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									Conscience as a guide

An inner feeling of the rightness or
wrongness of an action
 Why some Christians believe they
  should follow their conscience

• They believe that the voice of conscience seems to be the same as
  the voice of God, therefore Christians should follow it.

• The Church says that Christians should follow their conscience as if
  it were the voice of God.

• St Paul and St Thomas Aquinas taught that Christians should use
  their conscience as the final part of moral decision-making, so
  modern Christians should follow their conscience if it tells them the
  Church is wrong (e.g. on artificial contraception).

• The Bible often needs to be interpreted. The teachings of the
  Church come through the Pope, bishops, conferences, etc., but
  conscience is God speaking directly to individuals and so should be
The Pope has the final responsibility for
stating Roman Catholic views on moral
issues, but should Catholics obey their
conscience if it contradicts the Pope?
    Why some Christians think they
     should not always follow their
• People have heard the voice of God telling them to do bad things. If
  people can be mistaken about the voice of God, they could be
  mistaken about the voice of conscience.

• The teachings of the Bible are what all Christians agree is the
  Christian thing to do.

• If Christians follow the teachings of the Church, they are doing what
  other Christians think is right.

• If everyone followed their conscience rather than laws, there would
  be chaos as no one would know what sort of behaviour to expect
  from each other.
                   Exam questions

b) Do you think your conscience is the voice of God?
   Give two reasons for you point of view.                           (4)

c) Explain why some Christians follow only their conscience when
   making moral decisions                                       (8)

d) 'Your conscience is the best guide for deciding what is right and
    what is wrong.'
    i) Do you agree? Give reasons for your opinion.                  (3)
    ii) Give reasons why some people may disagree
    with you.                                                        (3)
          In your answer, you should refer to at least one religion.

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