Try A Kenya Safari Holiday And You Will Be Amazed By The Elegant Lodges, Wildlife And Beaches That Await You by henryjohn34


									Try A Kenya Safari Holiday And You Will Be Amazed By
The Elegant Lodges, Wildlife And Beaches That Await You

Holidays are viewed differently by everybody as their requirements will vary considerably. A lot
of people seek adventure rather than lying on a beach for two weeks. Kenya holidays are all
about adventure as this article explains.
The Kenya Safari Holidays is an interesting and exciting trip that begins from the famous Masai
Mara reserve through the exclusive Loisaba and ending at the fabulous Lamu Island where the
friendly Lamu residents can welcome you to rest as you reflect on the long journey. Since most
of the sites are managed by privately by government special government departments, it gives
you an opportunity for night drives in order to see lions and leopards.
The wild beast migration in Masai Mara that is the seventh wonder of the world defines the
holiday calendar. It normally occurs between April and October every year. However, missing
the migration still leaves you with wonderful game viewing. The dry and warm months from
July to October provide a good time to tour the Laikipia Plateau.
The luxurious semi-permanent and tented Mara camp located along Olare Orok River in Koyiaki
Ranch north of Masai Mara Game Reserve provide memorable accommodation to tourists. The
camp is situated in a wildlife rich area and is far away from other lodges thereby giving it access
to different locations where the resident game and migrating herds are free to roam. It has six
spacious tents each fitted with en-suite bathroom with wash basins, hot bucket showers and
flushing toilets to suit intimate bush stay. The tents are also furnished with wide cedar beds,
finest linen and solar lighting throughout the day and night. The Mara camp has employed and
trained native Maasai guides and collaborates with the Maasai community on different issues.
The Sosian Ranch located on the famous Laikipia Plateau is a private ranch. The exclusive and
restored old ranch lodges dates back to 1940 fitted with a large dining room, game and billiard
rooms and posh furnished living room with a large fire region. The elegant swimming pool and
pool house within the lodge provide relaxation time to tourists. Breakfast is offered on the
spacious veranda. The seven double cottages for accommodation are each fitted with the
elegant old furniture and en-suite bathroom with bath tub, hot shower and flushing toilets.
The secluded and exclusive Kizingo Beach Lodge is a relief for rest. It is located at the end of a
wonderful 10 kilometer beach that begins from Kizingo (meaning the point in native Swahili
language) to the fabulous Shela village. The lodge has 8 elegantly built bandas (thatched
cottages) each set separately from the other. Each banda is fitted with double bed with
mosquito netting and delightful chairs in the lounge. The bamboo screens easily unroll to
provide privacy. The en-suite bedroom has a wash basin, flushing toilet, hot water shower and
dressing area. It perfectly suits barefoot hide way retreats.
The Kenya Safari Holidays are characteristically guided and controlled by experts with wide
knowledge on the covered areas. Although the trips normally focus on big cats and any other
resident wildlife, flora and fauna are also incorporated in the touring destinations. Most of the
camps are semi-permanent tents which can be removed easily without major environmental
impacts making them appealing to those who are sensitive about environmental conservation.

There are many people who crave an adventure packed holiday rather than just relaxing on a
beach for a fortnight. For those people Kenya safari holidays are an ideal choice as there is so
much to see and do it is likely that you will not have enough time to do everything. The wildlife
is amazing and then there is the natural beauty of the country and the beaches. Kenya really is
the perfect choice.

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