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					ile Management System Calls
System calls related to the beam is indispensable. Like when we want to create or delete a
file. Or when they want to open or close an existing file, reads the entire file, and write
the file. System calls are also needed when we want to know the attributes of a file or
when we also want to change these attributes. Which includes the file attributes file
name, file type, and others. There are also system calls that provide another mechanism
associated with the directory or file system as a whole. So not only deals with one
specific file. For example create or delete a directory, and others.

Device Management System Calls
Running programs sometimes require additional resources. If many users are using the
system, so if you need additional resources then it should ask for the device first. And
after completion penggunakannnya be released again. When a device has been requested
and allocated the device can be read, written, or repositioned.

Maintenance Information System Calls
Some system calls are provided to assist the exchange of information between the user
and the operating system. An example system calls to request and set the time and date.
Or request information about the system itself, such as the number of users, amount of
memory and the disk can still be used, and others. There are also system calls to request
information about the processes that are stored by the system and system calls to change
(reset) the information.

Communication System Calls
Two models of communication:
• Message-passing
Exchange of information through inter-process communication facilities provided by the
operating system.
• Shared-memory
 The process of memory that can be used by different processes to exchange
information to read and write data to memory.
In message-passing, before the communication can be done must be built first a
connection. This requires a system call in the connection settings, both in connecting the
connection and the need to disconnect when the communication is completed. Also
needed a system call to read and write messages (message) so that information exchange
can be done.

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