CLAYMATION by yurtgc548


With Just Clay And A Camera,
You Can Create A Whole New
 Draw up some clay
  characters (don’t
  make them too hard
  to make)
 Get one colour of clay
  and make a prototype
 After that its time to
  make a real one
 Before doing any of this,
  you should practice
  making shapes with
  different sizes(rember to
  make different colours
  by mixing them)
 It takes years of practice
  to make a claymation
  like Wallace and Gromit
  so keep trying
 Armatures are like
  skletons for your clay
  characters to help
  them move without
 Professional
  armatures are really
  dear so make one
  yourself out of coat
  hanger wire
 Then you get a
  camera and take one
  picture of your
 You slightly move
  your character and
  take another picture
 You keep moving it
  and taking pictures
  until it reaches it’s
• When you play all of the pictures back
  together in order
• And your character(s) appears to be moving.
• You can find lots of free stop-motion programs
  all over the web. Such as: Monkey Jam and
  Windows Movie Maker if you have a windows
• We’d recommend Windows Movie Maker
  because we haven’t had any problems with it.
  But whatever works for you.
   You can also find lots of
    other stop-motion
    programs on the web that
    start from $70. Still we’d
    recommend free
    programs, but if your
    willing to pay, then go
    right ahead! On page 5 of
    this power point, we have
    a picture of the whole
    layout of Stop-motion
   The top picture is
    Windows Movie Maker
    and the bottom picture is
    when your first putting on
    your pictures on Monkey
 Try making your own
  stopmotions and don’t
  get annoyed if it
  dosen’t work, it takes
 It took 6 years for the
  Wallace and Gromit
  creator, Nick Park to
  make their first film!
   It’s really fun when it
    works! Try making
    your own YouTube
    account to store all
    your animations
   Once you make your
    character, you don’t
    have to be finished.
    You can always keep
    adding to it or taking
    things off
   Now, sit back, relax
    and celebrate that
    you made your first
 Text and pictures by: Glen Walker and
  Karl O’ Rowe
 Ideas by Glen and Karl

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