Special Power of Attorney by V1G7rnz


									                        SPECIAL POWER OF ATTORNEY


        That we spouses, ________________________ and _____________________,
both     of    legal    age,   Filipino  citizens,   and    presently   residing  at
_________________________________________, New Zealand, do hereby name,
constitute and appoint, ____________________________, to be our true and lawful
attorney-in-fact, for us and in our name, place and stead, and to do and perform the
following acts, to wit:

       1. To represent us in any and all transactions with the
          ____________________________________ involving our _______________
          from the said office;

       2. To sign, execute, receive and acknowledge any and all documents that
          may be required or that may be necessary for the achievement of the
          above-cited purpose:

        HEREBY GIVING AND GRANTING, unto our attorney-in-fact full power and
authority to do and perform every act and thing whatsoever requisite and necessary or
proper to be done in the above premises as fully to all intents and purposes as we might
or could lawfully do if personally present and acting in person, hereby ratifying and
confirming all that our said attorney-in-fact shall lawfully do and cause to be done by
virtue of these presents.

       IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we have hereunto set our hands at Auckland, New
Zealand this _____ day of _____________________ 2012.

    _____________________                            ________________________
             Affiant                                            Affiant
Philippine Passport No.____________                Philippine Passport No.___________
   Issued on _______________                           Issued on _______________
       Issued in __________                                Issued in ____________


_____________________________                      ______________________________

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