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					Know Your Mobile India reviews Sony's first dual core, heart throbbing
beauty, Xperia S that comes independent of the Ericsson branding

Published on Apr 11, 2012

In December last year, Sony announced its plans to drop the Ericsson
brand name and be simply branded as ‘Sony'. The company also expressed
its plans to refocus and re-enter the market with a bigger and better

Sony's first solo offering - the Sony Xperia was recently unveiled in
India and boy are we impressed.

The scintillating device marks its supremacy among other smartphones and
rejuvenates Sony's image as a strong contender in the smartphone market.

With Xperia S, Sony injects the same capable features that we loved about
its sibling Arc. However one visible diversion is seen in terms of its
looks. Sony sent its designers back to their drawing boards for designing
its first droid and well thank god for that. The end product as a result
is a beautifully crafted device which oozes sex appeal.

Sporting a solid and comfortable grip, the ergonomically designed device
comes encased in a rubbery white or black plastic cover.

There is no doubt that Sony folks know a lot about displays. This
technical skill and technology, is what went behind creating the
impressive 4.3-inch display of Xperia S.

The 720p screen infact sports a pixels per inch (ppi) density which is
ever higher than that of iPhone 4S. Now that is something to brag out.
The higher pixel density translates into brilliantly bright, crystal
clear and detailed screen - something that you will come to truly admire
while watching a movie or playing a game.

Apart from the display, what Sony also knows a hell lot about, is the
camera. Featuring a beastly 12-megapixel camera with Exmor technology,
the Xperia S, no surprise delivers some fantastic snaps.

Sony Xperia S also emerges a winner while snapping pictures in low light
conditions, proving further why Sony smartphones continue to be preferred
by 'camera fans'.

Xperia S also takes care of your video needs with its 1080p recording
capability. We snapped quite a few pictures and barring once when we
found the autofocus unable to readjust to a particular scene, it worked
out well without any major glitch.

Moving on the processor, Xperia S brings on board the dual core
Snapdragon. Sadly no quad-core, not even the spanking new S4 processor.
However fret not friends, Xperia S glides well through multitasking apps,
thanks to its optimization and 1GB of RAM.

Another thing to point here is that, the Xperia S runs on Android
Gingerbread - which is quite a shame. For a beauty like Xperia S, a
Android 4.0 treatment would have definitely added another feather to its

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