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Post Graduate Program in
Session 1

                Consumer Behaviour

  Topics to be covered in this session:

        Impact of Digital Revolution on Consumer

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Session Learning Objectives…

At the end of this session you should be able to:

     Explain the concept of consumer behaviour and its impact
     on marketing strategy
     Write about the negative aspect of consumer behaviour
     Explain the impact of digital revolution on consumers

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    Impact of Digital Revolution on
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Consumer Behaviour - Concept

Consumer behaviour is defined as the behaviour
that consumers display in searching for,
purchasing, using, evaluating and disposing of
products and services that they expect will satisfy
their needs. The personal consumer buys goods
and services for his or her own use, or household
use, or as a gift. The organizational consumer buy
products, equipment and services in order to run
their organizations

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Customers Vs Consumers

Customer is used to define anyone who engages
in any of the activities used in the decision making
and buying process. Consumer is used to define
the final individual who uses the product or
service. Consumer may include the customer but
not vice versa

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Impact of Consumer Behaviour in
Understanding the concept of consumer
behaviour is essential to the long run success of a
marketing program. It is rooted in the marketing
concept that evolved through several alternative
approaches like the production concept, the
product concept and the selling concept

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Types of Customers


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Objectives of One-to-one Marketing

    To attain customers
    Sell them more products
    Make a profit

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Digital Revolution in the Marketplace

    Allows customization of products, services,
    and promotional messages like never before
    Enhances relationships with customers more
    effectively and efficiently

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The Marketing Concept

Marketers realized that they could sell more
goods, more easily, if they produced only those
goods that the consumers would definitely buy.
Consumer’s needs and wants became a firm’s
primary focus. This consumer oriented marketing
philosophy came to be known as the marketing
concept. Consumer represents the processes and
tools used to satisfy consumer behaviour. The
adoption of the marketing concept underscores the
importance of consumer research and provides the
groundwork for the application of consumer
behaviour principles to marketing strategy
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Segmentation, Targeting and

    Segmentation - process of dividing the
    market into subsets of consumers with
    common needs or characteristics
    Targeting - selecting one ore more of the
    segments to pursue
    Positioning - developing a distinct image for
    the product in the mind of the consumer

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The Marketing Mix

The marketing mix consists of a company’s service
and/or product offerings to consumers and the
methods and tools it selects to accomplish the
exchange. The marketing mix consists of four
elements as follows -
    The product/service
    The price
    The place

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Customer Value, Satisfaction and
Customer value is defined as the ratio between the
customer’s perceived benefits and the resources
used to obtain those benefits. Developing a value
proposition is the core of successful positioning.
Customer satisfaction is the individual’s
perception of the performance of the product or
service in relation to his or her expectations. The
overall objective of providing value to customers
continuously and more effectively than the
competition is to have and to retain highly
satisfied customers

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Marketing Impact on Consumers

    Marketing and culture – Marketers play a
    significant role in our view of the world and
    how we live in it
    Consumption - People often buy products
    not for what they do, but for what they mean
    Technological Revolution - The Technological
    Revolution is one of the most significant
    influences on consumer behavior. Electronic
    marketing increases convenience by breaking
    down the barriers of time and location
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Blurred Boundaries – Marketing and

    Marketers and consumers coexist in a
    complicated two-way relationship
    It is increasingly difficult for consumers to
    discern the boundary between the fabricated
    world and reality
    Marketing influences both popular culture
    and consumer perceptions of reality

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Dark Side of Consumer Behaviour

    Consumer Terrorism
    Addictive Consumption
    Repetitive shopping out of anxiety, tension,
    depression and boredom
    People are used or exploited, willingly or not,
    for commercial gain in the marketplace
    Illegal activities like consumer theft and
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Before We End…

Summing up what we have learned and are now able to

    Explain the concept of consumer behaviour and its impact
    on marketing strategy
    Write about the negative aspect of consumer behaviour
    Explain the impact of marketing on consumers

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