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									                         Frequently Asked Questions
                      About the Zam Communicator
What is a Zam Communicator?

The Zam communicator is a lightweight, portable communication device. The user presses
communication symbols or letters of the alphabet to create messages. It also includes pre-
made messages including yes/no, common needs or wants, and a pain meter for quick
communication. The communication message is displayed on an LCD screen that can be viewed
by the communicator and the communication partner.

Who can receive a Zam Communicator?

The Zam Communicator is available to people who have difficulty communicating verbally; it
may not be distributed to or through physicians, other health care professionals, medical group
practices, or to hospitals. Health care and disability professionals can promote the availability of
these devices.

What does it look like?

The Zam Communicator is approximately 9 inches wide and 11 inches high. A docking station
for charging the Zam Communicator is included, with an indicator light to let the user know
when the device is fully charged. It has a built-in handle and comes with an optional mount for
tabletop use or easy storage.

Does it talk or speak?

The Zam Communicator does not have voice output. It has a double-sided LCD screen that
displays communication messages.

Does it include languages other than English?

The Zam Communicator has messages in English and Spanish.

My Zam Communicator will not charge. What do I do?

Unfortunately, some of the Zam Communicators occasionally may not charge or the AC adapter
or “charger” may not work. If this happens, review “Recharging Instructions,” ensure the
charger is firmly connected to the Zam Communicator, and push the Reset Button. These steps
may help the Communicator take a charge.

If this does not work, Radio Shack sells components from which you can put together a
replacement charger. Purchase the ENERCELL 6VDC 800mA (AC to DC Power Adapter) and
ENERCELL Adaptaplug with the "K" tip. It will cost about $24.00.

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