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					        B usiness Training


Business English Course
                    Business Training,
           Sevendale House, Manchester, M1 1JB

  Accredited by the Open and Distance Learning Quality Council
Business Training

                                                       Award of Accreditation
ODL Quality Council Business Training has been granted accreditation by the Open
                                           and Distance Learning Quality Council which was set up in
                                           1969 as an independent body with the co-operation of the
                                           Secretary of State for education. The ODLQC is established for
                                           the public benefit to promote lifelong learning and in particular
                                           to raise standards within distance education. It does this by
                                           awarding, where appropriate, the status of accreditation in
                                           recognition that the activities of a particular college conform to
                                           such standards.

                                           The accreditation process includes a rigorous assessment, by
                                           independent experts, of a college’s administration, tutorial support,
                                           educational materials and publicity, to ensure that they meet the
                                           standards set by the Council. Accredited colleges are assessed
                                           for re-accreditation at intervals of not more than three years.

                                           Issued with the authority of the Open and Distance Learning
                                           Quality Council, 44 Bedford Row, Holborne, London WC1R 4LL.

            European Association of Distance Learning
Business Training is a member of The European Association of Distance Learning. This is
an international, non-profit making association comprising colleges, institutions and people
involved with distance education.

The objectives of the EADL include the promotion of professional and ethical standards in
distance education and the protection of students’ interests. Members are required to follow
a strict code of conduct to maintain the standards required by the Association.

                                                                                  ... training for your future
 Business Training

                     The Business English Course
A good command of English can ensure                        E.H. Metcalfe - Principal
your success. It can improve your
chances of promotion, help you to a
better job, increase your earning power
and enhance your social life. In other
words, it can greatly influence both
your happiness and your prosperity.

After all, English is the most widely used
language around the world. It is the                I have been in distance education since
mother tongue for more than 375 million             1962, and a College Principal since 1968.
people. It is the main business language            My experience with many thousands of
for more than 1,200 million people and it           students has convinced me that to achieve
                                                    success with a home-study course you need
is used regularly in all the commerical             three things: (1) a well written, high quality
centres worldwide.                                  course; (2) caring, helpful tutors; (3)
                                                    regular conscientious study from yourself. I
                                                    have gathered round me a first-class team
So, it is not surprising that people who
                                                    of tutors and course writers to provide you
are successful in their careers nearly              with items (1) and (2). If you want to take
always speak good English. Nor is it                full advantage of the training we offer you,
surprising that the most common                     then you must provide item (3).
qualification required for employment
is competence in English. In these
circumstances you are very wise to
                                                             Your Training
want to improve your English.                      Your Business English training is
                                                   conducted totally in English. It is divided
We can help you to do this through the             into seven, easy-to-follow sections which
specialist training of the Business English        lead to the award of a Diploma in Business
Diploma Course. This will teach you                English.
English and show you how to apply this
                                                   You begin by learning about the English
to your work. At the same time you
                                                   language. Grammar is explained in a very
develop your spoken fluency until you are          simple way. You are shown how to develop
easily understood wherever you go. When            a good writing style. You learn how to use
you can talk fluently and effectively, write       punctuation properly, how to spell and how
clearly and concisely, you will never              to develop your vocabulary. You then cover
again feel ashamed of your English.                business writing – letters, reports, memos,

                                               1                     ... training for your future
Business Training

faxes and e-mail. You are shown how to             As you can see, the course concentrates on
organise business meetings, how to prepare         those aspects of English that are important
the Agendas and write the Minutes.                 to your work. The whole emphasis is on
Throughout the course you are shown how            developing your skills in English, so that
to apply your new knowledge to your job.           you improve your efficiency and achieve
                                                   success in your career.
You also learn about the principles of
management: how companies are
organised; how to increase efficiency in the
                                                      Training By Experts
office and how to become an effective
manager yourself! Finally, we show you             Effective training can only be produced by
how to get a better job. As you can see,           experts. The Business English Course has
you receive a thorough and practical               been developed from the contributions of
training which will help your English              many successful people. People willing to
and improve your career prospects.                 pass on to you their experience, knowledge
                                                   and skills.
Your spoken English training comes on
three C60 cassette tapes. You also receive a       There have been many contributors since
study guide, extensive practice exercises          1973, when the course started, because
and a full transcript of the recording. You        your training is constantly updated. We
have 175 minutes of recording time and             cannot show all of them, but here are some
180 practice exercises so that you can learn       of the most important ones.
to speak English clearly and distinctly.
                                                   E.H. Metcalfe – our Principal, has over 46
From page 9 of this booklet there is a             years experience of business and distance
detailed synopsis of the training we offer         education. He has helped thousands of
you. You should study this very carefully.         students – all over the world – to be more
Each section starts with a study programme         successful.
and you work on your written English and
your spoken English together. By following         Mrs. F.D. Nadin – our Director of Studies
this programme, it will take you about eight       has been with us since 1977. She is an
months to complete your training and               honors degree graduate in English and has
receive your Diploma.                              been helping students for many years.

That is a brief outline of the training we         K. Rawson-Jones – is the former Director
offer you. If you work hard at your studies,       of Studies at the UK’s largest distance
we are confident that you can be                   learning language school. He is an expert
successful. In other words, the course can         in producing language courses on cassette
help you just as much as it has helped so          tape and is responsible for your spoken
many other people before you.                      English training.

                                               2                   ... training for your future
Business Training

               Director of Studies                           Expert Guidance
                 Mrs F.D. Nadin

                                                       However, for your training to be really
                                                       effective, you need more than just high
                                                       quality tuition material. You also need
                                                       personal guidance and advice from expert
                                                       tutors. You certainly get this with the
                                                       Business English Course.

                                                       At the end of each section there is an
 The Director of Studies is responsible for the        examination paper which you complete and
 course contents and the work of all the tutors.       send to us. While you are waiting for this to
 She makes sure that we maintain our high              be returned, you continue studying the next
 standards. Mrs Nadin is an honours degree             section.
 graduate in English from Nottingham
 University, and she has worked in distance
                                                       Here in Manchester, your examination
 education since 1977.
                                                       paper is assessed by an expert tutor. The
                                                       marks you have earned are awarded. Your
K. St. Ruth – is qualified both as a teacher           tutor then gives you detailed comment on
and an administrator and specialises in                your progress and guidance for the future.
helping students for whom English is a                 You will be shown how to overcome
foreign language.                                      weaknesses and reassured on your strong
                                                       points. Your tutor will provide constructive
M.J. McNulty – is a graduate of                        comment and do everything possible to
Cambridge University and a very                        help you develop your English.
experienced teacher of English. His
particular contribution is English grammar.            When your examination paper is returned
                                                       to you, more study material is also sent.
Dr. P. Wright – as former Head of English              This means you should always have some
at Salford University, he specialises in               study material with you. The way your
teaching English to students outside                   training is conducted is very
Britain. He is a successful author and                 simple. We have been using
lecturer with many years experience.                   this method since we started in
                                                       1973. It has enabled thousands
All these people have made important                   of students, in over 80
contributions to the Business English                  countries, around the world, to
Course. They have provided a high                      successfully complete their
quality training programme which can                   training. If it has worked for
really help you to develop a good                      them, then it should also
command of English.                                    work just as well for you.

                                                   3                   ... training for your future
Business Training

 Your Study Programme                                       Developing
                                                        Your Spoken English
Another reason why so many students
successfully complete their training is
because the course is so flexible. When a            You will find that the spoken English
point needs extra attention, you are able to         training is a really interesting part of your
concentrate on it – because you are                  Business English course. It is also an
studying in your own home. There are                 important step in helping you to acquire a
none of the disruptions that you would have          good command of English.
in a classroom. You can concentrate on
what is important to yourself.                       When developing your written English, the
                                                     Business English course constantly makes
There is no pressure on you and there are            you read and write – it makes you practice.
no time limits. You can take as long as you          The same is done with your spoken English
like. This means that you can work at your           training. In fact, you learn to develop your
own pace.                                            spoken English in the same way that you
                                                     developed your mother tongue. You listen,
As soon as you enrol, your first two                 then you speak.
sections, and the first cassette of your
spoken English training, are sent to you by          You start by practising the sounds and
airmail. Each section is completely self-            words you hear on the tape until you can
contained and all the study material you             pronounce them clearly. You quickly
need is in the section itself. You do not have       progress to whole phrases and sentences –
to buy any extra text books. However we do           and then you play the roles of the different
expect you to have a good dictionary.                characters yourself. In addition, there are
                                                     listening, comprehension and fluency
At the beginning of each section there is a          exercises. These give you plenty of practice
detailed study programme to follow. This             and plenty of talking to do. The course is
divides each subject into easily understood          lively, interesting and lots of fun to
units. With regular study – preferably some          follow.
each day – you will be surprised how
quickly your knowledge of English                    The recordings have been made by
increases. By keeping to this plan, you              professional broadcasters, actors and
should be able to finish your training and           actresses. They have the clearest
receive your Diploma in about eight                  pronunciation and provide excellent
months’ time.                                        examples for you to follow. This means that
                                                     you learn to speak English clearly and
As soon as your fees are received here in            distinctly. By the time you have finished
England the first sections of your study             you should have every confidence in your
material will be sent to you by airmail.             spoken English.

                                                 4                    ... training for your future
Business Training

       Develop Your                                       Your Guarantees
     Management Skills                             As you can see, we have to provide very
                                                   high standards of tuition and service. But,
                                                   we go well beyond the minimum standard
                                                   required, and give you three extra
                                                   guarantees for your protection. These are:

                                                   1. You have the first sections of your
                                                      course, on trial, for a full month. If you
                                                      do not like them, send them back, and
                                                      the money you have paid will be
                                                      refunded in full. This gives you plenty
                                                      of opportunity to inspect the course,
                                                      and satisfy yourself that it is the right
                                                      training for you!

                                                   2. If your first examination paper indicates
                                                      that your English is not good enough to
                                                      understand the course we will tell you
                                                      so and refund the money you have paid.
In addition to helping you develop your               This does not happen very often, but
English the Business English Course also              occasionally it is necessary. You can
helps you to develop your business and                then do some more basic training and
management skills. This in turn helps you             come back to us at a later date.
to progress in your career. You can see from
the course outline how much instruction            3. If you complete your course and do not
you receive in these subjects. You are                achieve your Diploma qualification we
shown how business and companies are                  will refund your fees in full.
organized. You learn about the principles of
management: financial control; how banks,
                                                   These guarantees are your safeguards of
accountants and lawyers help businesses;
                                                   a fair deal from Business Training. Since
how to motivate and control staff. You are
also shown how to improve your own                 1973 thousands of students have
efficiency in the office and how to become         successfully completed their training.
a better manager yourself! With help like          This shows that our methods do work –
this, you can see why so many Business             and proves the high quality of the
English Course students get better jobs            training on offer to you.
for themselves.

                                               5                    ... training for your future
      Business Training

             Student Case Studies and Success Stories
“Five months after joining I was promoted to
be assistant of Finance and Accounting. My                                              siness English
                                                              “Since receiving the Bu
salary was increased and I was given a car.”                                               improved
                                                              course my knowledge has
                Alfonsus Rosmana, Indonesia                                                 ed my ability to
                                                              signif icantly. It has enhanc
                                                                                           eff iciently and
                                                              create text constructively,
                                                                                         ectiveness in my
                                                               precisely. It enforced eff
                                                                                          helped with
                            r                                  teaching career and also
“I am a Verbatim Reporte                                       writing essays, survey rep
                                                                                           orts and other
employed at the Industria                                      tasks towards the achiev
                                                                                          ement of my
Court in the service of the                                     Bachelor Degree in Speci
                                                                                           al Education.
Government of Trinidad
 Tobago. There is little                                                                    ointed from a
                            n or                               “Recently I have been app
 opportunity for promotio                                      base level off icer to a Re
                                                                                          gional Co-
 wage rises as a Verbatim                                                                  ucation in Papua
                              joining Business                 ordinator for the Deaf Ed
 Reporter, however, since                                      New Guinea. My wages
                                                                                           have doubled and
                                ned something more.
 Training I know I have gai                                     other benefits and allow
                                                                                          ances added,
                           to try new projects and
  I feel more empowered                                         including a scholarship
                                                                                         package for
                              have been fearful to
  whereas before, I would                                       further advancement.
                                ple, I no longer am
  approach and speak to peo
                             or to give my opinion
   afraid to speak publicly                                      “The knowledge from Bu
                                                                                             siness Training
   before a crowd.                                                                           has helped me to
                                                                 in Business Management
                                                                                            shop registered as
                              ped me to become a                 start a small scale retail
  “Business Training has hel                                     Blue Man Trading. Withi
                                                                                              n five months of
                              has given me the
  more outgoing person and                                        starting it has proven to
                                                                                            be highly
                             n tuition business. I                                          y three permanent
  confidence to start my ow                                       profitable. I now emplo
                           dents in basic English
  tutor primary school stu
                           pare secondary school                  workers.
   Grammar and I help pre
                             n CXC ‘O’ Level
   students for the Caribbea                                      “The Business English
                            the evenings and on
   English Examination in                                         course is a flexible
   Saturday mornings.                                             learning programme, yet
                            to be a member of the                 the skills, knowledge and
   “I have also volunteered                                        the attitudes you gain can
                             ittee which the
   Health and Safety Comm                                          be a stepping stone to
   Industrial Court wants to introduce.
                                                                   prosperity. I highly
                                                                                              ining to anyone.”
                              siness Training for                   recommend Business Tra
    “I would like to thank Bu
                             y to participate in such
    giving me the opportunit                                                               w Guinea
                             ining. On receiving                    Leslie Kitno – Papua Ne
    a wonderful course of tra
                            a great sense of
    my Diploma I felt such
     achievement.”      Eugenia Thomas – Trinid

                                                        “After I showed My Diploma to my employers,
                                                        they raised my salary by 30%.”
                                                                          Hussein El Saneh, Lebanon

                                                        6                    ... training for your future
Business Training

   The Level Of English                            command of English. Later on, as you
                                                   become more and more successful, we
    Required To Study                              hope you will look back with pleasure to
                                                   the day you placed your English training
       The Course                                  in our hands.

The Business English course is conducted               Student Case Study
entirely in the English language. Even
though it is easy to understand, you will
                                                               “Before I joined Business
still need a basic knowledge of English to                    Training I was afraid to
start. But if you can understand this                         speak English. I could no
booklet, you will certainly be able to                        express myself in public
understand the course. You can then enrol                     because I feared making
with complete confidence, knowing that                        mistakes.
you can benefit from your training and
                                                              “After attaining my Diplo
acquire a better command of English.                                                    ma in Business
                                                             English with a Distinctio
                                                                                       n, I became
                                                             confident of myself and
                                                                                      I am now able to
          How To Start                                       read, speak and write wi
                                                                                     th confidence.
You do not need any formal qualifications                    “I was a co-ordinator for
                                                                                        Forgotten Africa
to enrol on the Business English Course.                     Uganda, a Non-Governme
                                                                                         nt Organisation
All you need to do is complete the                           which endeavours to me
                                                                                      et the needs of the
                                                             needy who include amon
‘Application for Enrolment’ form which                                                 g others orphans,
                                                             widows, the aged and oth
you will find at the back of this booklet.                                             er disadvantaged
                                                            people. Since receiving
Full details of your fees and the easy                                               my Diploma I have
                                                            been promoted from being
                                                                                         a co-ordinator to
payment terms are on this Application                       the position of Director
                                                                                     of Forgotten Africa
Form. You simply fill this in, and follow                   Uganda. My wage has tre
the instructions for sending your fees
shown on the back of the Application                       “I have travelled to UK
                                                                                   and USA and
                                                           spoken with confidence
Form. If you have any difficulties, go along                                       to 10 gatherings
                                                           about Forgotten Africa an
to your nearest bank and ask their advice.                                          d why it needs
You do NOT have to have a bank account
to transfer money through a bank. Finally,                 “I have also written projec
                                                                                      t proposals which
post your Application Form, together with                  have brought quite good
                                                                                    money to Forgotten
your fees or a copy of your bank draft, to                 Africa Uganda.
                                                          “I attribute these achievem
                                                                                       ents to Business
                                                          Training. I give a vote of
APPLY NOW – and, as soon as your                                                     thanks to all the
                                                          trainers for the tremendou
application is accepted, we will send your                                           s work they are
first study material by AIR MAIL. You                                         Helen Kweteisa
will then be on your way to a better                                                          – Uganda

                                               7                   ... training for your future
Business Training

     Student Case Study                                            Your Diploma
                                                            Below is a photograph of your
                                                            Business English Diploma. To qualify
                   “Before joining Business
                   Training I was working
                                             at a           for your Diploma you must obtain an
                    bank in Jamaica as  a                   average mark of 50% on your
                    customer service                        examination papers throughout the
                    representative. After I                 course. When your average mark is
                    received my Business                    66% to 75% a Diploma with Credit is
                           lied for college in
English final results I app                                 awarded. An average of over 75%
                            ed and received
the USA and I was accept                                    qualifies you for a Diploma with
accreditation from all  my English courses.
                          USA and working in
 “I am now living in the
                             nths into my job as a
 the hotel industry. Ten mo
                           d my manager my
 front desk agent I showe
                           glish with Distinction.
 Diploma in Business En
                            Desk Supervisor and
  I was promoted to Front
                           % increase in salary.
  Night Auditor with a 25
                           siness English course
 “Since completing my Bu
                         English fluently to all
 I am now able to speak
                          at my job. At all times
 the Business Executives
                           w well I speak and
 I am complimented on ho
                          dle my duties. The
  how professionally I han
                           has allowed me to be
  Business English course
                             ak. This course has
  more confident when I spe
                          ement for me.
  been a milestone achiev
                                Business English            Naturally, we want you to qualify for
   “I would recommend the
                               nts to improve their         your Diploma, but it is not issued
   course to anyone who wa
                              ut the business world         automatically. You have to earn it by
   English, learn more abo
                              ement techniques. This
   or to widen their manag                                  working hard, by regular study and by
                              to improve one's
    course can also be used                                 completing your course. You cannot
                               ed for a good manager.
    personal qualities requir                               buy a Diploma from Business
                                 rse I have been
    Since completing my cou                                 Training.
                                  rs, friends and
    encouraging my co-worke
                                up and start this
     family members to sign
                                  ll not only improve
     impressive course that wi                              But if you complete the study
                                  empower it. Well
     their way of life but also                             programme we give you, then you
                                 you are doing a
      done Business Training,                               should qualify for your Diploma. You
                                   ple to grow both
      fantastic job, helping peo                            will then be able to face the future
      professionally and person
                                                            with confidence because the
     Dahlia Ewers – USA                                     knowledge and ability your Diploma
                                                            represents will enable you to take
                                                            full advantage of the opportunities
                                                            that come your way.

                                                        8              ... training for your future
Business Training

                          SYNOPSIS OF THE
                      BUSINESS ENGLISH COURSE
Important                                                     Module 2: Comprehension
                                                              Making sure you understand what you read – for
Throughout the course there are many                          finding information – for making notes and
examples and case histories to guide you.                     summaries – for enjoyment – for examinations –
In the course outline below, there is not                     exercises 11 to 15.
enough room to show you all these
examples, but you can be sure there are                       Module 3: An Introduction to Business
                                                              What is business? – the importance of profits – how
plenty of them.                                               profits are distributed, illustrated by a case history –
                                                              the importance of price – cost plus method – the
The Business English Course has been                          effects of competition – monopoly – government
written in an interesting and easy-to-                        influences – durability of goods – distribution costs –
                                                              supply and demand – channels of distribution – direct
understand way. If you can understand                         distribution – the retailer – the wholesaler – exercise
this booklet then you will be able to                         16 – summary – Section 1 examination paper.
understand the course itself.
                                                              Section 2
Now please read the course outline                            Module 4: English Grammar (II)
carefully. When you see how thorough the                      Introduction – past tense – past continuous tense –
training is you will understand why                           future tense – perfect tense – present perfect tense –
                                                              past perfect tense – future perfect tense – exercises 1
Business Training students are successful.                    to 3 – active and passive forms of a verb – exercises
You will also understand why the Business                     4 and 5 – auxiliary verbs – the infinitive – participles
English course, together with your                            – regular and irregular verbs – exercise 6 –
willingness to work hard, can help you to                     conjunctions – building longer sentences – exercises
                                                              7 and 8 – clauses and complex sentences – main
acquire a good command of English.                            clauses – subordinate clauses – exercises 9 and 10 –
                                                              paragraphs – how to form the negative – the negative
Section 1                                                     for all verb tenses – exercise 11 – how to ask
Module 1: English Grammar (I)                                 questions – exercises 12 and 13 – adjectives –
Introduction – welcome to Business Training. An               comparison of adjectives – adjectives to avoid –
introduction to English grammar – the importance of           possessive adjectives – adverbs – comparative
word order – the structure of the simple sentence –           adverbs – exercises 14 to 17 – prepositions –
how to start building sentences – exercises 1 and 2 –         common errors to avoid – exercises 18 to 20.
the eight parts of speech – the different types of noun
– plural nouns – exercise 3 – gender – initial capital        Module 5: Business Organisation
letters – articles, how to use them – exercises 4 and 5       Types of business organisation – the sole trader –
– pronouns – personal pronouns – possessive                   partnerships – companies – the principle of limited
pronouns – relative pronouns – ambiguous pronouns             liability – the organisation chart – exercise 21 – the
– other pronouns – exercises 6 to 8 – verbs and how           Board of Directors – the Managing Director –
they are used – exercise 9 – the idea of person – how         Finance Department – accounts – budgeting – wages
to form and use verb tenses – present tense – present         – costings – Production Department – manufacturing
continuous tense (and important exceptions) –                 – service and maintenance – production management
exercise 10.                                                  – Marketing Department – market research –

                                                          9                        ... training for your future
Business Training

advertising – public relations – distribution – sales –         telegrams – fax – email – using the telephone – some
Administration departments – planning – office                  dos and don’ts – other useful advice – exercise 4 –
management – personnel – service departments –                  making international phone calls – answering
buying – work study – organisation and methods –                international phone calls – dealing with complaints –
research and development – transport – information              exercise 5.
technology – exercise 22 – summary – Section 2
examination paper.                                              Module 11: Principles of Business
Section 3                                                       The manager’s job – running a small business –
Module 6: Letter Writing                                        personal qualities – personal motivation –
Introduction – the purpose of business letters – letter         understanding people – enthusiasm - concentration –
layout – letterhead and logo – reference(s) – date –            initiative – perseverance – self-discipline – making
recipient’s address – salutation – subject heading –            yourself more efficient – organise your time – list
body of letter – complimentary close – subscription –           your jobs – keep a diary – delegation – exercise 6.
enclosures – PS – compliments slip – using figures –
business letters on plain paper – exercise 1 – contents         Module 12: Punctuation
of a business letter – the opening paragraph – the              Why punctuation is necessary – the full stop – the
ending – the body of the letter – exercise 2 – longer           comma – exercise 7 – the colon – the semi-colon –
letters – exercise 3 – how to write letters – plan your         the hyphen – exercise 8 – inverted commas – brackets
letters – purpose – tone – attitudes in letter writing –        – the dash – capital letters – exercise 9 – the
politeness – helpfulness – sincerity – praise –                 apostrophe – the question mark – the exclamation
apologies – references to religion – humour –                   mark – exercises 10 and 11 – abbreviations –
checking your written work – exercise 4.                        summary – Section 4 examination paper.
Module 7: Essential Services for Companies                      Section 5
Accountants – how to choose your accountant –
                                                                Module 13: Correct Expression and
lawyers – how to choose your lawyer – bank
managers – how to choose your bank – bank accounts
                                                                Word Formation
and loans – central banks – exercise 5 – other sources          Introduction – synonyms – antonyms – exercises 1
of help – insurance brokers – import/export agents –            and 2 – homonyms – homophones – exercises 3 and
business consultants – chambers of commerce –                   4 – word formation – building words – more about
foreign embassies – the British Council – exercise 6.           prefixes – more about suffixes – forming nouns from
                                                                verbs – forming adjectives from other words –
Module 8: Spelling                                              forming the negative by adding a prefix – exercises 5
20 rules to help you spell better – exercises 7 to 10 –         to 8 – forming words by combining – alternative
plurals – exercise 11 – homophones – exercise 12 –              English – exercise 9.
malapropisms – words that are often misspelt –
summary – Section 3 examination paper.                          Module 14: Specialist Business Letters
                                                                Here we provide examples of letters you might use in
Section 4                                                       various situations – enquiry letters – response to an
Module 9: Developing your Writing Style                         enquiry – sending a quotation – placing an order –
Introduction – write grammatically – write direct to            acknowledgement letters – rejecting unwanted
your reader – give plenty of details – keep it simple –         applicants – inviting an applicant to interview –
use familiar words – cut out padding – avoid                    rejecting applicants after interview – offering a job –
repetition – avoid slang – avoid weak adjectives –              arranging appointments – sending an invitation –
avoid clichés – avoid swear words – idioms – jargon             accepting an invitation – rejecting an invitation –
– ambiguity – exercises 1 and 2.                                making a complaint – dealing with the complaint –
                                                                chasing late delivery – an apology – account reminders
Module 10: Other ways of Communicating                          – letter of reference – reservations – thanks for
Memoranda – exercise 3 – circulation slips –                    hospitality – letter of condolence – sales letters.

                                                           10                       ... training for your future
Business Training

Module 15: Principles of Business                              cutting out unnecessary material – abbreviations.
Management Cont.
Allocating jobs – communicating instructions –                 Module 20: Preparing Agendas and the
leading and motivating people – exercise 10 – hiring           Minutes of Meetings
staff – training and education – dismissing staff –            Types of meeting – formal meetings – committee
exercise 11 – managing a small business – sales                meetings – administration meetings – the aim of a
principles – finding and approaching customers –               meeting – the agenda – special vocabulary used for
financial control – book-keeping – budgeting – cash            meetings – the conduct of a meeting – writing
flow – credit – exercise 12 – summary – Section 5              minutes – taking notes – drafting the minutes – style
examination paper.                                             – exercises 1 and 2.

Section 6                                                      Module 21: How to get a better Job
Module 16: Summarising Information                             Sources of jobs – replying to advertisements –
The main skills required to make a good summary:               preparing your CV – writing a covering letter –
understanding, choosing relevant facts and re-writing          sending for an application form – attending the
– length of summary – examples of how to prepare a             interview – what to do when you get the job offer –
summary – exercises 1 to 3.                                    exercise 3.

                                                               Module 22: Coping with Stress
Module 17: Efficiency in the Office
                                                               The causes of stress – working out what causes stress
Office equipment – what a computer can do for your
                                                               for you – learning to deal with stress – exercise 4 –
business – word processing – desktop publishing –
                                                               summary – Section 7 examination paper.
spreadsheets – databases – accounts and book-
keeping systems – which computer should you buy –
printers – photocopiers – communications equipment
– fax machines – email – dictating machines –
folding machines – addressing machines – mail                   Synopsis of the Spoken
franking machines – electronic scales – exercise 4 –
how to dictate – how to use a dictating machine –                  English Course
using your secretary to save time – exercise 5.

Module 18: Report Writing                                      Your Spoken English training is on three
Different types of report – routine reports – special
reports – technical reports – verbal reports –
                                                               full-length C60 cassette tapes. Your first
questions to ask when writing a report – form and              cassette is sent with your first sections. You
layout of reports – title page – circulation lists –           have 21 fascinating conversations to listen
summary – table of contents – introduction – body of           to, which make up a complete story in the
report    and     findings    –     conclusions       –        life of a publishing company – Better
recommendations – appendices – bibliography and
recommended reading – glossary – index – case
                                                               Books Limited. You listen to the
study of constructing the report – planning the                conversation then practise the sounds,
outline – gathering the information – arranging the            words and sentences you have just heard.
information – selecting the material – interpreting the        You have special repetition exercises and
information – writing the report – presenting the              also a lot of fun playing the roles of the
report – exercises 6 and 7 – summary – Section 6
examination paper.
                                                               characters yourself. Altogether you have
                                                               180 exercises and 175 minutes of recording
Section 7                                                      time so that you learn to speak English
Module 19: Making Notes                                        clearly and distinctly.
Skills required for note-making: listening, watching
or reading; thinking; deciding what is relevant –

                                                          11                      ... training for your future
Business Training

                       Looking To The Future
When you have a good command of                       an investment in your future. An
English you can face the future with                  investment which should pay you dividends
confidence. You will have the respect of              for many years to come.
your family, friends and colleagues. You
know that your new skills will help you to            The fees for your training are very
advance in your career and take full                  reasonable when you think of the benefits
advantage of the opportunities that come              you will gain. Benefits that you will feel
your way. It is also a position that, with a          right from the start of your course.
little effort on your part, we can help you to
achieve.                                              A training that did not help you would be
                                                      expensive at any price. But, training which
The effort that we require from you is only           makes it possible for you to have a better
for a few short months. However, once you             job, higher earnings and greater security
have gained the knowledge and skills we               is surely worth investing in.
give you, they will be yours for the rest of
your life.                                            Without a good command of English you
                                                      may have to watch all these benefits pass
Everything we have told you so far                    you by. You may have to watch somebody
assumes you want a better, more                       else take all the rewards, while your life
prosperous life for yourself and your                 remains dull, insecure with little hope of
family. We also assume you are willing to             improvement. But, with our help, your life
work hard to improve your chances of                  can be happy, successful and full of
success. If so, you will see your training as         promise for the future.

                                                 12                   ... training for your future
      Business Training

                                More Student Success Stories
      As you can see, Business Training has helped students all around the world to improve
      their lives. We could do the same for you!

                                                                     “After finishin
                                                                                     g my course, I
                                                                                                      was promoted
                                           y salary has             Executive Teac                                     to an
                           otions and m                                              her of my sc
“I have ha   d three prom                   rtant section           increased by 30                  hool and my
                            ge of one impo                                           %. I am also th
doubled. I  am now in char                    st graduate           Sugar Cane Fa                    e auditor of the
                            to pursue my po                                        rmers. Thanks                       local
in the Air port. I was able                   y life has           give advice to                  to Business Tra
                                                                                                                    ining I
                               translation. M                                      the people of th
 studies in   Arabic/English                ise thanks to          teachers in my                   e village, parent
                                                                                                                     s and
                            e and social-w                                          district.”
 changed gr  eatly work-wis                 instructors.”
                             r professional                                                           Abdul Salaam
  Business T raining and thei                      Khamis,                                                            , Fiji
                                    halil Ibrahim
                     Mohammad K                     mirates
                                     United Arab E

                                                                           “I have had a
                                                                                          50% raise sinc
                                                                           my Diploma. I                  e I received
                                                                                            have also got a
                                                                           car and have be                   company
                                           papers are                                      en invited to co
                             cellent. Exam                                in Miami. I am                    nferences
   “The serv ice has been ex                 are given                                    also teaching pa
                            opriate remarks                               the evenings.                     rt-time in
   corrected  promptly, appr                aged and                                    Because of th
                                                                                                        e extra jobs
                              promptly pack                               and increase in
   and cour  se material is                                               my own home.
                                                                                           salary I was ab
                                                                                                           le to buy
                                           ps, Jamaica                                  ”
    dispatched.”           Margaret Philli                                          Sonia Clarke B
                                                                                                     owen, Jamaica

                                                                I have achieved
                                                                                   a lot since join
                                      Business                  I can freely min                    ing Business T
                       Diploma from                                                                                raining.
  “A  fter getting my                   merous
                                                                                  gle with other
                                                                                                   business men an
                       been offered nu                          women. I cont
                                                                                ribute in every                     d
  T raining I have                    secretary                and Church ga                     topic in the mee
                     n up the post of                                           therings. I am                    tings
   jobs. I have take                    anager.                                                 a business cons
                        nior Agency M                          am hired in va
                                                                               rious companies                   ultant. I
   to   a reputable Se                  finitely                                                   to help them ru
                        lary this has de was                   businesses in a                                     n their
    R egarding my sa                   hat I                  Business Train
                                                                                 proper way. M
                                                                                                 y business has
                        a half times w                                        ing is just the be                 grown!
    risen by two and                                          status within si                    st. It changes yo
                    .”                                                        x months.                            ur
    earning before R. Saraswathy, Malaysia
                                                                                    Mpundu Edith
                                                                                                      Kawanda, Zam

        “Before completing my course I was promoted to National Sales Manager in my company and my salary
        doubled. After receiving my Diploma I was promoted to Regional Sales Manager for the Gulf Area. Now I
        am being paid a salary and commission. Other benefits include company maintained car, housing allowance,
        medical and social insurance.”                                           Samy H Shetewy, Saudi Arabia

                                                              13                      ... training for your future
            Business Training ...

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