), importance of personal protective equipment required on the job, etc. This
kind of training helps employees acquire all the skills and knowledge required to be safe in the job

• Risk assessment involves finding of all the potential outcomes of identified risks/hazards and the
seriousness of the damage they could cause. In the above mentioned example, frayed electric
cables, the harm could be an electrical shock.

3) Are you even eligible to receive Workers' Compensation, and does the injury you suffered fall
under the law's definition of one? It's important to know what your state Workers' Comp laws say
about your injury. Full-time employees who are eligible to receive benefits may file a compensation
claim if the injury is determined to be work related. If you are not certain, you should consult with
the person in your company who handles benefits, usually your Human Resources manager. Why
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A comprehensive workers' compensation program always helps your organization do much more
than simply saving the claim costs. It makes your workplace safer, secures employees and finally
saves your organization from fraudulent claims.

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