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					                            Site Visit Evaluation Form
                      Art and Social Change Funding Circle

  Evaluation forms must be received by the Zing office no later than April             28th
           Please email completed form to

Thank you for all your work on this site evaluation. Please complete the form below in its
entirety. You are encouraged to be concise when possible.

Organization requesting funding:

Grant Purpose:

Amount requested:

Evaluator Name:

Project Overview:

1. Describe the project or the organization in one or two sentences. If the proposal is for a
   very specific project, please briefly describe the undertaking. If it is for general
   operating expenses, please briefly describe the organization’s mission.

2. As you see it, what are the key strengths and weaknesses of this potential grantee?

3. In what ways does this organization or project represent community development, social
   action, or dialogue?

4. What is its social change strategy? How would you asses its impact?

5. How would you rate the artistic quality of the project?

6. What have you learned that was not mentioned in the proposal? Have there been any
   changes since the proposal was written?


1. List the people you spoke with when evaluating this organization, and their roles.
   (Project staff, sponsor, constituents, funders, educators, others working in the same
   field, etc.)

2. What was your experience during your site visit? What did you notice? (Ease or
   difficulty of contact, response time, level of enthusiasm, size and condition of facility,
   size of staff, etc.)

3. What was your impression of the strengths and weaknesses of the leadership of the

4. How do the demographics of the leadership and constituency play a role in the


1. In analyzing the budget and financial statement with the staff, are there any significant
   areas of concern that remain for you? Please briefly state any important financial
   updates since the proposal was written.
2. How would the project manage if only partially funded? From what other sources are
   they seeking funding?

3. How would you rank funding for this project (highest priority, very important, mid-
   range, or low priority)? Please explain why.

4. Assuming we had $34-50,000 for each committee, at what level would you recommend
   funding this one? Please be specific and explain your reasons.

5. Any other comments?

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