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									  CIT Orientation

Customer Support Specialist
• What is CIT?
• Basic IT information (Network)
• IT services in campus and how to use these
• My.KU system (Mail, Groups, Docs)
• How to contact CIT Office
 What is                          ?
• CIT Office meets the University’s computing
   • KU Network Services development and management
     (internet, mail, news, web, hosting, file, printer, backup
     and software...)
   • KU PC & Laptop Support
   • KU Audio & Video, Telephone equipments support
   • Customer support via Service Desk

                                             Did you know that CIT’s
                                                   web page is
 What is a Network?
• Network: Data communications system
  which interconnects computer systems and
  provides common usage of resources.

 Did you know that Koc
 University has 100mbps
     internet speed?
Access to Network Services
• Wireless Access: Student Center, Library, Koç Square,
  Auditoriums, Computer Labs, Dorms, Odeon, Henry Ford.
• Wired Access (with a data cable): Library work
  study rooms, Computer Labs (SOS, ENG)
• To access KU IT services, you need an account.
   • Username and Password
     * .. (eGuide)
   • Change your password
     Novell Client (ctrl + alt + del) -> press change password)

   * No Turkish characters
   * Password must be at least 8 characters
                                                  Please DO NOT use
                                                Turkish characters while
                                               creating a new password..
    Access to File System
• File system drives (350mb)
   • F: / .. (Courses, Software..)
   • G: / .. (your personal network drive)

   * All files are backed up montly by CIT.
   * All files are protected by McAfee antivirus program
            VPN Service
• VPN: Virtual Private Network
  • VPN Service Allows you to be at home and access your
    company’s computers in the same way as if you were
    sitting at work.

  • Visit web page to login and
    connect to KU via VPN when you are outside the campus.
         Printing Service
• Every semester you have
  500 pages for printing for free.

• If you are out of print credit,
  you need to go to Yapı Kredi, get 500 printing
  package for 25tl. Then bring the receipt to CIT.

• Check you print credit via Portal. (Print Qouta Check)
Photocopy and Scan Services
• Photocopy
  Library and Henry Ford Building

• Scanner (free of charge)
  Library and Engineering Faculty

                                    You can use photocopy
                                        machines with
                                     your smart ID card..
My.KU mailing system on Gmail with 7GB

Create or copy your docs and share with
other KU members.

Create groups and discuss online or
over e-mail.

Talk: Chat with KU members.

                          Provided by
     Laptop Problems
• DSS (Dormitory Support Service) : 4455

• DSS Office is in Dorm S

• Except Saturdays everday between
  11:30 – 20:00
How to Reach                   ?
• CIT Service Desk: 1111

• CIT Web:

• Service Desk E-Mail: or
Thank you for listening...

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