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To Catch A Killer
The Crime
The body of famous movie star Frank Smith was
found on his kitchen floor late last night. It is our
hypothesis that an intruder surprised the victim and
shot him from the doorway when he turned around.
The only clue at the crime scene was a set of muddy
footsteps leading from a window to the kitchen
doorway and back again. The footprints were
smeared, so their exact size could not be determined.
The soles of the shoe had no pattern. It will be
difficult to match the footprints to any particular
  The Suspects
Four suspects were questioned
   immediately following the
 murder. None of them have a
 strong alibi to offer, and each
  had a strong motive for the
  crime. They are as follows:
The Girlfriend
 Name: Susie Davis
 Occupation: Soap opera star
 Height: 5’ 5”
 Eye Color: Green
 Hair Color: Blonde
 Possible Motive: Any publicity is good publicity,
   and a real-world role as the grieving
   girlfriend would almost certainly win her
   the lead part in the new movie she’s been
   trying for. Besides, she’s been eyeing
   someone else for a while now.
The Director
  Name: Rex DiOrio
  Occupation: Movie Director
  Height: 5’ 9”
  Eye Color: Brown
  Hair Color: Black
  Possible Motive: It’s no secret that the last movie
     he cast Frank as the lead in wasn’t as big of a
     hit as he had expected. Even the media agrees
     that Frank’s poor performance was more than
     responsible for it’s failure, and rumor has it
     Frank blackmailed Rex for the part in the first
The Obsessed Fan
    Name: Melinda Holton
    Occupation: Photographer
    Height: 5’ 0”
    Eye Color: Blue
    Hair Color: Blonde
    Possible Motive: She was outraged when Frank never
       replied to her letters, and sold incriminating
       pictures of him to the tabloids in revenge. Later,
       they developed an acquaintanceship, and when
       Frank cancelled a lunch date she threatened to
       tell the tabloids they were having an affair. Last
       week, Melinda admits that she asked Frank to
       leave Susie for her and he declined, and she
       responded with a verbal threat to his life.
The Best Friend
  Name: Joe Duffy
  Occupation: Substitute Teacher
  Height: 6’ 4”
  Eye Color: Blue
  Hair Color: Brown
  Possible Motive: Tall and gangly, Joe was always
     jealous of Frank’s good looks, talent and
     charismatic charm growing up. Joe liked Susie
     for years before Frank “stole” her from him, and
     he was devastated for months. Now Joe’s got a
     new girl, and his paranoia tells him she’s only
     using him to get to Frank; it’s plain to see why
     Joe would rather Frank be out of the picture.
The Clues
• The victim, Frank Smith, was found
  at 2 p.m. on April 4th, 2007. The
  estimated time of death was
  between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m.
• The heel-to-heel stride length of the
  murderer is measured 63
  centimeters long.
             The Solution
From yesterday’s lesson, a function is a relationship
 between two variables. The two variables we have
 for this case are the stride length from the muddy
   footprints and the heights of the four suspects.

  You, as the detective, must collect data to find an
 equation where stride length is a function of height.
Then you can use the equation to determine the killer!
          The Process
Copy the following chart onto a sheet of paper and
 fill in the values with your four group members.
Once you are done, one member from each group
 should plot all four of your points on the graph.
           Student Name   Height in Centimeters   Average Stride Length
                                                     in Centimeters

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