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									How to choose a job for yourself?

Your future is dependent on your job. has explored job selection criteriaon certain parameters
so that you can evaluate your company, know the company and accept future challenges.

Company review: Company review consists of feedback collected from all the companies based on
different criteria such as motivation, work & leisure balance, compensation & Benefits.

Interview: This section focuses on types of interview questions asked by the employers which are based
on behavioral and technical questions.

Salary: The salary section projects salary structure of a company. An employee can get a clear idea of the
salary structure of a particular industry and can approach accordingly.

Skills: There are certain skills sets for a job. helps you to recognize the skill sets required for
the roles you want to apply for.

Job roles: has taken real time feedback from employees of different sectors which will be
beneficial for you in knowing the company. The description and feedback will be very effective and will
project complete picture of an organization.

All these points mentioned here are the basic things employee must be aware of if looking for a job
change or planning to start career. If a employer have information about a organization inside work
environment, Salary Packages they provides, What are the key skills required for a particular job profile
in the company, What would be the job role of a employee in the company for a particular designation
and most importantly the interview process and the questions to be asked during the recruitment process.
After analyzing the requirements of an employee Dhung group has provided a World Wide Web platform
to help the job seekers to find the right job him.

Now Question is what this is all about? is a community website for the Job seekers actively looking to build up the best career
decisions in his professional life. We provides users tools, information and analytics of organizations
High to lower level directly from the feedback of the employers to help others to take the right career
decision. Dhung community Members can take advantage of all the information shared by the employers
anonymously by other users in the Network. We also require new information to help you further, so
share your professional information and experiences anonymously so that other members in the
community can take advantage of that valuable information. We believe in growing by sharing.

We also help employers, because if employees make the right career decisions about the company and the
role, then they will be more satisfied and this will have a positive impact on employees' long term loyalty
to the company and lead to enhanced productivity.

To know more about company reviews, interviews, skills, salary and job-role reviews, please visit

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