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									Comp Concepts Chapter 3 Study Guide

Indicate whether the statement is true or false.

____    1. The primary purpose of application software is to help people carry out tasks using a computer.

____    2. Although today's desktop publishing software provides many page layout and design features, word
           processing software provides more sophisticated features to help you produce professional-quality output for
           newspapers, newsletters, brochures, magazines, and books.

____    3. Software is categorized as user software or system software.

____    4. When a spreadsheet cell contains a formula, it displays the result of the formula rather than the formula itself.

____    5. Database software helps you to enter, find, organize, update, and report information stored in a database.

____    6. Database software stores data as a series of fields, which are composed of records that hold data.

____    7. A query language, such as SQL, provides a set of commands for locating and manipulating data.

____    8. MP3 sequencing software and software synthesizers are an important part of the studio musician's toolbox;
           they are great for sound effects and for controlling keyboards and other digital instruments.

____    9. Educational software teaches basic arithmetic and reading skills.

____ 10. All the applications in a suite are produced by different software publishers.

____ 11. A software purchaser is not allowed to make a copy of the software program under any circumstances.

____ 12. BSD is slightly more restrictive than GPL because it requires derivative works to be licensed under a BSD.

____ 13. User-executable program files have .exe filename extensions.

____ 14. Like a main executable file, a support program is designed to be run by the computer user.

____ 15. Support programs and data files can not be modified without changing the main executable file.

____ 16. A key characteristic of viruses is their ability to “lurk” in a computer for days or months, quietly replicating

____ 17. Denial of Service attacks occur when useless network traffic overwhelms the network’s processing capability
         and essentially brings all communications to a halt.

____ 18. A virus that does not really exist is referred to as a virus hoax.

____ 19. Fortunately, antivirus software is 100% reliable.
____ 20. A quarantined file typically contains suspicious code, such as a virus signature.

Modified True/False
Indicate whether the statement is true or false. If false, change the identified word or phrase to make the statement true.

____ 21. Widgets like those shown in the figure above are used to change the appearance of Windows Media Player.

____ 22. Norton SystemWorks and System Mechanic are examples of production utilities.

____ 23. A(n) font is a set of letters that share a unified design.

____ 24. A footer is text that you specify to automatically appear in the bottom margin of every page.

____ 25. Clip art—a collection of drawings and photos that is designed to be inserted in documents—is a popular
         source of graphical elements.

____ 26. In a spreadsheet, a(n) value is any text used to describe data.

____ 27. In a spreadsheet, a(n) relative reference never changes when you insert rows or copy or move formulas.

____ 28. Drawing software includes features specially designed to fix poor-quality photos by modifying contrast and
         brightness and removing “red eye.”
____ 29. In the figure above, the item marked 1 is the Play button.

____ 30. In the figure above, the item marked 2 is the Record button.

____ 31. A software license is a legal contract that defines the ways in which you may use a computer program.

____ 32. A(n) preapproved license, shown in the above figure, goes into effect as soon as you open the packaging.

____ 33. Open source software is copyrighted software marketed under a “try before you buy” policy.

____ 34. Public domain software may be freely copied, distributed, and even resold.

____ 35. Freeware makes the uncompiled program instructions available to programmers who want to modify and
         improve the software.

Multiple Choice
Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

____ 36. Font size is measured as ____ size.
         a. illustration                                    c. document
         b. point                                           d. paragraph
____ 37. The ____ for a document refers to the way that all of the elements of a document are arranged on the page.
         a. format                                      c. font
         b. style                                       d. readability
____ 38. ____ style includes the alignment of text within the margin and the space between each line of text.
         a. Document                                      c. Paragraph
         b. Character                                     d. Leading
____ 39. ____ refers to the vertical spacing between lines.
         a. Tracking                                      c. Keying
         b. Leading                                       d. Locking
____ 40. A(n) ____ is text that you specify to automatically appear in the top margin of every page.
         a. footer                                       c. index
         b. header                                       d. abbreviation
____ 41. Each ____ in a grid can contain a value, label or formula.
         a. record                                        c. nexus
            b. table                                        d. cell
____ 42. A ____ is a number that you want to use in a calculation.
         a. label                                        c. reference
         b. value                                        d. cell
____ 43. You can enter a simple ____ in a cell to add, subtract, multiply, or divide numbers.
         a. function                                     c. formula
         b. relative cell reference                      d. absolute cell reference
____ 44. A(n) ____ works behind the scenes to tell the computer how to use the contents of cells in calculations.
         a. reference                                    c. index
         b. formula                                      d. mathematical operator
____ 45. In the formula =D4-D5, D4 and D5 are cell ____.
         a. adherents                                 c. references
         b. referents                                 d. inherents
____ 46. Unless you specify otherwise, a cell reference is a(n) ____ reference.
         a. absolute                                      c. worksheet
         b. relative                                      d. active
____ 47. Products such as ____ are helpful tools for summarizing survey results, test scores, experiment results, or
         population data.
         a. Intuit Quicken                              c. QBE
         b. SPSS                                        d. LAN
____ 48. Which of the following is an example of personal finance software?
         a. Statsoft STATISTICA                        c. Intuit Quicken
         b. Adobe InDesign                             d. Both a and c
____ 49. A ____ is simply a collection of data that is stored on one or more computers.
         a. list                                           c. database
         b. table                                          d. flat
____ 50. A single database ____ is similar to a Rolodex or an index card.
         a. field                                        c. table
         b. record                                       d. cell
____ 51. ____ is NOT a third-party utility for compression.
         a. WinAce                                       c. IZArc
         b. WinZip                                       d. Adobe Creative Suite
____ 52. A ____ license is priced per copy and allows a specific number of copies to be used at the same time.
         a. site                                         c. concurrent-use
         b. multiple-user                                d. shrink-wrap
____ 53. ____ software has restriction on its use that are delineated by copyright, patents, or license agreements.
         a. Utility                                        c. Public domain
         b. Proprietary                                    d. Demo
____ 54. ____ software is typically sold in computer stores or at Web sites.
         a. Shareware                                    c. Open source
         b. Commercial                                   d. Public domain
____ 55. Most local applications contain a ____ program that guides you through the installation process.
         a. start                                       c. bootstrap
         b. setup                                       d. jumpstart
____ 56. A(n) ____ value is a unique number derived from encoding one or more data sets, such as names, serial
         numbers, and validation codes.
         a. zip                                        c. device
         b. hash                                       d. edit
____ 57. A ____ can corrupt files, destroy data, display an irritating message, or otherwise disrupt computer
         a. fragmentation utility                         c. computer defragmenter
         b. file shredder                                 d. computer virus
____ 58. A computer ____ is a set of program instructions that attaches itself to a file, reproduces itself, and spreads to
         other files.
         a. lurker                                      c. horse
         b. virus                                       d. worm
____ 59. A ____ is a computer program that seems to perform one function while actually doing something else.
         a. boot sector virus                          c. macro virus
         b. file virus                                 d. Trojan horse
____ 60. Viruses that deliver their payloads on a specific date are sometimes referred to as ____.
         a. time raiders                                   c. worms
         b. Trojan horses                                  d. time bombs
____ 61. Many Trojan horses have ____ capability, which allows unauthorized access to victims’ computers.
         a. backdoor                                  c. logic bomb
         b. payload                                   d. boot sector
____ 62. A ____ is a software that can automate a task or autonomously execute a task when commanded to do so.
         a. zombie                                       c. payload
         b. bot                                          d. trigger event
____ 63. ____ are used to scan the Web to assemble data for search engines, such as Google.
         a. Bots                                        c. Macros
         b. Logic bombs                                 d. Trojan horses

            Critical Thinking questions
            (Multiple Choice)

____ 64. Audio encoding software ____.
         a. converts the raw audio file into a format such as MP3 or AAC
         b. targets musicians and music students who want to develop musical skills
         c. is the musician’s equivalent of a word processor
         d. is designed to generate unique musical compositions simply by selecting the musical style,
            instruments, key, and tempo
____ 65. You need software to keep track of the money flowing in and out of your various accounts. What type of
         software should you use?
         a. Vertical market software                    c. Accounting software
         b. Groupware                                   d. Simulation software
____ 66. An author needs a ____to gain legal protection for exclusive rights to copy, distribute, sell, and modify an
         original work.
         a. copyright                                    c. software license
         b. installation agreement                       d. shrink-wrap license
____ 67. A software license ____.
         a. limits use of the software to only one person at a time
         b. is a form of legal protection that grants the author of an original work an exclusive right to
             copy, distribute (sell), and modify that work
         c. is a legal contract that defines the ways in which you use a computer program
         d. is typically sold in computer stores or at Web sites
____ 68. A EULA is ____.
         a. displayed on-screen when you first install software
         b. a type of a horizontal market software
         c. a type of database management software
         d. a type of software license
____ 69. The term malware refers to ____.
         a. any program that infects application programs
         b. any program or set of program instructions designed to surreptitiously enter a computer
            and disrupt its normal operations
         c. a miniature program that usually contains legitimate instructions
         d. a computer program that seems to perform one function while actually doing something

            Case Based Critical Thinking Questions

            Case 1
            You have been given three different databases, all of which use different database software, and your
            supervisor is asking you to identify which type of method each database uses to make its queries.

____ 70. The first database uses a query that looks like this: Select * from Operations where BuildingName =
         “Carnegie” and DateConstructed < ‘1900’. What kind of method is this?
         a. natural language query                         c. QBE
         b. query language                                 d. 3-D query
____ 71. The second database uses a query like this: Which buildings were built before 1900? What kind of method is
         a. QBE                                         c. 3-D query
         b. query language                              d. natural language query
____ 72. The third database allows you to fill out a form with the type of data you want to locate. What kind of method
         is this?
         a. QBE                                           c. 3-D query
         b. query language                                d. natural language query
____ 73. Which of the following is an example of a query language?
         a. EULA                                        c. Unix
         b. SQL                                         d. Linux

            Case 2
            Claire is worried about computer viruses spreading. Also, with the proliferation of network traffic and e-mail,
            worms have become a major concern in the computing community. She is interested in tracking the sources of
            the viruses and worms to stop the threat.

____ 74. Claire is having difficulty tracking the worms on her computer. She’s noticing that the “From” line of the
         infected message sometimes contains a ____ of a randomly selected person from the address book rather than
         the address of the computer that actually sent the mail.
         a. macro                                         c. spoofed address
         b. mass-mailing worm                             d. Trojan horse

            Case 3
            John is in charge of buying the software for a hospital in a small town. He needs to research and make
            decisions about the software that is needed to update the hospital’s outdated system.

____ 75. The hospital needs a patient management and billing software that is specially designed for hospitals. Such a
         software is an example of a ____ software.
         a. vertical market                            c. groupware
         b. horizontal market                          d. network management


            Identify the letter of the choice that best matches the phrase or definition.
            a. service pack                                   i. software
            b. mail merge                                     j. MySQL
            c. format                                         k. QBE
            d. data file                                      l. CAD
            e. quarantined                                    m. copyright
            f. record                                         n. database
            g. what-if analysis                               o. public domain
            h. patch
____ 76. Contains any data that is necessary for a task but that is not supplied by the user
____ 77. Holds data for a single entity--a person, place, or thing
____ 78. A set of patches that corrects problems and address security vulnerabilities
____ 79. Automatically creates personalized letters by combining the information in a list with a form letter
____ 80. Encompasses a collection of data in which records may have different fields
____ 81. A kind of file that contains suspicious code
____ 82. A small section of program code that replaces part of the software you currently have installed
____ 83. Special 3-D graphics software designed for architects and engineers
____ 84. The way that all the elements of a document are arranged on a page
____ 85. Experimentation with different numbers using spreadsheet software

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