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									Choosing a Graphic Design Agency:
5 Top Tips for Finding the Right Team for You

Your logo, website, leaflets, and every other aspect of your business brand
are what set you apart from your competitors. Unless you’re very lucky, your
industry will be full of people offering similar services to you. And it’s great
graphic design and visuals that lure the customers your way.

So if your conversion rate isn’t what it used to be, or you’re a start –up
looking to make your mark; you need to enlist the help of a first-rate graphic
designer. But like your industry, there are plenty to choose from. Here are
five top tips for finding the right team of creative’s to bring your visions to

1. Creativity

Perhaps the most important factor is how creative the design agency is. If it’s
print or online design you’re after, you need to make sure the graphics are
truly representative of your business. Even if you want the most simple of
designs, you want something with the ‘wow’ factor.

Check out any prospective companies’ portfolios and ask to see plenty of
examples of past work. The designs may not be to your personal tastes, but
you should be able to see creative flair. If each design is a carbon copy of the
previous, alarm bells should ring.

When meeting face-to-face, ask to see examples of works-in-progress,
recent and past jobs, and anything else that isn’t on their website. This way
you can discuss the techniques used, and help decide what you would like in
your designs.

2. Accessibility

During any on-going design project, you’re bound to want to see how well
your chosen agency are getting on. While freelancers may charge less, it is
near on impossible to regularly visit the designer. You also want to work with
an accessible agency, in case anything goes wrong.

Look at agencies in your local area, and a little further afield. If you like a
company that is somewhat inaccessible, enquire as to whether they will
meet you somewhere on route. You should also see if they’re willing to
travel to you.

This way you’ll be able to discuss your requirements together, share ideas,
and receive regular updates on the agencies progress. If a company isn’t
willing to budge and help you out, maybe they’re not the company for you.

3. Adaptability

Depending on your particular industry, you may wish to work with a designer
that works only in that niche. Likewise, you may wish to employ the services
of a company that has worked with an array of businesses.

Whichever you choose, you need to ensure that the agency in question can
adapt their designs. Both to your company and your particular requirements.
A good designer is able to adapt their skills to meet what the client needs.

Any designer or agency you approach should be proficient – and willing – to
adapt their designs to meet your requirements. If they’re a little stuck in
their ways and won’t budge, you should consider whether you’re willing to
make these compromises.

4. Tools

Like many industries, the tools of the trade in graphic design are regularly
changing and adapting. When selecting a graphic design agency, it’s a wise
choice to see how up-to-date their software is. If they’re using a hugely out

dated version of Photoshop, chances are their designs are a little old
fashioned too.

Similarly, the designer may be using cheaper software to cut their costs. This
will inevitably affect the finish of the final product, so you should consider
how much quality means to you. If the designer and agency are using high
end tools, the quality of their work will certainly be worth investing in.

5. Collaboration

Finally, you want to work with a design agency that does just that – works
with you to create brilliant end products. No-one knows your company
better than you, so it’s vital you find a designer that is willing to take all your
ideas on board.

Together, you should be able to come up with a brand identity and
marketing campaign. Ideally, you want to be able to have brainstorming
sessions, and work with just one person. If the agency is only interested in
their ideas, you should perhaps look elsewhere.

Choosing the right agency when going through a company rebrand is
essential. The right designs make the difference between success and failure.
Make your company stand out, and make sure your designs are as unique
and individual as your business.

Looking for the right design agency? Why not contact Bird and Co
Creative? The company’s dedicated team of expert designers are
waiting to bring your ideas to life.


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