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DIY Internet Marketing

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									DIY Internet Marketing Manual for Malaysian Website Owner


9 Ways to Promote Your Website


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RULE #1: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ________________________________
SEO is a method to increase the number of quality visitors to a website from search engines. To get your website high ranked on search engines like Yahoo!, Google, MSN, etc, you have to fine tuning your web pages. How to do it? Look below:
<title>WebDirectory.com.my - Malaysian business directory</title> <meta name="description" content="WebDirectory.com.my is a Malaysian business directory, provide online business listing, function as a online business portal"> <meta name="keywords" content="malaysia business directory, malaysia business portal, malaysia business listing, malaysian business directory, malaysian business, online advertisement, internet advertisement, internet directory, online directory, webdirectory.com.my">

This is a sample script that you must add into your web pages. Write a Page Title for each page of less than 20 words Description should be a sentence describing your website content (maximum 200 characters) Keyword META Tag related to your website (maximum 200 characters) Place your own scripts into the HEAD section of your web pages. It’s done! Next, create a file and named it as “robots.txt” to direct the search engine spiders in specific directions of your website. You may download this file from: http://www.webdirectory.com.my/robots.txt, and upload to your server (make sure robots.txt is stored on root directory of your website).

“Spider” is a search engine’s program that visits and downloads information from your webpage.

WebDirectory.com.my We bring the web to life!


RULE #2: Customer Relationship Management (CRM) ________________________________
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is crucial to sustain and increase your customer retention. When we talk about online CRM, enewsletter comes in. An investment to integrate an e-newsletter system into your website should be considered because the online CRM is a way to collect new prospect database, sustain existing customers and finally, increase your client base.

Figure 1: E-newsletter system (depicted from www.maxis.com.my)

Look at Figure 1, Maxis website is using e-newsletter system to collect visitors’ email. When you enter your email and hit “Subscribe”, your email address will be stored into their system. Maxis will start to send you newsletter. An effective e-newsletter system features: • "Subscribe/Unsubscribe" section to collect prospect email • Backend system for admin to send newsletter to prospect / existing customers

WebDirectory.com.my We bring the web to life!


Figure 2: Tell-A-Friend referral system (depicted from www.thestar.com.my)

Look at Figure 2, TheStar Online website is using Tell-A-Friend referral system. At the bottom of each news/articles, you can opt to share the news/articles with your friends by simply entering your email and your friend’s email. In this marketing system, we define it as: • An online word of mouth referral system. • A viral marketing tool to help drive traffic to your website It starts letting your visitor key-in their email and friend’s email. This visitor writes a message about your site and sends it over to his/her friends. He is actually promoting your website to other internet users. Moreover, you have indirectly captured this visitor and his/her friend’s email!
More than half (53%) of Internet users had visited websites referred by friends or family members in the previous 30 days. (eMarketer.com)

Offering freebies, free gift and free information to your visitors is another way of capturing prospect database. Visitors are willing to submit their full name, valid email, reachable address, and mobile phone number in exchange of freebies.

WebDirectory.com.my We bring the web to life!


RULE #3: Signature ________________________________
Forum signature: Register yourself with some popular online forum. The forum should be an active forum and related to your business. Shown below are those Malaysian most popular online forums: http://forum.cari.com.my/ http://forum.lowyat.net Or just type keyword “malaysia forum” into any search engines search box and you’ll get thousand. During the registration, try to search for a proper nickname related to your company name or services/products you are selling. After the registration, logon to your control panel and start to put up your company logo, description about your business, your website URL, etc into the “Signature” section (Figure 3).

Figure 3: Forum signature

When you contribute/post a thread in the forum, member will notice your signature placed below your message. For those interested one, they will click on it and you generate one more potential customer. Email signature: Include a short message at the end of your e-mail messages (Figure 4).

WebDirectory.com.my We bring the web to life!


Figure 4: Email signature

You are indirectly promote you site to each of your recipient.

WebDirectory.com.my We bring the web to life!


RULE #4: Directory Listing & Search Engine Submission ________________________________
This is another way to increase your website traffic. Directory listing: Get listed on web directories for free, especially the local one, such as: http://www.webdirectory.com.my/register.htm http://www.cari.com.my http://www.infotoday.com.my http://www.mycen.com.my URL submission: Submit your website to search engines for free, such as: http://www.google.com/addurl.html http://add.yahoo.com/fast/add?177672+Asia http://beta.search.msn.co.uk/docs/submit.aspx The fastest way to get high traffic to your site is by advertising on high traffic site. You may try Google Pay Per Click advertising program. That will bring you huge traffic to your website within a short period of time. Some website offers you with premium listing packages, provides you the opportunity to place your business on top position for a low yearly cost. Place you banner/link on top position of high traffic site’s main page is the absolute best way to give your website more exposure.

WebDirectory.com.my We bring the web to life!


RULE #5: Website Design ________________________________
DO NOT: Design entire website in full flash version. Design entire website in frames. Design entire website in ASP / PHP. Instead, use HTML. Design entire website in a piece of graphic. BE SURE TO: Keep your website content short and simple, direct to the point. Hire a copywriter to write a proper content about your business. The copywriter must be able to analyze your business and read your visitors’ mind. This is very important to make your visitor stick to your web content and understand what you are actually offering. Create a nice and easy navigation links to other pages. Implement simple text that hyperlinks to other pages at the bottom of every page. For any promotion or latest news, highlight it and put it up as headline. There’s another way – create a pop-up windows for latest promotion. Remember, “No one will read yesterday’s newspaper”! Is that true? Yes, do not expect your visitors to re-visit your site for the same content. If your website content remains unchanged, nobody will re-visit your website again. Visitors tend to receive latest information / product updates from you so that they will visit your site more frequently.

WebDirectory.com.my We bring the web to life!


RULE #6: Link Exchange ________________________________
To implement link exchange with other website, you must create a link to your partner’s website from your home page. Your link will then be included in your partner’s website. Always look for web directories or websites related to your business, request by writing an email to the webmaster for link exchange. Send them a short, polite, e-mail asking if they would like to trade link. You will certainly increase your traffic if you exchange link with more site. Make sure you have placed their link (text, logo, or banner link) before you write them the email. This is crucial to increase your site popularity and ranking in search engines. The more links point to your website (popularity), the better ranking you will get.

Figure 5: Link exchange

Example: Go to the main page of www.webdirectory.com.my, scroll down to the bottom of the page, you will see a section “Link Exchange Partners” with few logos on it (Figure 5). When you click on the logo, you will be directed to WebDirectory.com.my’s link exchange partner site and you can see the logo of WebDirectory.com.my on that site too!

WebDirectory.com.my We bring the web to life!


RULE #7: Affiliate Program ________________________________
Affiliate program is getting very popular recently in which an affiliate is rewarded for every customer he/she get through his/her own efforts. In affiliate marketing, affiliates make money every time they introduce new clients to your products and services. No payment is due for an affiliate if he/she makes no sales for you. It is a commission based program. Kindly visit 3 websites stated below, they are offering affiliate program: http://affiliates.ebay.com/ http://www.apple.com/itunes/affiliates/ http://www.skype.com/partners/affiliate/ To be truly success in internet marketing, you need more people to promote your products / services. So, you need to create a system to recruit more affiliates, and you will make good money for your living. Forrester Research recently reported that by 2003, 21% of all online sales will be driven by affiliate sites promoting affiliate products.

WebDirectory.com.my We bring the web to life!


RULE #8: Write an Article ________________________________
A lot of internet marketers write an article promoting their products / services to million of internet users and submit it to various ezines (electronic format magazine) or article archive sites. Kindly visit few online ezines below: http://www.ezine.com/ http://www.easyezinearticles.com/ http://www.ezinehub.com/ You will dramatically increase your exposure and bring in more traffic to your website by writing articles in your area of expertise. Place a link to your website with brief description of what you are offering in the article. To write a good article, be sure to focus your article on your selected keyword related to your business. Arrange your article in a formal way - title, paragraph and then subtitles and paragraphs. Once again, always include important keywords into your article.

WebDirectory.com.my We bring the web to life!


RULE #9: Offline Marketing ________________________________
Make sure that all of your business cards, brochures, letterhead, etc contain your website URL. Advertising on Yellowpages, Superpages and The Star newspaper is found to be very effective. So, you must always be sure to include your URL in those classified ads / print advertisement. Place your ad where your targeted customers are most likely to find it.

WebDirectory.com.my We bring the web to life!


Final Thoughts ________________________________
REMEMBER, getting your site HIGH RANKED in search engines is NOT the ONLY way to promote your business online, there’s always another way around. Follow the 9 rules mentioned above and you will earn big bucks from your website! This e-book has disclosed a very simple and easy ways to help you promote your site for FREE, and increase the traffic to your site. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and start to promote! If you think you need further consultation from us, please call Travis Saw at +60(17) 218 0550 or email to: info@waveevo.com now!

WebDirectory.com.my We bring the web to life!


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