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The VIP Room for plan sponsors GE


									Group Savings & Retirement

The VIP Room for plan sponsors

Plan sponsors deserve the best tools and services
out there.
The good news? The best tools and services out there…
are actually in here.

                                           The sponsor VIP Room* has now been
                                           updated for increased performance,
                                           quicker data loads and superior security
                                           via a 128-bit SSL encryption thanks to
                                           AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML)
                                           development techniques. This allows
                                           sponsors to process online contributions,
                                           link to our secure recordkeeping
                                           system with personal access, pay bills
                                           online and pre-enrol members, all with a

                                           Flip the page for a more
                                           detailed look at the key features
                            The VIP Room gives sponsors exclusive access to everything you see below:

                            Contributions                                             Governance
                            • Submit contributions using a previously submitted       • Obtain fund performance figures by plan
                              list or a new Excel file.                                 and subgroup.
                                                                                      • View and print the latest quarterly fund reviews.
                            • Members can be pre-enrolled in the group                • Obtain rate of return figures by plan and account.
                              program so their benefits start when they do.           • View interest rates and unit values at the click
                            • View, update or terminate a member account.               of a button.

                            • Search, view and pay invoices right online.             • Access reference material for the Capital
                                                                                        Accumulation Plan (CAP) to familiarize themselves
                            • Create, update or delete banking information.
                                                                                        with compliance issues.
                            • Provide allocation instructions for amounts
                                                                                      • Obtain pension legislation news, including our
                              forfeited under a specific plan.
                                                                                        Legislation matters newsletter, Summary of Pension
                            • Manage authorized access to VIP Room                      Legislation**, and information on the Quality &
                              information and features.                                 Choice Investment Program.
                            • Use our secure interactive online mail service to       Reports
                              exchange information safely and easily order or         • Receive report requests within 24 hours and get
                              print Standard Life forms.                                advised right on their home page as soon as their
                            • View the Group retirement program Quick                   report is ready.
                              reference guide or take a quick eLearning session       • Obtain plan-related information such as asset
                              to get comfortable as an administrator.                   balances, fund performance, rates of return as well
                                                                                        as interest rates and unit values.
                                                                                      • Request member reports relating to contributions,
                                                                                        withdrawals, assets and more.
                                                                                      • Find reports on member personal information,
                                                                                        account status and missing information.

                               To see what’s really inside the VIP Room,

                                        * Nominated for excellence
                                          in IT innovation, Electronic
                                          (B2B) category                    ** Winner of the 2009 Award of excellence,
                                                                               Magazine insert category
The Standard Life Assurance Company of Canada
Standard Life Assurance Limited
GE11160C-08-2009 GS

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