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									ommunications at this time is something very important for all people in the world. In
ancient times ancient people communicate through graffiti or painting that is in the cave.
In addition, the present era duhulu communication through simple tools such as letters,
pigeons to deliver the letter, kentongan for alarm transmitter of media, so that people
know the circumstances. knocking one another, there is death, knocking two at a theft,
knocking a three-three there was a fire, or four-four beat any natural disaster. even today
in the post patrol (also in town) there is always danger kentongan as a communication
medium, for the residents.
Just imagine if there is no communication in the era of globalization, a country might not
be aware of what happens in other countries.
Communication is the delivery of a message from the informant to the receiver through a
medium, giving rise to the perception of the recipient. communication can be conveyed
by verbal and non verbal. communication is a basic and essential needs of man ever since
he was born. A baby was delivered through the communications media cries when she's
hungry or sick.
Today we can see a massive revolution in communications systems throughout the world
in which everyone started using PCs and the Internet to find a job, communicate with
each other, to exchange data (like images, sounds, and documents). And sometimes
talking to each other using Netmeeting or Internet application Phone.Dan for the future
how to use it real?
Technological development has brought a new era of business telephony offering into the
union of all multimedia and communications that are routed through the Internet The next
development was the emergence of the concept of the Internet known as Internet
Telephony. This concept allows the incorporation of all IP applications and services that
exist in Internet and Telephony, so the concept is expected in the future will be widely
used, combined with existing telephony infrastructure and can diprekdisikan ability to
conduct voice communications via Internet protocols are commonly known as "Voice
over Internet Protocol", "IP Telephony", "Voice over IP" or VoIP can be defined as the
ability to make phone calls - and all the other capabilities that can be done by the public
telephone network - and send the fax over IP-based network with an adequate quality of
VoIP developments have spurred a revolution in the telecommunications industry.
Therefore the implementation of IP based telephony is implemented in a local network
requires a setting in the delivery of IP datagrams on the network known as routing.
Routing settings can determine the performance of a network, wherein if an intranet
network requires a bandwidth allocation policy in the division as well as authorizing the
use of computers.

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