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									                            PDS Advisory Council
                              October 22, 2004
Attendance: Leslie Day, Lori Quigley, Hibajene Shandomo, John Wiertel, Michelle
Mistriner, Tom McCully, Barb Smith, Jenn Golias, Nancy Chicola, and Fran Paskowitz.

Minutes: The minutes from the August 16, 2004 meeting were approved by consensus.

Old Business:
NCCC- Students are now using Taskstream. 10 students will be starting at BSC in

201/211 Partnership- Leslie Day is working on writing a new agreement for the pilot
schools for 201/211 that will start this year. The council decided to give each of these
pilot schools $200 for scheduling students in their buildings. 201/211 are less of a time
and space commitment than 311, 312, and student teaching cohorts. The council is going
to refer to the 201/211 schools this year as pilot programs and evaluate the agreement at
the end of the year to finalize the specifics once there is more information.

Retreat wrap up- The retreat came in under budget. The Literacy Center does not need to
pay for the fruit.

Website- Jenn Golias will send out a note to the principals asking them to link our
website to theirs and encourage parents to visit it. Jenn and Lori Quigley will send out a
mass email via Taskstream welcoming students to visit the new department site and
providing details of what students can find there.

Budget- PDS still doesn’t have a budget due to the College not having a budget.

Future meetings- The Advisory Council will meet after each consortium meeting this
year. PDS still needs a school to host the March meeting. Hibajene Shandomo will check
to see if Poplar is available. Fran Paskowitz offered the facilities at Hoover if no one else
was interested.

New Business:
Terms of Office: Leslie Day discussed when each member’s term expired and asked if
anyone was interested in running again. Several current members plan to run again. There
will most likely be two vacancies from members who do not intend to run. The terms will
run for three years where a year is defined as July 1st to June 30th. Elections will be held
at the next consortium meeting. We will maintain the equal 8 and 8 distribution of
membership between faculty and school partners. The faculty will vote for the faculty
representatives at the November 5th faculty meeting. The school partners will vote for the
school partner members at the December 3rd meeting. This is in accordance with the By-

Student Rep: The student rep will also be elected at the next consortium meeting. The
Council decided to elect two students to the Advisory Council, one in the Spring and one
in the Fall, to provide overlap and ensure proper transitioning.

Conferences: Leslie Day submitted a proposal for a cross section of members to present
on Action Research at the National PDS Conference in March. She will hear in
November whether it was accepted.

Future Meeting Programming: Barb and Nancy will present at the December meeting for
1 hour. We will delve into the Student Teaching Rubric and the self studies. In March we
will work on new program goals.

Co Director: Leslie Day will discuss the possibility of having a partner member as the
PDS Co Director at the November 5th faculty meeting . If the faculty agrees, she will
send out an email detailing the job description before the December meeting.

Next Meeting: December 3rd at St Amelia’s

Respectfully submitted by Jenn Golias

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