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Brochure the World Institute for Self Healing


									The World Institute for Self-Healing, Inc.                                                       Postage
250 Lackland Drive, Suite 10
Middlesex, NJ 08846 (U.S.A.)

                     First World Symposium on
               Self-Healing and Consciousness Power
               With Demonstration and Verification of Extraordinary Human Abilities

                                                                                           June 8-10, 2001
                                                 Sheraton at Woodbridge, Iselin, New Jersey (USA)
                                                                              (Only 20 miles from New York City)


Sponsor: World Institute for Self Healing, Inc. (U.S.A.)
Co-Sponsor with Continuing Education Credits:
        University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ)
Center for the Study of Alternative and Complementary Medicine –UMDNJ
Friends of Health
The Institute of General Health Method (Japan)
Traditional Chinese Medicine World Foundation
Chinese National Qigong Academy (China)
The Qigong Institute
National Qigong Association
Research Institute of Global Physiology, Behavior and Treatment
Monterey Institute for the Study of Alternative Healing Arts
World Institute for Self Healing Canada, Inc. (Canada)
East-West Academy of Healing Arts
American Qigong Association

                                     Your Invitation to Explore
             A Different Kind of Mind-Body Medicine
                        For more information, visit our website:
First World Symposium on Self-Healing and Consciousness Power                                                  Preliminary Program - 2 -

                                                            ABOUT THE SYMPOSIUM
 Rustum R. Roy, PhD
 Even Pugh Professor, Penn State
 University; Member of U.S.
                                             This unique research-oriented symposium will provide a forum to showcase ongoing sci-
                                        entific research involving the study, categorization, and discovery of the rules and reasons
                                        behind the effectiveness of self-healing, mental ability and biofield, as well as the methodolo-
 National Academy of Engine-            gy and practice issues in various self-healing therapies. The Symposium is also intended to
 ering; Chair, Friends of Health        provide a forum to foster interdisciplinary and international collaboration in the study of self-
                                        healing, mental ability and biofield healing.

                                             Human health is one of the most popular topics and most challenging issues in the new
 Kevin Chen, PhD, MPH                   millennium. This is prompted by an aging baby boomer population, the growth of cancer cas-
 WISH Research Director ;               es, rapid worldwide spread of AIDS, return of the once-overcome pulmonary TB, and the in-
 Asst. Professor of Psychiatry at       creasing new drug-resistant virus and bacteria strains produced by antibiotics or antibacterial
 UMDNJ                                  drugs. Although conventional medicine based on such pharmaceutical therapies has had great
 Riva Touger-Decker, PhD                achievements in improving people's health, conventional medicine is not only unable to find
 Acting Director, Center for the        effective cures for many chronic diseases, but may also bring patients more suffering and seri-
 Study of CAM, UMDNJ                    ous adverse drug reactions. It is an alarming reality that annual U.S. mortality from adverse
                                        drug reactions exceeds the combined mortality of breast cancer and auto accidents. Both pa-
 Larry Dossey, MD                       tients and medical practitioners are now desperately searching for more effective and safer
 Executive Editor, Alternative          alternatives.
 Therapies in Health & Medicine
                                             Reports from around the world suggest that there is an effective alternative —self heal-
 Lida Feng, MD PhD                      ing— or mind-body medicine. Research indicates that the most powerful healing substances
 President, International Society       are actually located within the human body. One after another late-stage cancer patients re-
 of Medical Qigong                      covered without medicine; many irreversible chronically diseased patients experienced spon-
                                        taneous remission, some being labeled "clinically dead" suddenly awoke under the love of
 Binhui He
                                        their friends and family; some HIV infected persons developed natural immunity to AIDS; and
 President, World Institute for
                                        more and more "incurable" diseases were defeated by natural therapies and drug-free healing.
 Self-Healing, Inc.
                                        Categorizing, studying and discovering the rules and reasons behind these "miracles"
 Lionel Labbé, MD                       are the inspiration and motivation of scientific development, and they are also the motive
 Director, World Institute for Self     and purpose of this international symposium on self-healing and consciousness power.
 Healing Canada, Inc.
 Zhongpeng Lin, S.E.
 President, Chinese National
                                             The symposium will also explore the nature and range of human self-healing, and offer
                                        the scientific community and medical practitioners a unique opportunity to observe and verify
                                        some rare extraordinary human latent abilities and mind power. Keynote speeches and invited
 Qigong Academy                         demonstrations of drug-free healing and extraordinary human latent abilities will be presented,
                                        in addition to regular scientific and panel discussions. There are also demonstrations and veri-
 Kenneth Sancier, PhD
                                        fication of some extraordinary human or paranormal abilities, such as using intention to shrink
 Chairman & Founder
                                        a breast tumor, not intended as entertainment, but for demonstrating the potential power of
 the Qigong Institute (USA)
                                        human intention or biofield and the need to learn and understand such an inner force in the
 Savely L. Savva, MS                    human body.
 Director & Founder,
                                                          SYMPOSIUM HIGHLIGHTS
 Samuel Shiflett, PhD, Research
 Director, Center for Health and           Most updated research findings on self healing, biofield healing and mind-body medicine
 Healing, Beth Israel Medical              Multi-track introductory and advanced panel discussions by researchers and practitioners
 Center of New York
                                           Demonstration and verification of extraordinary healing abilities
 Phillips Shinnick, PhD                    World-renowned keynote speakers with scientific research data and Q&A sections
 Director, Research Institute of           An international gathering for CAM practitioners and biofield therapists
 Global Physiology, Behavior and
                                           Continuing Education Credits (CEU) from UMDNJ available
 Treatment, Inc.
                                           Early morning energy/Qigong exercise
 Guo-Qiang Xing, PhD                       Exhibitions open to the public
 Research Scientist, Uniformed
                                           Special Master’s workshops on self-healing and mind power training
 Services University
                                           Free diagnosis of disease by CAM healers/masters
 Garret Yount, PhD                         Friday evening reception and entertainment
 Research Scientist, California
                                           Pre- and Post-symposium tours
 Pacific Medical Center
                                           Special post-symposium intensive self-healing workshop for overcoming cancer and
 Yi-ping Wan, PhD Professor                 other chronic diseases
 and Dean, College of Education            Special post-symposium self-healing instructor’s class
 at New Jersey City University
First World Symposium on Self-Healing and Consciousness Power                                                       Preliminary Program - 3 -

                             CONFIRMED KEYNOTE SPEAKERS
                                                                            Energy Universe and Its Health Implications”
                  Rustum Roy, PhD (Chair, Friends of
                  Health; Even Pugh Professor Emeritus of                                      Zhongpeng Lin, SE (President and
                  Solid State, Penn State University; member                                  founder, Chinese National Qigong Acade-
                  of the U.S. National Academy of Engi-                                       my; Professor, Chinese Academy of Admin-
                  neering; foreign member of the National                                     istrative Science; world-wide well-known
                  Academies of Sweden, Japan, India, and                                      Qigong theorist and practitioner) Keynote:
                  Russia.) Keynote: “Science: Play a New                                      “Qigong Drug-Free Therapy for Diabetes”
Role in Holistic Healing and Biofield Healing”
                                                                            Lida Feng, MD, PhD (President, International Medical
                 Binhui He (President, World Institute                                    Qigong Association, vice president of Gen-
                for Self Healing; Director of Chinese Socie-                              eral Navy Hospital of China, and Associate
                ty of Qigong Science; Vice President of                                   Director of Chinese Sports Qigong Re-
                Chinese Association of Clinic Medicine;                                   search Institute.) Keynote: “Qigong Ther-
                Vice Chairman of Chinese Society of Mod-                                  apy and Human Immune System”
                ern Medical Experts) Keynote: “Theory
                and Practice of Comprehensive Qigong                                          Roger Jahnke, OMD (Chairman, Na-
Anti-Cancer Therapy”                                                        tional Qigong Association; Director and Chief of Staff of
                                                                                            Health Action Medical Clinic; Director of
                   Larry Dossey, MD (Author, Reinventing                                    the Institute of Self-Initiated Healing; Direc-
                  Medicine; Healing Words; Space, Time and Medi-                            tor of the Qigong Department at the Santa
                  cine; Recovering the Soul and many other                                  Barbara College of Oriental Medicine) Key-
                  books; Executive Editor of Alternative Ther-                              note: “The Healer Within and Health Care
                  apies in Health and Medicine) Keynote: “Pow-                              Reform”
                  er of Consciousness and the Future of
                  Medicine”                                                                     Lewis Mehl-Madrona, MD, PhD (Au-
                                                                                               thor of Coyote Medicine; Program director at
                 Gary Schwartz, PhD (Professor of Psy-                                         the Center for Health and Healing, Beth
                 chology, Medicine, Neurology, and Psychia-                                    Israel Medical Center, New York). Key-
                 try; Director of the Human Energy Systems                                     note: “Status of Mind in Miraculous Heal-
                 Laboratory, and Director of the Bioenergy                                     ing -- Some Scientific Evidences”
                 Core at Pediatric CAM Research Center,
                 University of Arizona) Keynote: “Living

                                            SYMPOSIUM OBJECTIVES
The symposium will enable research scientists to:                          Advance awareness and understanding of human self-healing
   Exchange new theories, methods and research findings in hu-             and mental abilities, and their applications in health care and
    man self-healing, mind power, biofield and other alternative            everyday life
    healing                                                                Fully understand the nature and range of human self-healing,
   Develop relationships with research colleagues and CAM prac-            mental abilities and biofield, as well as their scientific and medi-
    titioners worldwide so as to form an alliance of self-healing and       cal implications
    biofield methodologies within the research and alternative heal-       Discern and advise on various mind-body techniques for pa-
    ing communities                                                         tients as part of their healing program
   Have a unique opportunity to witness and verify rare human
    extraordinary abilities to increase the visibility, understanding   During this symposium, people with cancer and other
    and awareness of such healing phenomena                             chronic diseases will be able to:
   Develop a coherent appeal to the National Science Foundation,          Learn about and fully understand the extensive range of self-
    Academy of Sciences, National Institutes of Health, etc. for            healing and alternative mind-body therapies for recovery and
    more funding and the coordination of a comprehensive pro-               preventive health
    gram of scientific study on human self-healing, mental ability         Understand the pros and cons as well as indications for com-
    and biofield healing                                                    plementary use of self-healing and mind-body therapies and
                                                                            how these can be safely integrated into a healing program
The symposium will enable health care professionals to:                    Learn the perspective on self-healing and mind-body tech-
   Learn firsthand the current research status of many self-healing        niques, as well as the philosophy of protection of human inter-
    and biofield therapies to enable their integrationand develop           nal environment from leading specialists in the field
    new approaches and treatment protocols for patients
                                Preliminary Program at a Glance
                                                            Friday, June 8, 2001
 8:30—10:00am   Registration
10:00—11:15am   Opening Ceremony: Welcome speech, endorsement speeches and congratulation letters
                Rustum Roy, PhD (Symposium Chair) --- “Science: Play a New Role in Holistic Healing and Biofield Healing”
11:30—12:30     Keynote: Larry Dossey, MD --- “Power of Consciousness and the Future of Medicine” (With Q&A)
1:30—2:30pm     Keynote: Binhui He, --- “Theory and Practice of Comprehensive Qigong Anti-Cancer Therapy”
2:30—3:45pm     Special Demonstration with Verification (Volunteers with breast tumor needed)
                          Introduction: “Human Consciousness has Power and Energy”
                          Shrink breast tumor by intention (with Ultrasound testing before and after)
4:00—5:00pm     Keynote: Gary Schwartz, PhD --- “Living Energy Universe and Its Health Implications” (with Q&A)
7:00—10:00pm    Welcome Reception (with hor d’ourves and a cash bar available)
                 Speeches by invited guests and celebrities
                 Entertainment and Demonstrations: >Taiji Sword; > Qigong Music; > Mind Healing; > Power of Mind & Qi
                 “Cancer Conquers” (a documentary film);  Silent Auction (Fund-Raising activity, Call to make a donation)
                                                           Saturday, June 9, 2001
7:00—8:00am     Morning Energy Exercise – Free Lesson
9:00—10:40am    Panel 101: Measuring the       Panel 102: Clinical Research      Panel 103: The Roles of          Panel 104: Clinical Applica-
                Effects of Qigong and Qi       on Alternative                    Mind-Body Healing in the 21st    tion of Self-Healing-Based
                (Chair: Kenneth Sancier,       Therapies for Cancer (Chair:      Century Medicine (Chair: Ping    Therapies I (Chair: Lionel
                PhD)                           Samuel Shiflett, PhD)             Liang, MD)                       Labbé, MD)
 10:50—12:30    Panel 201: Scientific Explo- Panel 202: Application of           Panel 203: The Arts and Se-      Panel 204: Clinical Applica-
                ration of PSI Phenomena        Biofield Energy in Psychother- crets of Healing and Health         tion of Self-Healing-Based
                and Mind Power (Chair:         apy (Chair: Floyd Turner,         (Chair: Effie Chow, PhD)         Therapies II (Chair: Lionel
                Savely Savva, MS)              Ph.D.)                                                             Labbé, MD)
12:30—1:30pm    Lunch Break (on your own), Free diagnosis by Qigong Masters and CAM healers
1:30—3:10pm     Panel 301: Research of         Panel 302: Bigu and its Heal- Panel 303: Acupuncture,              Panel 304: Exploration of
                Mind Power Around the          ing Application (Chair: Guo- Meridian and Human Self-              Extra-Dimension and Yin-
                World (Chair: Prof.            Qiang Xing, PhD.)                 Healing (Chair: Andrew           Matter Fields (Chair: Aiguo
                Jinchuan Shen)                                                   Rosenfarb, CA, LAc)              Han, PhD)
3:20—5:00pm     Panel 401: Placebo Effect      Panel 402: Development of         Panel 403: Exchange of Ex-       Panel 404: Special Demon-
                of Human Self-Healing          Qigong and Human Self-            perience Among Those Re-         stration and Verification of
                (Chair, Garret Yount PhD.)     Healing Capabilities (Chair:      covered by Self-Healing and      Human Extraordinary Abili-
                                               ZhongPeng Lin)                    Biofield Therapies.(Chair: Lily  ties (by invitation only)
                                                                                 Zhong, MA)
7:30—10:00pm                 Special Master’s Workshops on Self-Healing and Mind Power Techniques (Pre-registration needed)
                (1) Master Binhui He ---Chinese Taiji Five-Element Qigong      (2) Master Shen Wu --- Music Qigong
                (3) Master Chulin Sun --- Techniques for Training Mind Power      (4) Prof. Zhongpeng Lin ---Therapeutic Qigong for Diabetes
                (5) Dr. Zhi-Gang Sha --- Self Healing with the Four Chinese Secrets (6) Dr. Roger Jahnke --- Awakening the Healer Within
                (7) Master Francesco Garipollie – Wuji Qigong
                                                          Sunday, June 10, 2001
7:00—8:00am     Morning Energy Exercise – Free Lesson
9:00—10:40am    Panel 501: Methodological Panel 502: Clinical Applica-           Panel 503: Study and Applica-
                Issues in Study of Self-       tion of Mind-Body Alternative tion of Human Self-Healing
                Healing and Mind-Body          Therapies (Chair: Phillip         Power (Chair: Roger Jahnke,
                Medicine (Chair: Kevin         Shinnick, Ph.D.)                  OMD)
                Chen, PhD)
 11:00—12:30    Plenary Session (Keynotes): The Mechanism of Self Healing (with Q & A)
                  Lida Feng, PhD MD --- “Qigong Therapy and Immune System”
                  Lewis Mehl-Madrona, MD --- "Status of Mind in Miraculous Healing – Some Scientific Evidences"
12:30—1:30pm    Lunch Break (on your own), Free diagnosis by Qigong masters or OMDs
1:30—2:30pm     Keynote: Roger Jahnke, OMD --- “The Healer Within and Health Care Reform”
3:00—5:00pm     Closing Ceremony:  Special Invited Guests Speech (To Be Announced)
                 Selected Panel Chairs To Summarize The Major Points From Panel Discussion
                 Closing Speech by Binhui He: “Basic Thoughts on Self-Healing-Based Health Recovery Medicine”
                 Appeal Letter to NIH and NSF
7:30—10:00pm    Special Master’s Workshop on Self-Healing and Mind Power Techniques (Pre-registration needed) Same as Saturday Night
                                                          Monday, June 11, 2001
9:30am-4:30pm    Special Master’s Workshop on Self-Healing and Mind Power Techniques (Pre-registration needed) Same as Saturday night
                               Post-symposium tours to New York City or Atlantic City (Pre-Registration with additional fee)
  First World Symposium on Self-Healing and Consciousness Power                                              Preliminary Program - 5 -

                            PARTIAL LIST OF SYMPOSIUM FACULTY
Amy Ai, PhD (Principal Investigator of Clinic Trials on CAM,         Garrick Dongchang Li, Ph.D. (National Institute of Aging,
   University of Michigan), Presentation: “Designing a Clinical          National Institutes of Health), Presentation: “Caloric Re-
   Trial on Qigong Therapy,” and “A Critique of studies on               striction, Health Benefits and Longevity”
   Qigong & Mental Health: Implications for Clinical Research.”
                                                                     Ping Liang, MD (Director, Institute of General Health Method,
Belinda J. Anderson, PhD. (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer               Japan), Presentation: “Toward the new stage of modern clin-
    Center, Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, NYC) Presenta-         ical science in the 21st Century.”
    tion: “The Biofield – A Particle-Wave Duality Phenomena”
                                                                     Lionel Labbe, MD (Director, WISH Canada), Presentation: “An
Steven Angel, BA, DC (Director, Angel Holistic Healing Center)           Observation of Qigong Therapy in saving a late-stage cancer
    Presentation: “Vibrational Medicine: Healing with Qi in the          patient’s live”
    Form of Sonic Vibratory Energy.”
                                                                     Zhongpeng Lin (President, Chinese Qigong Academy), Panel
Riaz UR Anwer, MD (Electro Homoeo Practitioner, Pakistan).              Presentation: “Development of Qigong and the Fake Qigong
    Presentation: “Cancer, Blood Cancer, TB and Civer cirrhosis         Phenomenon” Workshop: “Drug-Free Qigong Therapy”
    Cured with German Homoeo Compounds”
                                                                     Chao Liu (PhD Candidate, Tokyo Denki University Electric
William Bengston, PhD (Professor, St. Joseph's College, New             department, Japan), Presentation: “The Physiological Effect
    York), Presentation: “Double-blind, Randomized in vivo              of Method in Qigong Therapy”
    Evaluation of Distance Healing in Chronically-ill Animals”
                                                                     Jin Chuan Lu (President, Tai Ji Culture Institute, China) Presen-
Ivan Butorov, (Professor, State Medical and Pharmaceutical                tation: “Qi Medicine: Theory & Practice in Contrast with
    University, Republic of Moldova) Presentations: “Clinical             Western Medicine and TCM”
    Benefits of Chronic Bronchitis by Qigong-Therapy” and
    “Psychological Benefit of Qigong Therapy for Bronchial           Xuzhou Ma, MD (Director, Chinese Society of Qigong Science)
    Asthma Patients.”                                                   Presentation: “Eye-Bright Qigong plus Hammer Therapy
                                                                        have special effect on curing eye diseases.”
Kevin Chen PhD (Symposium Co-Chair; Research Director,
    WISH; Asst Professor of Psychiatry at UMDNJ) Presenta-           Yoshio Machi, PhD (Professor, Tokyo Denki University, De-
    tion: “Study of the Power and Energy from Human Con-                partment of Electronic Engineering) Presentation: “The
    sciousness”                                                         Physiological Measurements of Non-Visual Recognition”

Dong Cheng (Editor, Tai Ji Xue (Journal of Tai Ji Studies), Vice-    Pamala Miles (A member of Reiki Alliance, founder of the
   Director of Chinese National Committee of Tai Ji Studies)            Institute for the Advancement of Complementary Therapies.)
   Presentation: “Active Self-Healing vs. Passive Self-Healing”         Presentation: “Reiki Vibrational Healing.”

Karen Clark, DC, (Acupuncturist, Private Practitioner including      Yoshiaki Omura, MD, Sc.D. (Director, Heart Disease Research
    Medical Qigong), Presentation: “Remote Diagnosis of Both            Foundation; President, Int’l College of Acupuncture & Elec-
    Living and Deceased Persons by a Group of Intuitives Work-          tro-Therapeutics), Presentation: “Abnormal deposits of met-
    ing Together On-Line”                                               als, decreased acetylcholone and infections in brain treated by
                                                                        (+) Qigong energy stored paper”
Marie-Clotilde Couturier (CST Instructor of the Upledger
   Institute, Inc., FL) Presentation: “Therapeutic Blending with     Ulugbek N. Radjabov, (Faculty, Samarkand State University,
   Craniosacral Therapy and Qigong”                                     Uzbekistan) Presentation: “Influence of Magnetic field on a
                                                                        dynamics of biophysical and biochemical processes in cells.”
Shang Kai Gao, (Deputy Director, Song Ling Pharmaceutical
   Research Center, China). Presentation: “Natural Spontane-         Glen Rein, PhD. (Quantum Biology Research Labs, New York)
   ous Movements and Choreographed Movements in Qi Gong                  Presentation: “The Energetic Properties of Qi as Character-
   and Self-Healing”                                                     ized by Its Biological Activity”
Elena Gillespie, BS (Reiki Master, University Of Michigan CAM        Andrew Rosenfarb, C.A., Dipl. Ac., (Director, Rosenfarb Acu-
    Research Center) Presentation “Lessons Learned: Recruiting          puncture Center) Presentation: “Acupuncture: An Effective
    and Enrollment in Cam Trials.” and “Can the Placebo Effect          Means of Promoting Self-Healing.”
    Be Induced?”                                                     Kenneth Sancier, PhD (Chairman & Founder, Qigong Institute)
John Gray, Ph.D. (Author, Mars Venus Institute) Presentation:           Presentation: “Measuring the Effects of Self-Applied Qigong
    “Western Psychological Techniques for Stress Management             and Emitted Qi on the Body” and “A Critique of studies on
    Combined with Zhi Neng Medicine Qigong, Acupuncture and             Qigong & Mental Health: Implications for clinical research.”
    Herbs in Treatment of Cancer”
                                                                     Savely L Savva, MS (Director and founder, Monterey Institute
Aiguo Han, PhD (Assistant Professor, Rowan University, NJ)               for the Study of Alternative Healing Arts) Presentation: “Ul-
    Presentation: “The Absence of Mind and Self-Healing”                 timate Biophysics: Biofield as the Carrier of The General Con-
                                                                         trol System of the Organism”
Yong Ling Huo (Deputy Director of Chinese National Commit-
   tee of Tai Ji Studies) Presentation: “The Practice of Tai Ji Qi   Zhi Gang Sha, MD (Qigong master with a MD degree, Interna-
   Dao and the Exploration of Human Self-healing Ability.”               tional Institute Of Zhi Neng Medicine), Presentation: “West-
                                                                         ern Psychological Techniques for Stress Management Com-
  First World Symposium on Self-Healing and Consciousness Power                                                     Preliminary Program - 6 -

    bined with Zhi Neng Medicine Qigong, Acupuncture, and                      Practical Application of Medical Qigong in Nursing and for
    Herbs in Treatment of Cancer”                                              Self Healing.”
Charles Shang, M.D. (Faculty, Emory University School of                  Maria Syldona, PhD. (Transpersonal Mind/Body Healing Center,
   Medicine, Georgia) Presentation: “Emerging Paradigms in                   NY) Presentation: “A Quantitative and Qualitative Approach
   Mind-Body Medicine.”                                                      to Understanding Mind/Body Medicine and Self-Healing”
Jin-chuan Shen (professor, Chinese University of Geosciences)             Floyd Turner, PhD (Psychotherapist in private practice) Presen-
     Panel Chair: Research of Consciousness Power around the                  tation: “The Impact of Complementary and Alternative Med-
     World; Presentation: “Twenty Years of Study of human                     icine on Modern Psychology”
     Consciousness power in China”                                        Veaceslav Vlas, MD (Faculty of State Medical and Pharmaceu-
Dong Shen, MS (World Institute for Self Healing), Presentation:              tical University, Republic of Moldova) Presentations:
   “The existence of Yin-matter verified by ESP and                          “Clinical Benefits of Chronic Bronchitis by Qigong-Therapy”
   psychokineses experiments”                                                and “Psychological Benefit of Qigong therapy for Bronchial
                                                                             Asthma Patients.”
Erkin N. Shermatov, MD (Professor, Samarkand State Universi-
    ty, Samarkand Medical Institute, Uzbekistan) Presentation:            Jianjun Wang, MD (Qigong scientist, President, Hanlin Academy,
    “Human being and Energoinformation field” and “Influence                  Bulgaria), Presentation: Thorough Clinical Experiment on
    of Magnetic Field on a Dynamics of Biophysical and Bio-                   Bigu-Fasting.”
    chemical Processes in Cells”
                                                                          Shen Wu (Music Qigong Master, President of International Insti-
Samuel Shiflett, PhD (Research Director, Center for Health and                tute of Chinese Medicine) Presentation: “Music Qigong and
   Healing, Beth Israel Medical Center of NY) Panel Chair: Re-                Longevity” Workshop: Music Qigong
   search on Alternative Therapies for Cancer Treatment
                                                                          Guo-Qiang Xing, PhD (Research scientist, Uniformed Service
Phillip Shinnick, PhD, L.Ac. (Director, Research Institute of                University) Panel Chair: Bigu and its Health Application
    Global Physiology, Behavior and Treatment), Panel Chair:
                                                                          Garret Yount, PhD (Research scientist at California Pacific
    Clinical Application of mind-body alternative therapies.
                                                                              Medical Center), Panel Chair: Placebo Effects and Human
    Presentation: “Qigong as an alternative for sports improve-
                                                                              Self Healing; Presentation: “Methodological challenges in
                                                                              Qigong research.”
Kangmin Shu, MD (Yunnan College of Traditional Chinese
                                                                          Jiang Zhang, OMD. (Assistant Professor, Chendu College of
   Medicine, China) Presentation: “Qigong Is Effectual to Im-
                                                                              Traditional Chinese Medicine, Visiting Professor of China In-
   prove the Function of Human Blood Circulation”, and “Qi
                                                                              ternational Medical University) Presentation: “Qi Can Influ-
   Can Influence Cerebral Activity”
                                                                              ence Cerebral Activity”
Jerry Solfvin, PhD (Southcoast Hospitals Group), Presentation:
                                                                          Weibo Zhang (Institute Of Acupuncture, Chinese Academy of
     “Interpersonal expectancy factors in treatment Outcomes--
                                                                             TCM, Beijing) Presentation: “The Essence of the Acupunc-
     Beyond the Placebo Effect.”
                                                                             ture Meridians and Its Importance in Keeping Health”
Fran C. Star, PhD, RN (Medical Qigong Practitioner, President
    of American Qi Healer Nurse Association), Presentation:
           Special Master’s Workshops on Self Healing and Mind Power
      Attendants will have an opportunity to sample some self-healing and mind-power techniques being discussed at this symposium.
  These special workshops will take place after discussion of research findings about some of the methods. Additional fee is required.
      Time of Workshops: Saturday and Sunday (6/10-11) evenings (7:30-10:00pm), and Monday (6/11) the entire day.
  Currently Available Workshops:                                                  plants’ development, revitalization of totally denatured
  (1) Master Binhui He: Chinese Taiji Five-Element Qigong ---                     seeds. She will share her experience and teach some mind
      one of the 14 medical Qigong recommended officially by                      training techniques (
      the Chinese Ministry of Health. In addition to the basic               (4) Prof. Zhongpeng Lin: Therapeutic Qigong for Diabetes
      forms, Master He will teach the techniques on Qi sensation,                 and Other Chronic Diseases -- the top Qigong theorist in
      cultivating Qi, internal vision of body organs and getting rid              China, and a founder of Chinese Qigong Academy. 80% of
      of diseases with spiritual light (                 Chinese Qigong masters were trained by his Academy. He
  (2) Master Shen Wu: Music Qigong --- A modern combina-                          regularly goes to Europe to teach Qigong cultivation.
      tion of self healing arts from ancient China, Master Wu’s              (5) Dr. Zhi-Gang Sha: Self Healing with the Four Chinese
      unique music Qigong is based a series of exercises with spe-                Secrets-- A MD Qigong master teaches the ancient secrets
      cial music that increase the flow of vital energy in the body               of health and longevity – available Saturday evening only
      and enable body to heal itself. (                       (
  (3) Master Chulin Sun: Techniques for Training Mind Power                  (6) Dr. Roger Jahnke: Awakening the Healer Within -- a sim-
      --- Master Sun is an extremely gifted individual who has                    ple approach to Qigong that is suitable for anyone, this has
      worked closely with scientists to understand PSI phenome-                   been used in hospitals, churches, schools, senior centers and
      non. Her verified extraordinary abilities include projection                even prisons (
      of thermal energy into objects, transteleportation of objects          (7) Master Francesco Garipoli: Wuji Qigong and Health --
      through glass and wall, or long distances, acceleration of                  Learn Qigong from the film-maker of “Qigong: Ancient
First World Symposium on Self-Healing and Consciousness Power                                  Preliminary Program - 7 -

    Chinese Healing for the 21st Century” with unique perspec-   tive and method (
First World Symposium on Self-Healing and Consciousness Power                                                          Preliminary Program - 8 -

       The First World Symposium on Self-Healing & Consciousness Power
                                     With Demonstration and Verification of Extraordinary Human Abilities
                   June 8-10, 2001 * Sheraton at Woodbridge * Iselin, NJ 08830 (USA)

                                                      Registration Form
Name ____________________________________________ Degree(s) _______________________________
Organization _________________________________________________________________________
Street address _______________________________________________________________________________
City ____________________ State(Province) ________________Country_____________ Zip code___________
Phone __________________      Fax ______________________ Email _________________________________

Please check All boxes that apply, including reception on Friday and workshop
Registration Item                            Pre-registration               Regular registration            On-site                  Total
                                             (postmarked by 4/30)           (after 4/30/2001)
 WISH member                                $220                           $250                            $270                 $ _______
 Nonmember                                  $240                           $270                            $300                 $ _______
 Presenter/Chair/Discussant                 $120                           $135                            $150                 $ _______
 Student (proof of status required)         $100                           $110                            $120                 $ _______
 Daily (Please indicate day)                $120                           $130                            $150                 $_______
     Friday  Saturday  Sunday
 Reception on Friday evening, June 8 (Included with registration fee; advance sign-up requested)                                    FREE
 Intensive Medical Qigong Class for June 12-17, 6 days, Regular fee $595;
  cancer & chronic diseases recovery Conference attendant gets 20% discount :       $475                                         $ ______
 Medical Qigong Instructor Class    June 12-17, 6 days; Regular fee $600;
                                                                                                                                 $   ____
                                     Conference attendant gets 20% discount :       $480
 Master Workshops                   $50 evening; $100 day       $60 evening; $120 entire day
  Sat Eve ___ Sun Eve___             circle workshop #           circle workshop #                                               $ ______
  Monday Full Day ___                1 2 3 4 5 6 7               1 2 3 4 5 6 7
 Hotel reservation (optional) **    $99 + $6 (tax) = $105 per night, Number of nights ____
    (For 6/7 to 6/10 4 days only)    Check-in date __________ Check-out date ________________                                    $ _______
 New York City one-day tour         $25                        $30
   June 7 ___ June 11___                                                                                                         $ _______
 Atlantic City one-day tour         $15                        $20
   June 7___ June 11___                                                                                                          $ _______

 Send me information on WISH membership and Qigong training classes                                                  Total $_______
Full payment in U.S. funds drawn on a U.S. bank must accompany all registrations. WISH does not accept purchase orders or
foreign currency as a form of payment
 Payment is enclosed                  Or    Charge my credit card             MasterCard                   Visa
Card Number _________________________________________ Exp. Date _________________

Name as it appears on card (Print) ___________________________Signature X __________________________________

Make check or money order payable to: “WISH conference” and send to:
                   WISH, 250 Lackland Dr. Suite 10,
                   Middlesex, NJ 08846, ( U.S.A.)
Credit card payments only may be faxed to: 732-563-1494 (If you fax your registration, do NOT mail it again)

Cancellation Policy: A $60 cancellation fee will apply to all cancellations received through May 25, 2001. There will be no refunds on cancellation re-
ceived after May 25, 2001. All cancellation requests must be made in writing and faxed or mailed to WISH office.
** You are encouraged to make reservations with the hotel directly by calling 1-732-634-3600 ask for Gina, or refer to WISH Conference for the
special rate. Or, reserve online at
First World Symposium on Self-Healing and Consciousness Power                                                    Preliminary Program - 9 -

The Symposium is pleased to be hosted by:
         The Sheraton at Woodbridge Place Hotel
                 515 Route 1 South, Iselin, NJ 08830
          Tel: (732) 634-3600       Fax: (732) 634-0258

         All symposium sessions, workshops and free Qigong practice will take place at the conference hotel. This 4-star hotel fea-
tures an atrium lobby with bar and water fountain, as well as Allen's Ristorante Italiano Restaurant. Club Level rooms offer extra
privileges and upgraded amenities including complimentary continental breakfast as well as evening cocktails and hors d'oeuvres
served daily in the private Club Level lounge. All guest rooms include: AM/FM Alarm Clock, Coffee/Tea Maker, Free Newspaper,
Hairdryer, Iron/Ironing Board, In-Room Movies, Data Port, Television with Cable, Voicemail, and welcomes STARWOOD Pre-
ferred guests.
         The Sheraton at Woodbridge Place Hotel is conveniently located in north-central New Jersey, only 25 miles from Manhat-
tan (New York City), 45 minutes from the famous Jersey Seashore, near Atlantic City, and world-class shopping centers. Located at
the crossroads of the New Jersey Turnpike and Garden State Parkway, the hotel is approximately 12 miles from Newark Interna-
tional Airport, and 40 miles from JFK International Airport (NYC).
         If you wish to stay at here, please consider reserving your room early. We have arranged special room rates of $149 for
pre-and-post symposium nights 6/7 and 6/11, and $89 per night during the symposium 6/8-10 for a limited number of rooms.
Call 1-732-634-3600 ask for Gina about the special rate.

Nearby Attractions                                                                          Who Should Attend
Local Attractions:
    Woodbridge Center Mall - Within Walking Distance                                 This international symposium is for those who are
    Movie City 5 - Within Walking Distance                                           interested in the scientific evidence of complemen-
                                                                                      tary and alternative medicine (CAM) and self-
    Menlo Park Mall - 1.5 Miles                                                      healing therapies, especially mind-body medicine,
    Rutgers University - 10 Miles                                                    and Qigong therapy. The audience may include
    Liberty Science Center and Liberty Status Park - 15 Miles                         Research Scientists
    PNC Bank (former Garden State) Arts Center - 15 Miles                             Doctors, Physicians
    NJ Performing Arts Center – 15 Miles                                              Other Medical and Holistic Health Care Practi-
    Meadowlands Sport Complex - 20 Miles                                                  tioners
                                                                                       Psychologists, Social Workers, Psychotherapists
    Princeton and Princeton University - 25 Miles
                                                                                       Anyone Interested in Scientific Evidence of
    Thomas Edison National Historic Site - 20 Miles                                       Biofield and Self Healing
Other Area Attractions                                                                 Qigong, Taiji, Reiki, CranioSacral, Acupuncture
    New Jersey Seashore (15 miles)                                                        and other Energy Teachers and Healers
    Atlantic City (115 miles)                                                         Alternative Medicine Practitioners
    Manhattan and New York City (20 miles)                                            Nurses and other health professionals
    Philadelphia (72 miles)                                                           Chronically Ill Patients and their family who are
                                                                                           looking for effective alternative therapies
    Six Flags Great Adventure Theme & Safari Park (40 Miles)                          And You!
Public Transportation:
       Three major international airports are located within 1-hour drive from the hotel. The nearest airport is Newark International Air-
port (12 miles), where you can take either a taxi or state shuttle to get to the hotel. The state shuttle costs $18 (call 1-800-427-3207).
       In addition, the Sheraton at Woodbridge is very close to Amtrak and NJ Transit “Metro Park Station” (less than 1 mile), therefore,
you can take Amtrak from any major city in the Northern America, or NJ transit from New York City or other nearby train stations.

Alternative Hotels:
      In case that the hotel is full by the time you make reservations, or you are looking for e discount accommodations, , there are two
nearby motels:
      Days Inn Woodbridge, US Route 1 South, Iselin, Phone: 732-634-4200 ($67 to $77)
      Forge Inn Motel, US Route 9 North, Woodbridge, Phone: 732-636-0300 ($55 to $65)

              For more information about the Symposium, please go to
              Email:, or call the WISH office at 732-563-4884, Fax: 732-563-1494

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