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									Explanation of Office Automation

Office automation or Office Automation (OA) is a plan to combine high technology
through improved process for the execution of work increased by the productivity of the

Office automation purposes
2. Improve Productivity and administrative secretary.
Because it can process more documents faster and better.
3. The manajet and Professionals can also use word processing to prepare letters, memos
and reports.
4. Become tools used in problem solving.
5. Incorporation and application of technology.
6. Renew the process of implementation of the work at the office

Office Automation Applications
- Word Processing (word proceessing)
Is the use of electronic tools that automatically perform many tasks necessary to prepare a
typed or printed documents.
- Electronic mail (electronic mail)
Known as E-mail, is the use of computer networks that memungkainkan users to send,
store and receive messages using computer terminals and storage devices.
- Voice mail
Almost the same as electronic mail but the message sent by reciting kedalambtelepon.
The phone is also used to retrieve messages that have been sent. Voice mail requires a
computer with the ability to store audio messages in digital form and the ability to turn it
back into a form of audio when called. Each user has a voice mailbox in secondary
storage, and equipment and special tools to change the audio messages to and from
digital form.
- Calendar of electronics (electronic calendaring)
Is peggunaan computer network to store and retrieve calendar manager meetings. How it
works much like the organizer. Manager or secretary may enter the meeting - a meeting,
make changes and review the calendar using the keyboard. Equipment configuration
similar to e-mail. Usually e-mail software include the ability of an electronic calendar.
- Audio conference (audio conferencing)
Is the use of voice communications equipment to make an audio connection between the
people who are geographically dispersed with the purpose of carrying out the conference.
Conference call (conference call) merupakn konfernsi audio form first and are still used.
Audio conference does not require a computer, simply involve two-way audio
communication facilities.
- Video conferencing (video conferencing)
Adalahpenggunaan television equipment to combine the conference participants who are
geographically dispersed. The equipment will provide audio and video connection.
- Conference on computer (computer conferencing)
Is the use of computer networks to allow team members to exchange information on
problem solving that problem is being solved.
- Transmission faxsimili or FAX
Stands for facsimile transmission, the use of particular equipment can read the document
image on one end and make a copy of the communication channel to another tip.
Communication channel is often shaped regular phone lines.
- Videotext
Is the use of the computer to display on the CRT screen narrative and graphic materials
are stored.
- Imaging (imaging)
Is the use of optical character recognition (optical character recognition) to convert
records - paper or microfilm records into digital format to be stored in secondary storage
devices. Then the image can be taken to ditanpilkan or printed.
- Desktop publishing
Is the use of computers to prepare a quality printed output is very similar to those
produced by Typesetter.

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