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									Chiropractor In Peabody, MA, Dr. Ellen Blomerth, Provides Holistic
Chiropractic Health Services

Peabody, MA, 29-JUNE-2012 - Blomerth Chiropractic and Peabody
chiropractic professional, Dr. Ellen Blomerth D. C., are pleased to
announce that there are many techniques and services that can be applied
to local patients. The methods available are 100 percent natural and
follow holistic approaches.

Because the philosophy of chiropractic medicine focuses on promoting
health rather than masking symptoms, many people do not understand the
process. The human body is seen as a single unit, but with multiple
systems. Chiropractors want to ensure that the systems are working
together for optimum health and wellness.

During a recent interview, Dr. Blomerth discussed some of the major
tenets of chiropractic philosophy, "Understanding how your body operates
allows you to be better able to care for yourself and reach a state of
good health. In my practice, I teach you how to manage your personal
health. I educate you about how your condition that will allow you to
take the necessary steps toward wellness. My educational modules are
available on the website so that you can explore the tenets at your

Holistic chiropractics holds the tenets that each part of human
psychological, social and physical necessities should become a component
of therapeutic methods. Chiropractors believe that disease is the result
of environmental, emotional, social, physical and spiritual imbalances in
the life of the individual.

Learn more about the benefits of holistic wellness as offered by today's
chiropractor when you visit the web pages at today. Members of the press and
others who have additional questions about the materials presented in
this specific press release are encouraged to contact Dr. Blomerth at the
location described below.

Contact Person Name: Dr. Ellen Blomerth, D. C.

Company Name: Blomerth Chiropractic

Address: 215 Newbury Street, Peabody, MA 01960

Contact Telephone Number: (978) 535-6155



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