Review of B683 unlock –Huawei B683 Wireless 3G Router

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					      Review of B683 unlock–Huawei B683 Wireless 3G Router

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Summary: The Huawei B683 3G routeris the new UMTS router Huawei and supports
HSPA +, follow us to know this Huawei b683 unlock.

Most people are content to just get their ADSL or Wireless router, For example, get the
popular Huawei 3G router, model number – Huawei B683 (hereinafter referred to as the
B683). They plug it into the phone and their PC and then start surfing. Meanwhile there
are some people who like to "enhance" the hardware they just shelled out for. Faster and
fastest wireless network become pursue by more and more people. Of course. There will
be some problem when they use the wireless products . Modem and router. Here ,this
time we will mainly introduce a new release 3G wireless router—B683 unlock by Huawei
manufacturer .Features, functions and so on. Just come to follow us please.

First review the B683 unlock 3G router again which is the new UMTS router Huawei and
supports HSPA +. The Huawei B683 supports download speeds of up to 21Mbps and
supports upload speeds of 5.76 Mbps. ThisB683 unlock is a good 3G wireless router
model which backwardly compatible with 2G, EDGE and GPRS protocols. At the same
time. The B683 is equipped with four LAN ports and a USB port for connecting a hard
drive or a printer that can be shared. On the other hand. It also has a wireless interface
and can act as a wireless APN. The Huawei B683 has the latest 802.11 b/g /n wifi
standard, so the full 21Mbps of HSPA+ can be fully exploited by the wifi clients. An
external (SMA) antenna connector is provided for connecting external 3g antennas to
boos signal. Huawei B683 Wireless 3G Router also has a wireless interface, so the speed
HSPA + wireless connection can be fully exploited.

Short feature of thisB683 unlock:

* HSPA + 2100/900, 2100/850, 1900/850 MHZ
* Speed: HSPA+ DL28Mbps ; UL5.76Mbps
* WCDMA 2100/900, 2100/850, 1900/850 MHZ
* GSM850/900/1800/1900 MHz
* GPRS 850/900/1800/1900 MHz

Getting to Know Your Device--Huawei B683 Wireless 3G
RouterApplication Scenario
You can connect your computer to the device to access the Internet. The specific
connection steps depend on your computer's operating system. Follow the displayed
instructions to connect the device to your computer.
Compare this Huawei B683 Wireless 3G Routeris difference between other mobile
hotspots, it is not only supports Wi-Fi accessing, but also supports Ethernet links, so that it
is could be sharing signal with WIFI tools as like note book, PSP, printer, cellphone, the
important is that also connects the desk computer, so that wires and wireless two in one!
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