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									Estate Planning: Young Adults Are Not Exempt

Imagine being a young adult who is transitioning into a new phase of life. You have your first child on
the way, and you are envisioning all of the things that you have to take care of as the big day

You will invariably start to buy baby clothes and other necessities while you fix up a room for your
firstborn child. The anticipation is indescribable as you face the realities of parenthood.

While you are going through these thought processes, one responsibility that should certainly enter
the picture is that of estate planning.

Of course you have no reason to believe that you will be passing away any time soon as a young
parent, but the truth is that nothing is guaranteed. We are all aware of the fact that people are
involved in accidents every day, and sadly there are young adults who are stricken with catastrophic
illnesses as well.

Doing what it takes to make sure that your young family is provided for in the event of your untimely
death is simply one of the many things to take care of when you are assuming the responsibilities of

If you are going through life without an estate plan as a young adult with children, you are taking an
enormous risk, and your family would be the ones who would suffer if the unthinkable was to take

Action is required if you recognize the truth in the above. If you are ready to get started, simply pick
up the phone to arrange for an informative consultation with a licensed and experienced San Jose
estate planning attorney.

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