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Information Systems management

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									Information Systems management
Information system is a network of data processing procedure developed and validated in
an organization when needed to provide basic data to management for decision making in
order to achieve tujuan.Data-data to be processed by an information management.
Information is data that has significance in the decision making process and have been
through the process of understanding is there is a process that began before he became
informasi.proses data processing is data collection. This stage it is important for
understanding the availability of information berkualitas.dan
1.1 Definition of Data
Data is an implementation of a fact which is made up of symbols, voice / image that can
be processed into an information.
Data collection methods dapapat done by direct observation, interviews, correspondent
estimates, a list of questions.
Data processing by George R.Terry is a series of planned oprasi above information in
order to achieve the desired results.
Data processing is a process or steps taken by a means which allows to make the data can
be used for the purposes of these terms tertentu.Dalam data processing can be done by
means of computer or manually.
There are 8 basic data processing which includes:
1.Reading (read)
2.input (input)
3.output (output)
4.sorting (sorting)
5.Transmiting (remove)
6.Calculating (count)
7.Comparing (compare)
8.storing (save)

1.2 Definition of Information
Called the information is processed data as a material for making leadership decisions. In
some of the references mentioned main function is to increase knowledge of information
or user information to reduce uncertainty.
Is said to reduce the uncertainty due to information serves to provide an overview of a
problem so pengambi, decision makers can determine more quickly. In addition it also
provides information standards, rules, and indicators for decision making for better
decisions. Diingai need that information can only provide partial information necessary
Sitem in need.

Some of the advantages of the SIM are:
A. Leaders can use the time effectively and efficiently
2. Data collection proceeded in a systematic and periodic
3. Grains - grains, although the data does not need to be reproduced can be used by
multiple purposes
4. Increased efficiency
1.1.Definisi Management
Management is the process to seek the organization's goals by leveraging the
management functions such as planning (planning), organizing (organizing), meminpin
(leading) and controls (controling)
In interpreting and defining the management there are various kinds, some interpret the
procedures, management, management pengurusan.Bila litertur-litertur seen from there,
the sense manajemant can be seen from three terms:
1.manajemen as a process
2.manajemen as a collectivity of human
3.manajeman as a science (scienece) and the arts (art)
Management as a process, where the way people look at how to achieve a goal that has
ditetapakan first.

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