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									Generate Positive Cash Flow from The Property

It is a good idea to generate positive cash flow from the property we already hold
and is lying idle. It not only becomes useful to other people, but is also an earning
for us and is properly maintained.

I have been generating positive cash flow from my property since last few years.
This has been made possible with the support of Paul and Karen, who deal in this
kind of businesses. It is always better to have a mediator like them in between, as
they will take complete responsibility of the person they are finalizing for us. I
have just informed them of my terms like expected rent; property should be kept
clean and maintained properly and also gave the details about the location of the

 Since last few years, whenever my renter is about to vacate, I inform them and
they help me in finding a new one and all of them were as per my terms.

I never had a problem with any of them and as mentioned earlier, there is
positive cash flow in my account every month, which have been good with the
support of these two personnel.

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