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Calling Notice


									                   The 58th
         Annual Delegates’ Conference
            Prospect ATCOs Branch

  In accordance with rule 6 of The Prospect ATCOs’ Branch,
                 I hereby give notice of the
          58 Annual Delegates’ Conference 2009.

Dates           6th November 2009 at 14.00 hrs to
                8th November 2009 at 16.00 hrs
Venue           Bredbury Hall, Stockport

Delegates are respectfully requested to ensure that their
transport arrangements allow them to remain at Bredbury
until the close of Conference (1600 Sunday).

In accordance with rule 7 I hereby call for the following: -

   Nominations for Officers of the Branch and other BEC
    Nominations MUST be made online at:

    Nominations for Auditors and the Standing Orders
     Nominations MUST be made online at:

   Motions for consideration
    Motions should be submitted online at:

  Closing date for receipt of Nominations
         and Motions by the SOC is
  Friday 11th September 2009 at 1200hrs

Branch Executive Committee
     Calling Notice to 58th ATCOs’ Branch Conference cont.

In accordance with Rule 8, I also call for the following: -

   Names and contact details of delegates to conference
    Delegates MUST be registered online using the form at
    Special dietary requests can be made online and will be
    automatically forwarded to the Conference Organiser.

   Names of volunteers to act as tellers, submitted by
    units. Please register using Delegate Registration form at:


   Members of the BEC are requested to confirm their
    attendance and accommodation requirements online at:

     Details of Guests and their accommodation requirements
     should also be registered by those issuing the invitation
     using the BEC Registration online form.

   Members are welcome to observe proceedings.

 Delegates and Volunteers should be registered
            on-line with the SOC by
        Friday 11th September, 1200hrs

     Motions, Nominations, Names of Delegates and Tellers
     should, unless unavoidable, be submitted online using the
     appropriate form. Use of this method will considerably
     reduce the administrative workload for the SOC.

     The forms are also available at

     The SOC will accept motions submitted by e-mail however
     this method should not be used unless absolutely necessary.

            Kevin Malam, Chair


Branch Executive Committee
     Calling Notice to 58th ATCOs’ Branch Conference cont.

       BEC, Section & Unit Reports for inclusion in the
            Branch Annual Report should be sent
        no later than 28th September directly to
            the Branch Secretary, Kevin Carter:


Special dietary / accommodation requests should preferably
   be made online, however the Conference Organiser,
      Angus MacCormick can be contacted directly at:

Branch Executive Committee
     Calling Notice to 58th ATCOs’ Branch Conference cont.

The number of delegates for each unit is as follows: -

 LACC            6           ScOACC               4
 LTCC            4           Manchester ACC       2
 Luton           1           Southampton          1
 Gatwick         1           Heathrow             2
 Birmingham      1           Stansted             1
 Farnborough     1           London City          1
 Cardiff         1           DoATS                2
 Aberdeen        2           Belfast              1
 Glasgow         1           Edinburgh            1
 NATS HQ         1           Manchester Airport   1
 The Ranges      1           Bristol              1
 Gibraltar       1

Kev Carter
ATCOs’ Branch Secretary
17th July 2009

Branch Executive Committee

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