Affordable Life Insurance For Smokers

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					                   Affordable Life Insurance For Smokers

A number of factors, top on the list being medical records, determine whether you will
obtain life insurance. Having to undergo a medical exam is no longer compulsory when
applying for insurance, but medical information is nevertheless required and is vital.
Having knowledge of this fact makes most people with chronic illnesses shy away from
getting insurance cover. However, there is affordable insurance for smokers out there.
Every person, regardless of any condition or activity they partake in, can find a life policy
suitable for him or her, only if he does research well.

It is true that the monthly rates paid by a smoker are higher than premiums for a non-
tobacco user but, this does not mean that getting an insurance policy is impossible. It is
possible to get the best life insurance for smokers and the situation becomes easier if one
connects with a broker who is in touch with several insurance providers. Such a person is
conversant with many available policies from different companies and has specialized in
the field, hence will be able to guide you in getting the right policy.

Most companies look at a number of factors when obtaining a policy for smokers. Some
companies attempt to differentiate between heavy smokers or chain smokers and
moderate users. They also place in different categories those with other conditions such
as tuberculosis, blood pressure and so on from others who are generally healthy. This
enables the company to calculate specific rates for each unique person and get premiums
suited for them. Therefore, a person who has smoked heavily for ten years will not pay
the same premiums as one who recently started smoking. Others even consider what you
smoke, placing cigars and cigarette smokers, smokeless tobacco and nicotine patches in
different groups.

If you have recently quit smoking and are worried that medical records will place you in
the tobacco-user group, there is no need to fret. Most companies consider this, but the
difference lies in how long you have stayed without smoking, since some companies
consider a quitter to be a non-smoker. Some will give you six months to be placed in the
non-smoking category. You do not have to wait for the stipulated period to end for you to
apply. You can still apply now and the rates will be adjusted as long you stay tobacco
free. These rates can drop to non-smoking rates if one is diligent and found healthy.

The key is doing research and making comparisons under the guidance of an experienced
person in the field, to get the best life insurance for smokers.

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