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									                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Week of June 12, 2012

          EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES                                                                          HOMES / APT FOR RENT                                                               HOMES FOR SALE                                              WE BUY TRUCKS
HELP WANTED: THE                                                                                         WATERFORD APT. 2                                                                                               THE GOOD LIFE: RE-
HUGHSON CHRONI-                     INSTRUCTION                       BUSINESS/FINANCE                                                      VACATION RENTAL                             REAL ESTATE                     LOCATE,            RETIRE,
                                                                        OPPORTUNITY                      bed/1 bath, free laun-
CLE AND DENAIR DIS-                                                                                      dry, $625 mo. +$350                                                                                            RAISE YOUR FAMILY,
PATCH is looking to fill a
                                   AIRLINE CAREERS                    --------------------------------                                      PINECREST 3 bed/2
                                                                                                         dep. Frank 209-416-                                                                                            start your business. Low
writing position on staff          BEGIN Here - Become                Ever Consider a Re-                                                   bath, game room.
                                                                                                         2121 0703                                                                                                      Cost of Living, jobs,
who will work out of the           an Aviation Mainte-                verse Mortgage? At                                                    $150 a night. $500 a
                                                                      least 62 years old?                --------------------------         week. 209-357-2021                                                          beautiful           weather,
local office. Freelance            nance Tech. FAA ap-
                                                                      Stay in your home & in-            WATERFORD HOME 3                                                                                               strong housing market:
writer for the paper. The          proved               training.
                                                                                                         bed/2 ba, garage, inside                                                                                       Kingman,             Arizona
pay is by story assign-            Financial aid if qualified         crease cash flow! Safe
                                                                      & Effective! Call Now for          laundry room. Refer-
                                                                                                                                            Roberta Flanagan                                                            w w w. A r i z o n a C r o s s -
ment. Opportunity to
grow with our company
                                   - Housing available.
                                                                      your FREE DVD! Call                ence +dep. $975 mo.                    Realtor                              AMAZING             VALLEY
                                   Job placement assis-
and advance your ca-               tance. CALL Aviation
                                                                      Now          888-698-3165.         No pets. Available mid             2098 “G” Street                          VIEWS FROM THIS
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        6568. (Cal-SCAN)
reer in journalism. All ap-                                           (Cal-SCAN)                         June.    209-874-9410               209-723-4337                            CUSTOM                 BUILT
plicants         will        be
                                   Institute of Mainte-
                                                                      --------------------------------   0619                                                                        HOME ON 2.2 ACRES.                  STEEL BUILDINGS
                                   nance (888) 242-3382.              ADVERTISE a display                                                              MERCED                        3/2, 1624 sq.ft. 2-car
considered. Call 209-                                                                                    --------------------------                                                                           
358-5311 and ask for               (Cal-SCAN)                         BUSINESS               CARD                                            2041 I St 2/1 Ba . . . . . . .$650      garage.               Granite
                                                                                                         HUGHSON HOUSE                                                                                                  MONTHLY SPECIALS!
Paul Wilson. Resumes               -------------------------------    sized ad in 140 Califor-                                               1342 W. 19th St 2/l . . . . .$750       counter tops, newer
                                                                                                         2 bed/1 bath, $650                                                                                             Authorized builder in
may also be emailed to             ATTEND           COLLEGE           nia newspapers for one                                                 45 W. 21st St 2/l . . . . . . . .$700
                                                                                                         mo. +$300 dep. 2225                                                         windows, Whole house               STEEL     BUILDINGS
PaulWilson@midvalley               ONLINE from Home.                  low cost of $1,550. Your                                               235 W. 21st St 3/2 . . . . . .$850
                                                                      display 3.75x2” ad
                                                                                                         1st St. Contact 209-                                                        Generator. Close to                (Arenas, Barns, Air-                           *Medical,         *Business,                                                                              151 E. 22nd St Std . . . . . .$425
                                                                      reaches over 3 million+            380-0555 061212                                                             Lakes for skiers and               plane Hangers, Stor-
--------------------------------   *Criminal Justice, *Hos-                                                                                  153 E. 22nd St 1/1 . . . . . .$500
                                                                      Californians.             Free     --------------------------                                                  boaters. Neat and                  age Units, Shops,
PRO                DRIVERS         pitality. Job placement                                                                                   1680 Conestoga B 2/1 . .$600
                                                                      brochure call Maria Ro-            FOR RENT WINTON -                                                           clean. $195,500. Call              Warehouses & MORE!)
WANTED. Call for De-               assistance. Computer                                                                                      1684 Conestoga B 2/1 . .$600
                                                                      drigues (916)288-6010.             ONE APT $500 + $500                                                         agent, Kathy. 209-852-             Contact: 209-605-6838
tails on Our New Pay               available. Financial Aid if                                           Deposit.   725-1612                 1684 Conestoga C 1/1 . .$550
                                                                      (Cal-SCAN)                                                                                                     2358 or 209-853-2496               james@jefconstruc-
Package. 2 Mos CDL                 qualified. SCHEV certi-                                               081412                              1690 Conestoga A 1/1 . .$550
                                                                      --------------------------------                                                                               -------------------------------- Lic#945547
Class A Experience. 877-           fied. Call 888-210-5162                                               --------------------------          1825 P St1/1 . . . . . . . . . .$495                                       (Cal-SCAN)
258-8782 www.melton-                                                  REACH CALIFORNI-                                                                                               ADVERTISE Your VA-
                                                                           WATERFORD ROOM                      3311Santa Rosa D 2/l . .$550
                                                                      ANS WITH A CLASSI-                                                                                             CATION PROPERTY                    m (Cal-SCAN)                                                          FOR RENT. Male                                ATWATER                                                            BLUEBERRIES
(Cal-SCAN)                                                            FIED        IN ALMOST                                                                                          in 240 California
                                   --------------------------------                                      r o o m m a t e                     1647 Fir Ave 2/1 . . . . . . .$500
                                                                      EVERY COUNTY! Ex-                                                                                              newspapers for one
                                   HIGH               SCHOOL          perience the power of              wanted/working. Full                       CHOWCHILLA                                                                Seasonal Grand                   Honey Do
NEW TO TRUCKING?                                                                                                                             2129 Lincoln 3/2 . . . . . . .$850      low cost of $600. Your                      Opening
Your new career starts
                                   DIPLOMA! Graduate in               classifieds! Combo~Cal-            privileges, all utilities                                                   25 word classified ad                       U-Pick                      Home Repair
                                   4       weeks!          FREE                                          paid. $350 per month.               1413 A Robertson 2/1 . . .$595
now! *$0 Tuition Cost,
                                   Brochure. Call Now! 1-
                                                                      ifornia Daily and Weekly                                                                                       reaches over 6 million+                   Blueberries                   Discounts for
                                                                      Networks. One order.               Call Jim at 840-2043               --------------------------------         Californians.            Free         ONLY $2.50 LB.
*No       Credit      Check,
                                   866-562-3650 ext. 60               One payment. Free                  --------------------------                                                                                     MONDAY, 21 MAY 2012                Senior & Veterans
*Great Pay & Benefits.                                                                                                                        RENT YOUR                              brochure call Elizabeth             684 S. Missouri Ave.
                                   www.SouthEasternHS.c               B r o c h u r e s .                HILMAR COUNTRY                                                              (916)288-6019. (Cal-                                                      Plumbing,

Short employment com-                                                                                                                          PROPERTY                                                                       Waterford
                                   om (Cal-SCAN)                           or    HOME 2bdrm/1 bath,                                                                                                                                 Trees, Fences,
mitment required. Call:
                                                                      (916)288-6010. (Cal-               single car garage, cen-              IN OUR                   5             SCAN)                                OPEN: Monday &
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Wednesday – Saturday
1-866-275-2349.                    --------------------------------
                                          STEAKS                                                         tral H/A, stove, refrig.           NEWSPAPERS!                                                                  7:30 AM – 7:30 PM                 Electrical, Gutters.
                                                                      SCAN)                                                                                                               AUCTIONS
w w w. J o i n C R S T. c o m
(Cal-SCAN)                                                            --------------------------------   $800 month + deposit.                    CALL MID                                                              21 May – 28 July 2012               In Your Home
                                   THRILL DAD WITH                                                                                                 VALLEY
--------------------------------   100 PERCENT GUAR-
                                                                      ADVERTISE                Your
                                                                                                         fered, no pets. Refer-
                                                                                                                                                                                     ADVERTISE YOUR                     CLOSED: Tuesday & Sunday
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         For directions go to:                TV Repair
ATTENTION: DRIVERS.                                                   Truck DRIVER JOBS in                                                                                           AUCTION in 240 Cal-      
Freight Up = More $$$.
                                   ANTEED,       DELIV-
                                                                      240 California newspa-
                                                                                                         ences required. Call
                                                                                                         993-4894 or 854-9226
                                                                                                                                             209-383-0433                            ifornia newspapers for             Or call: (209) 874-1260            209-723-6262
New Pay Package. New                                                  pers for one low cost of                                                     TODAY                             one low cost of $600.
                                   R OMAHA STEAKS!                    $550. Your 25 word                                                                                                                                                    AGRICULTURE
KW Conventionals. 2                                                                                                                                                                  Your 25 word classi-
                                   SAVE 69 percent -
Mos CDL Class A Driving
                                   PLUS 2 FREE GIFTS -
                                                                      classified ad reaches                                          MISC                                            fied ad reaches over 6
Experience. 877-258-                                                  over 6 million+ Californi-                                                                                     million+ Californians.             WOOD FOR SALE                      OATS FOR SALE
                                   THRILL THE GRILL                   ans. Free brochure call
8782 (Cal-SCAN)                                                                                                                             ----------------------------             Free brochure call                   Oak & Almond
                                   ONLY $49.99. ORDER                 Elizabeth          (916)288-               HEALTH                                                                                                                                    KANOTA OAT HAY
                                   Today 1-888-525-4620                                                                                     SELL YOUR UN-                            Elizabeth (916)288-                Firewood. $150 cord                SPRAYED       WITH
DRIVERS: BUSINESS                                                     6019. (Cal-SCAN)                   Attention Joint & Mus-
                                   or         www.Oma-                                                                                      WANTED               GOLD                6019. (Cal-SCAN)                                                      SHARK $8 PER BALE
IS GROWING 2 New                                                      --------------------------------   cle Pain Sufferers: Clin-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        or deal for the lot.
Local Van Runs. Great                                                                                            JEWELRY and Get                          -----------------------------                                         CALL 874-9470 HICK-
                                                                      HELP WANTED! Look-                 ically proven all-natural          Cash! Ranked #1 on                                                          Call 209-409-6468                  MAN 614
Pay & Benefits! CDL-A              ily16    use    code               ing for Independent                                                                                            PRIME INDUSTRIAL
                                                                                                         supplement helps reduce            NBC`s Today Show -
w/Hazmat End & 1yr                 45069TVH.       (Cal-              Contractors to expand                                                                                          PROPERTY along I-5
Exp. Req. Estenson Lo-                                                                                   pain and enhance mobil-            SellYourGold. Call to                                                       WOOD REMOVAL                        BOYSENBERRY
                                   SCAN)                              our business. Earn                 ity. Call 877-217-7698 to                                                   in Olympia. WA to be
gistics Apply: www.                                                   Daily! www.OnePenny-                                                  Request a Free Ap-                                                                                                try Hydraflexin RISK-                                                       sold by unreserved                  Zwart’s Firewood                  FRESH       PICKED
                                                                                                          praisal 1- 888-650-                          LEGAL                     /tz.aspx. (Cal-SCAN)               FREE for 90 days. (Cal-            1019. (Cal-SCAN)
                                                                                                                                                                                     auction - June 14,                   Call for info on                 BOYSENBERRY
     1-866-336-9642                SOCIAL            SECURITY                                            SCAN) (Cal-SCAN)                                                            2012. 62.94 +/- acres                      Free                       Sold by 8lb crates.
                                                                      --------------------------------                                      --------------------------------
--------------------------------   Disability Benefits. You                                              --------------------------------                                            total.    Details  at               Almond Orchard                    Starting May 25. Lo-
                                                                      ALLGOVBIDS.COM                                                        ATTENTION DIABET-
DRIVERS            -     NEW       Win or Pay Us Nothing.             HAS YOUR NEXT
                                                                                                         Diabetes/Cholesterol                                                                 & Windfall                     cally Grown
                                                                                                                                            ICS with Medicare. Get
FREIGHT lanes in your              Contact Disability Group,          GOVERNMENT CON-                    /Weight Loss. Berga-                                                        alestate. (Cal-SCAN)                   Removals                           Place Order at
                                                                                                                                            a FREE Talking Meter
area. Annual Salary                Inc. Today! BBB Accred-            TRACT - search thou-               monte, a Natural Prod-                                                                                          also Looking for                   (209) 664-0788 or
                                                                                                         uct for Cholesterol,               and diabetic testing sup-                                                     Almond Wood                         (209) 480-5612
$45K-60K.             Flexible     ited. Call For Your FREE           sands in California and
hometime. Modern Fleet             Book & Consultation.               Nationwide. Mention this           Blood Sugar and weight.            plies at No Cost, plus                       YARD WORK                           613-1251
of Trucks. CDL-A, 3                                                   ad and receive exclu-              Physician               recom-     FREE home delivery!                           WANTED                           Or 852-9170
                                   877-490-6596.              (Cal-
                                                                                                                                            Best of all, this meter
months current OTR ex-             SCAN)                              sive       access.        Visit    mended, backed by
                                                                             Human Clinical Studies                                                      EXPERIENCED & RE-                                                     FOUND         -     CAT-
perience. 800-414-9569.            --------------------------------                                                                         eliminates painful finger
                                                                                                                                                                                     LIABLE YARD MAN to                     FIREWOOD                WAGE LAW VIOLA-
                                                                      today! (Cal-SCAN)                  with amazing results.              pricking! Call 888-781-                                                                                        brown/black. Looks
                                                                                                         Call today and save 15%                                                     prune, general clean-up,           Firewood For Sale                  like a lion. Hughson.
(Cal-SCAN)                         TIONS? Do you work                 --------------------------------                                      9376. (Cal-SCAN)
                                                                                                                                                                                     weeding, sprinkler re-                    Walnut
--------------------------------   over 8 hours per day or              Sell YOUR                        off your first bottle! 888-        --------------------------------                                                                               209-604-7156
                                                                                                         392-8780 (Cal-SCAN)                                                         pair, lawn. Have own               Seasoned 1.5 years
DRIVERS: NO EXPERI-                40 hours per week? De-              ITEM HERE                                                            MEET SINGLES RIGHT                                                                                             --------------------------
                                                                                                         (Cal-SCAN)                                                                  pick-up for dump trips.              12"-24" lengths                        PUPPIES
Driver Training. We train
                                   nied wages, overtime
                                   pay, or meal & rest
                                                                      FREE!                              --------------------------------
                                                                                                                                            NOW! No paid operators,
                                                                                                                                            just real people like you.
                                                                                                                                                                                     Best rates in town! Call
                                                                                                                                                                                     Jerry at 209-947-0359
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           $140 per cord
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              You Haul                     BORDER        COL-
and employ! Ask about              breaks? You may be                 CALL MID                           Attention              SLEEP       Browse greetings, ex-                                                       Call (209) 874-2969                LIE/BLUE QUEENS-
our New Pay Scale! Ex-             owed money. Call Class              VALLEY                            APNEA SUFFERERS                    change messages and                                                          or (707) 481-8689                 LAND          mixed
perienced Drivers also             Action Attorney Michael               AT                              with Medicare. Get                 connect live. Try it free.
Needed! Central Refrig-                                                                                                                                                              ----------------------------
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           puppies. 8 wks old.
                                   Carver Toll-Free (877)                                                FREE CPAP Replace-
erated. 1-877-369-7126.            219-8481. (Cal-SCAN)
                                                                        (209)                            ment Supplies at No
                                                                                                                                            Call now 1-888-866-3166
                                                                                                                                                                                     MANTIS Deluxe Tiller.                    TRACTOR                      2nd shots. 4 males
www.CentralTruckDriv-                                                 383-0433                                                              (Cal-SCAN)                                                                                                     $200. 209-648-1066
                                                                                                         Cost, plus FREE home                                                        NEW! FastStart en-                 1954 FORD JU- (Cal-SCAN)             AUTOS WANTED                        TODAY                             delivery! Best of all, pre-         TEST STRIPS                             gine. Ships FREE.                  BILEE      TRACTOR
--------------------------------                                                                                                                                                     One-Year Money-Back                                                       LOST DOGS
                                                                                                         vent red skin sores and                                                                                        with custom built
Your new career starts
                                                                           INTERNET                      bacterial infection! Call          WANTED - UNEX-                           Guarantee when you                 scraper. New rear                  LOST-FEMALE
                                   truck or boat to Her-                                                                                    PIRED        DIABETIC                    buy DIRECT. Call for               tires, new battery new
now! *$0 Tuition Cost,                                                                                   888-699-7660.              (Cal-                                                                                                                  ENGLISH SETTER,
                                   itage for the Blind. Free          SAVE on Cable TV-                                                     TEST STRIPS. Up to                       the DVD and FREE                   complete tune-up. All
*No Credit Check, *Great                                                                                 SCAN)                                                                                                                                             B/W Looks like a
                                   3 Day Vacation, Tax De-            Internet-Digital                                                      $26/Box. Prepaid Ship-                   Good Soil book! 888-               original $3400. Call
Pay & Benefits. Short              ductible, Free Towing, All
                                                                                                         -------------------------------                                                                                                                   dalmation. Collar
                                                                      Phone.      Packages               Feeling older? Men                 ping Labels. Hablamos                    815-5176. (Cal-SCAN)               Dave at 602-4581
employment commitment              Paperwork Taken Care                                                                                     Espanol!     1-800-266-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           w/N.Carolina tag.
                                                                      start at $89.99/mo                 lose the ability to produce                                                                                    0600
required. Call: 1-866-             Of. 888-902-6851. (Cal-                                                                                  0702. www.SellDiabetic-                  -----------------------                                               916-541-0858
275-2349.         www.Join-                                           (for 12 months.) Op-               testosterone as they age.
                                   SCAN)                                                                 Call 888-904-2372 for a   (Cal-SCAN)                   MOVING? GAR- (Cal-SCAN)                                                   tions from ALL major
                                                                      service     providers.             FREE trial of Progene-                                                      DENING? If you                                       YARD SALES
                                   I BUY ANY JUNK CAR -                                                  All Natural Testosterone
                                                                                                                                                 GOLF CARS                           are in need of
                                   $300 Flat Rate *Includes           Call Acceller today to
  Subscribe to                                                                                           Supplement.                (Cal-   SMITH’S GOLF CARS                        old newspapers                     MONSTER 4 FAMILY
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              See your
                                   Pick-Up. 1-888-889-5670.           learn more! CALL 1-                                                   golf carts, utility vehi-                                                   YARD SALE New and
                                                                                                         SCAN)                                                                       for          various
   ONE of our                      (Cal-SCAN)                         888-897-7650. (Cal-                -------------------------------    cles, turf, industrial vehi-             household proj-                    gentle used items for all              Yard or
   FIVE News                       ----------------------------       SCAN)                              WHOLE                    BODY      c      l      e     s      .                                                ages. Furniture, house-
                                                                                                                                                                                     ects call Mid Val-
                                   SELL         Your        CAR,
                                                                                                         CLEANSE/PURIFY with                New/Used/Recondi-
                                                                                                                                                                                     ley Publications
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        hold, office, clothing.            Garage Sale
                                   TRUCK or SUV Today!                                                   Whole Body & Colon                 tioned. Huge Inventory!                                                     Thursday thru Sunday,
  We offer only                    All 50 states, fast pick-up                                           Program at www.Herb-               4x4 off-road all electric                Hilmar office at                   June 14th thru 17th, 8-3           in this space
                                   and payment. Any condi-            MY         COMPUTER                     or   vehicles.             Parts              669-0109 or the                    12361 Terrace View
  positive news                    tion, make or model. Call          WORKS.        Computer             877-437-2741. Nature’s             shipped/Service Avail-                   Waterford office                   Lane, Waterford
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             for FREE!
    at a great                     now       1-877-818-8848.          problems?       Viruses,           way of helping you live a          able.      800-445-5526.                 at 874-1927
                                        spyware, email, printer            healthy life! (Cal-SCAN)           (Cal-SCAN)
      price                                                           issues, bad internet

                                                                      connections - FIX IT

                                                                      NOW!       Professional,           Need Tupperware
                                      Need Your                       U.S.-based       techni-           call Kelly Thomas
                                                                      cians. $25 off service.            209-261-4481     or
          per                          Inserts                        Call for immediate help.           check     out   my
  year/per pub.                                                       1-888-865-0271 (Cal-               web site: my.tupper
                                       Mailed?                        SCAN)                    
     Choose                            We mail for
      One                                                                        Wholesale
 Merced County                        7.9 cents ea.                           Air Conditioning
      Times                                Call                               & Gas Furnaces
  Winton Times                          Mid Valley
  Hilmar Times                        Publications
 Waterford News
                                                                          Air conditioning units
 Hughson Chronicle                    at 358-5311                        Starting as low as $832
 &Denair Dispatch
                                        for more                            Plus tax & freight
209.358.5311                          information
                                                                                  Your area installer is
                                                                             Mitchell Heating
                                                                           and Air Conditioning

                                                                        Phone 1-800-667-4609
                                                                              Free estimates……
                                                                           most credit cards accepted

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