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					Mr. ARJUN RAY                                                                 Bill Date                             07-May-2012,3rd Floor Nanakchand                                               Bill Number                           B1-35278230
Basti ,lajpat Ray Gali,kotla Mubarakpur                                       Billing Period         07-Apr-2012 to 06-May-2012
NEW DELHI,                                                                    Last Bill Date                         07-Apr-2012
 110003, India
Billing Account Number: 117 618 907

Bill Summary                                        Amount(Rs.)               Plan Name                               ADBB549
Previous Dues                                             37.35               Service ID                            1106126088
Payments                                                  37.35               Total Usage (MB)                            5064
Current Bill Amount                                      504.50               Free Usage (MB)                             5022
Total Amount Due                                         504.50               Usage beyond Free Usage (MB)                   0
Due Date                                            25-May-2012
Total Amount Due After Due Date                          604.50

                             For Billing Enquiry Call Tikona Care @ 1800-20-94276

CURRENT BILL DETAILS                              Amount(Rs.)
Recurring Charges                                           549.00
  Recurring Charge: ADBB549 (From 07-                       549.00
May-2012 to 06-Jun-2012 )
Usage Charges                                                  0.00
Other Charges & Credits                                    -100.00
  Credit Adjustment                                        -100.00
Taxes                                                         55.50
  (Service Tax @ 12% + Education Cess @                       55.50
3% on Service Tax)
Deposits                                                       0.00
Current Bill Amount                                         504.50

Registered Office:                                                            For Your Records
'Corpora' Office no 3A,                                                       Cheque Number           _____________________
3rd Floor, LBS Marg,                                                          Bank                    _____________________
Bhandup (West), Mumbai - 400 078                                              Dated                   _____________________
Service Tax Registration Number:AACCT9425HST001                               Amount                  _____________________

Payment Slip (Please attach this payment slip with your payment.)
Customer Name                    Mr. ARJUN RAY                                Cheque Number           _____________________
Billing Account Number           117 618 907                                  Dated                   _____________________
Bill Number                      B1-35278230                                  Bank and Branch         _____________________
Total Amount Due                 504.50                                       Amount                  _____________________

Crossed cheque / DD should be drawn locally in favour of Tikona Digital Networks Pvt Ltd. a/c.     117 618 907
                                            Please do not staple the cheque to the payment slip.