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Flash programming is very sensitive so be errors, especially related to action script, so if
there is a small mistake that we make the flash program will not work. Therefore, in this
opportunity will be given the basics that are actually very trivial, but if neglected, would
be fatal, especially for the people who are just learning flash. Meletkan action script for
the button is:

A. Make sure the button (button) both of our own making, or who took it from the library
panel was selected. Way by selecting the selection tool and click once on our button we
want to give the action.

2. To be sure we can look at the Property inspector after our selection button will display
the information as shown below.

3. Once the button we want to give scipt already terselaksi, the next step is to open the
action panel. Here are some ways that can be used, first to degan lagsun press F9, the
second is the right-click and select the action, then the third is a direct way to open the
action panel.
4. That should be remembered here for it prevents the occurrence of the error is on the
panel action that has been open there is a description that says that the action is the
property of the button that has been selected, because every action is different between
the placement of the button, movie clip, or on the frame.

After these steps then we can write the scipt that we want to write.

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