How to Hide Specific Drives From My Computer by sivaguru123


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									How to Hide Specific Drives From My Computer

Usually you hard disk drive contains certain partitions such as system reserved one's or back up partition that
you may not want to display in my computer. For example my dell laptop includes partitions reserved 39 MB.
There's no need to display such partitions as drives in my computer because you're not going to store any data
on those kind of drives. Here's the simple tip that allows you to hide such drives from my computer.

       Open Disk Management in Windows 7. ( Click Start > and type "dsk" in the search box, click
        "Create and format hard disk partitions" )
   In the Disk Management wizard, you'll notice the partitions you have on the disk. To hide a disk drive
    from my computer, right click on that specified volume and select " Change drive letters and paths".
   In the upcoming window, click on the current drive letter and click Remove > OK.
   You're done. If you want to display any partitions instead, please do the reverse.

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