Hiring Economy Car Rental in UAE is as easy as ABC

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					Hiring Economy Car Rental in UAE is as easy as ABC

Driving around UAE with an economy car rental has never been easier. When you book in
advance through the websites or call long-distance, you already have your car waiting for
you at the airport when you arrive. You can choose whether to hire their many experienced
drivers or drive the vehicle on your own. Usually the rates are computed for 24-hour period
and most of them also offer group transport service of big delegations.

Safe driving with your economy rental car

When you are used to driving in Europe and the US, you may be surprised by the attitude of
drivers in UAE. Drivers can suddenly swerve into your lane or speed up dangerously close to
your vehicle. Remember the one-car distance rule between vehicles on red light? Well,
that’s not really practiced in UAE. If you are not comfortable in that kind of traffic, better
hire a driver that can take you around. At least, the law now requires everybody to wear a

UAE drivers are very aggressive and impatient and those explain why the Emirates have one
of the highest accident rates. The speed limit in major highways can reach up to 120
kilometres per hour, although on average the speed limit is about 80 km/hr. Even if you
have an economy rental car, be careful also of cars with tinted windows because they
typically carry VIPs. Car tints are prohibited for the average drivers. Just like in the US,
drivers travel on the right side of the road.

Documents needed to hire economy rental car

You need to have an international driver’s permit, driver’s license, other identification cards
and passport for your economy rental car. The best companies can even help you secure a
temporary driver’s license for your brief stay in UAE. Although, it must be said that it could
be more difficult for Asians and other nationalities, which are required to undergo stricter
procedures to obtain a license.

Constant access

Again, the company will deliver the car to your location. Insist only to deal with a company
that has a 24/7 emergency hotline number you can call in case your car breaks down or any
other emergency.      Avoid working with middle men and instead arrange the travel
arrangements yourself through the company website. This can save you on brokerage fees
and other hidden charges. The fleet of cars should also be relatively new, even if you are
only looking for economy rental car. This will save you from embarrassing and dangerous
situations like when your car breaks down in the middle of traffic.

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