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									The Top Three Ways To Create Your Own Temporary
Tattoo Transfer That Looks Really Great
If you want to be up with the latest fashion then it is not only clothes that you need to worry
about but you need a temporary tattoo as well. This article explains how you can get the best
Single Sheet Inkjet Tattoo Transfer Paper
Probably the most popular and most widely available form of tattoo paper is the single sheet
variety. As the name suggests it comes as a single A4 sheet of tattoo paper and is designed to
print directly through an inkjet printer.
Advantages of using single sheet tattoo transfer paper
The main advantage is speed. It’s a quick process of simply locating a suitable tattoo picture on
your pc, dropping it into your photo program or word and printing directly onto the film side of
the tattoo paper. The next step would be to cut the image out, close to the edges before
peeling off the backing paper and applying the tattoo design directly onto the skin. Mirror
image is not required when printing your own tattoos using single sheet technology.
Single sheet tattoo paper is the most popular with children as the ink stays on the film and does
not touch the skin. Most papers on the market are also dematologically tested and are safe to
Single sheet tattoo paper is also the lowest cost of all types of product when creating
temporary tattoos.
Disadvantages of using single sheet tattoo paper
Because single sheet is essentially a fine adhesive print on film, your tattoo is basically a clear
sticker which works great for kids and is ideal for small tattoos on adults but does not work as
well when creating larger tattoos. This is because the film can sometimes crease against the
skin the larger the tattoo making it more apparent that it is a fake tattoo.
Where to buy? You’ll find single sheet tattoo transfer paper in many online paper stores and
craft shops. It is also prevalent on ebay, most notably by
Mr Decal Paper.
Movie fx Transfer Tattoo Paper
As the name suggests, this type of tattoo transfer paper is often used on film sets to create
realistic looking temporary tattoos for its actors. It employs two sheet technology, one sheet of
waterslide paper A4 and one sheet of skin adhesive paper A4.
The process is to print your tattoo in mirror mode onto the waterslide paper and then place the
adhesive sheet on top of your printed tattoo before cutting out close to the edges.
You then peel off the adhesive sheet leaving the skin adhesive on your printed tattoo before
placing against the skin.
At this point you will still have the paper backing of the waterslide paper facing out. By
applying water to the paper backing, the backing will slide off after around 30 seconds of gently
applying water, leaving you with your temporary tattoo.
Advantages of using Movie fx tattoo paper
Movie fx provides a strong, water resistant, realistic looking tattoo which can last for several
days without fading. Because of the quality, it is more suitable for adults looking for serious
results and delivers a really good temporary tattoo.
As it employs waterslide paper as part of the process, the tattoo hardens quickly. First time
users often achieve a surprisingly pleasing result on the first time of use.
If results are what you need, you need go no further than Movie fx.
Disadvantages of using Movie fx
The main disadvantage is that it is around £2.50 / $3.50 per A4 sheet making it more expensive
than the single sheet tattoo paper which comes in at around £1.50 / $2.25 per sheet to buy.
Movie fx also takes a little more time to create than the single sheet. The total process
probably takes around 10 minutes from start to finish whilst the single sheet probably can be
done in around 3 minutes.
Henna Ink Tattoos
Feeling artistic? Or do you have a friend with a talent for drawing? If so, using Henna ink could
be a solution.
Henna originated within Asian culture and was (and still is) applied to the hands and feet during
weddings and special occasions. The natural plant extract provides a brown colour that, after
cultivation can be painted onto the skin in various designs often to represent the sun.
Henna tattoos became popular in the west during the 1990’s in holiday resorts where holiday
makers could chose a design to be painted onto them by artistic individuals. During this time, a
synthetic tattoo “black” was introduced to the manufacturing process to provide a dark
appearance to designs.
Today various forms of henna ink are available, most notably in the form of Henna ink pens,
where a form of the ink is contained within an easy to apply pen.
Advantages of using Henna ink tattoos
When used and applied safely or by professional operators, henna tattoos provide a strong,
fairly long lasting and water resistant temporary tattoo. They can also look very realistic and in
nightclubs can be hard to tell the difference.
Disadvantages of using Henna ink
Out of the three methods this method is the only one which places ink directly into the skin, or
at least on top of the skin making it the most unsafe option out of the three. The black PPD
introduced to give some henna tattoos their black appearance is considered dangerous by
some although other safe synthetic versions are now produced for the open market and in
various colours.
Some artistic ability is required as you will be required to draw your tattoo onto yourself ruling
this method out for many. One tip to over come this is to use tattoo stencils, which can be
either purchased or if you find a design you like, simply print it onto card, cut it out and make
your own.
Where to buy? You will find Henna ink available widely across the internet and ebay. It can
also be called Henna tubes or cones as well as henna ink pens. Prices are around £10 / $15 for
a small selection of tubes.
Further transfer tattoo tips
Many of the ready-made tattoos are often small or for kids or have poor designs or provide
poor results etc, the list goes on. By creating your own temporary tattoo you get the exact
picture that you want and often longer lasting results.
When looking for tattoo pictures to use on the tattoo papers, make a start by going over to
Google images. This is a great place to find super fake tattoo templates.
So, for instance, if you want an angel tattoo, type in angel tattoo and then look for the plain
black or coloured designs. Ignore the real pictures of tattoos on peoples skin and focus on
locating just the designs for you to save and print out onto your tattoo paper for your own
personal use only.
It is a very common sight these days to see young people with a number of strategically placed
tattoos on their body. You can create these temporary tattoos by using transfer tattoo paper
which you can get online from Mr decal paper. The process of making these tattoos and
applying them is quite straight forward and the good thing is that you can create your own
designs and be the envy of all your friends.

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