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									Santa Clarita Chiropractor, Dr. Joanne Buettner, Provides Natural
Solutions For Back Pain

Santa Clarita, CA, 29-JUNE-2012 - SCV Family Chiropractic and Santa
Clarita chiropractic physician, Dr. Joanne Buettner, D. C., are pleased
to announce that pain in the back does not have to continue without
solutions. Pain is an indication that something is out of balance in the
body systems. Often the pain comes from misaligned vertebrae in the
spinal column.

The first step in reducing back pain is a thorough examination by the
chiropractor. She will check the spinal alignment. The modern methods of
assessment allow her to know where adjustments need to be made for
improved health.

A plan is developed, in consultation with the patient. It may include
methods to provide relief from the acute levels of pain, followed by
longer term techniques that will strengthen the damaged support system of
the spinal column.

The goal of quick relief and the prevention of future pain through better
bodily health are both important to patients. When the chiropractor
addresses pain in any location, it is by looking at the physical, mental
and emotional aspects.

Dr. Buettner uses the Activator Method as the effective technique for
health improvement. The top-selling instrument is beneficial for spinal
adjustment. It has been accepted by chiropractic practitioners around the

Learn more about the benefits of chiropractics to relieve pain located in
the back by visiting the website at
today. Members of the press and others who wish to question further about
the information presented in this press release are encouraged to contact
Dr. Buettner at the location provided below.

Contact Person Name: Dr. Joanne Buettner, D C.

Company Name: SCV Family Chiropractic

Address: 26370 Diamond Place Suite 504, Santa Clarita, CA 91350

Telephone Contact Number: (661) 255-2822

Fax Contact Number: (661) 255-0922



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