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					                    Washtenaw Intermediate School District
                                        1819 S. Wagner Road
                                            P.O. Box 1406
                               Attention: Transportation Bus Parts Bid
                                      Ann Arbor, MI 48106-1406

                                    REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL
                                           Bus Parts

                                              Issued By:

                             Washtenaw Intermediate School District
                       On behalf of itself and its 10 constituent school districts


                                             John Nikolich
                                  E-mail: jnikolich@wash.k12.mi.us

               Two copies and one original of sealed written replies to this
               proposal must be received by June 1st, 2012 at 2:00 p.m. Submittal
               by fax is not acceptable.

Confidential                                Page 1                                   6/28/2012
                                   SECTION 1. INTRODUCTION

        The District – Refers to the Washtenaw Intermediate School District and its constituent school
        districts of Ann Arbor, Chelsea, Dexter, Lincoln, Manchester, Milan, Saline, Whitmore Lake,
        Willow Run and Ypsilanti.

        Vendor/Bidder/Contractor – Refers to all recipients of this Request.

        Bid/Proposal - Refers to the entire process and includes the request, special provisions,
        specifications and/or requirements.


        Questions regarding this Request should be directed in writing, preferably by e-mail or fax, to the
        contact specified on the title page, as soon as possible after receiving the Request. If applicable,
        answers citing the question(s) asked, but not identifying the questioner, will be posted on the web
        for all known prospective Vendors if deemed relevant by the District. Written requirements in the
        Request or its amendments are binding, but any oral communications between the Vendor and
        the District are not.

        Any questions relative to interpretation of the scope of services or the proposal process shall be
        addressed as indicated below in ample time before the period set for the receipt and opening of


        The District reserves the right to request clarification of information submitted, and to request
        additional information from any or all Vendors. All costs associated with the preparation and /or
        presentation of the proposal and any supplemental information shall be borne solely by the
        Vendor and shall not be passed on to the District under any circumstances.


        The District expects the Vendor to be thoroughly familiar with all specifications and requirements
        of this Request. The Vendor’s failure or omission to examine any relevant form, article, site or
        document will not relieve the Vendor from any obligation regarding this Request. If at any time
        the District discovers deviations in the Vendors reply that is not identified, the Vendor may be
        subject to disqualification from consideration or cancellation of contract.


        Proposals received after the time and date specified, whether delivered or mailed, will not be
        considered and will be returned unopened. This responsibility rests entirely with the Vendor, and
        delays resulting from postal handling or for any other reason will not extend the time line.

        The District reserves the right to reject any or all proposals, to waive any informalities,
        irregularities or technical defects in proposals, and unless otherwise specified by the District to
        accept any item or groups of items in the proposal, as may be in the best interest of the District.
        The District retains the right to qualify or disqualify Vendors on the basis of available information
        pertaining to their service and/or the suitability of the goods and services proposed. No bid shall
        be accepted from, or contracted to, any person who is in arrears to the District, upon debt through
        contract or purchase, or who is the defaulter of security or otherwise upon an obligation to the
        District, or who shall in other respects be disqualified. The Vendor to whom the award is made
        will be notified at the earliest possible date. The tentative acceptance of the Proposal and award

Confidential                                  Page 2                                      6/28/2012
        of the contract will be by a notice in writing and mailing to or delivered at the office of the Vendor
        designated in the Proposal. All prices proposed by the Vendor must be firm for 120 days from the
        due date of the bid. If, for some reason, agreement with the selected Vendor cannot be reached
        to the satisfaction of the District, negotiations may begin with another Vendor within fourteen days
        after the initial finalist Vendor selection.


        To facilitate proposal preparation, a copy of this proposal in .PDF format may be obtained and
        downloaded from our website (http://www.wash.k12.mi.us/busservices/bids/bids.cfm).

        If erasures or other changes appear on the proposal forms, each erasure or change must be
        initialed by the person signing the proposal.

        Any documents intended to supplement or deviate from the express requirements of this proposal
        solicitation may result in a rejection of that proposal. Any forms and contracts the Vendor
        proposes to include as part of any agreement resulting from this Request between the Vendor
        and the District must be submitted as part of the bid. Any forms and contracts not submitted as
        part of the bid and subsequently presented for inclusion may be rejected by the District. This
        requirement includes, but is not limited to, the following types of documents: contracts, licensing
        agreements, maintenance contracts, and system support agreements.

        Proposals must be submitted to the Contact on the cover page. All mailing, shipping or delivery of
        proposals should be addressed to the Contact.


        A proposal that is in the possession of the Contact may be altered by letter or fax transmission
        bearing the signature or name of the person authorized for proposing, provided it is received
        prior to the time and date of opening. A facsimile should not reveal the proposal price, but
        should indicate the addition, subtraction, or other change in the proposal. A change in the pricing
        must be received via USPS mailing, package/letter delivery service, or hand-delivered.

        A proposal that is in the possession of the Contact may be withdrawn by the Vendor in person or
        by written request up to the time of the proposal opening. Proposals may not be withdrawn after
        the proposal opening.


        Successful Vendors shall be excused from performance hereunder during the time and to the
        extent that Vendor is prevented from obtaining, delivering, or performing in the customary manner
        by acts of God, fire, war, loss or shortage of transportation facilities, lockout or commandeering of
        raw materials, products, plants, or facilities by the government. Vendor shall provide the District
        substantiating evidence that non-performance is due to other than fault or negligence on his part.


        Vendor warrants it has no interest and shall acquire no interest that would directly or indirectly
        conflict in any manner or degree with the performance of this proposal.

Confidential                                  Page 3                                       6/28/2012

        It shall be a breach of ethical standards for any person to offer, give or agree to give any
        employee or former employee, or for any employee or former employee to solicit, demand, accept
        or agree to accept from another person a gratuity or an offer of employment in connection with
        any decisions, approval, disapproval, recommendations, preparation of any part of a program
        requirement or a purchase request, influencing the content of any specification or procurement
        standard, rendering advice, investigation, auditing or in any other advisory capacity in any
        proceeding or application, request for ruling, determination, claim or controversy or other
        particular matter, pertaining to any program requirement of a contract or subcontract or to any
        solicitation or proposal therefore. It shall be a breach of ethical standards for any payment,
        gratuity or offer of employment to be made by or on behalf of a sub Vendor under a contract to
        the prime Vendor or higher tier sub Vendor or a person associated therewith, as an inducement
        for the award of a subcontract or order. Breach of the provisions of this paragraph is, in addition
        to a breach of this contract, a breach of ethical standards that may result in civil or criminal


        The Vendor and the undersigned certifies that this bid has not been made or prepared in
        collusion or cooperation with any other proposing Vendor, or representative thereof, and the
        prices, terms, or conditions of the bid have not been communicated by or on behalf of the Vendor
        to any other proposing Vendor or potential Vendor and will not be so communicated to any other
        Vendor or potential Vendor prior to the official opening of the proposals. This certification may be
        treated for all purposes as if it were a sworn statement made under oath, subject to the penalties
        for perjury. Also, it is made subject to the provisions of the USC Title 18, Section 1001, relating to
        the making of false statements.


        Expenditures or contracts involving federal funds are subject to Federal Rules and Regulations.
        Therefore, when expenditures or contracts are to be paid with federal funds, Federal Regulation
                7CFR 3017
        regarding Federal debarment status will apply.

        For further information regarding 7 CRF 3017 Government wide Debarment and Suspension,
                 refer to


        All Proposal solicitation documents, Vendor’s response to each solicitation, all correspondence
        and addenda contain the entire understanding between the parties and any additions or
        modifications hereto may only be made in writing executed by both parties.


        The successful Vendor shall keep fully informed on all federal and state laws, all local bylaws,
        regulations and all orders and decrees of bodies or tribunals having any jurisdiction or authority
        which in any manner affect those engaged or employed on the work or which in any way affect
        the ordinances, regulations, orders and decrees in force at the time of award. The successful
        Vendor shall protect and indemnify the District and its representatives against any claim or liability
        arising from or based on the violation of any such law, bylaw, ordinance, regulation, order or
        decree whether by himself or by his employee(s). No extension of time or additional payment will

Confidential                                   Page 4                                      6/28/2012
        be made for loss of time or disruption of work caused by any actions against the successful
        Vendor for any of the above reasons.

        The parties expressly agree and understand that the provider is not an employee or agent of the
        District in any sense, but is a sole independent contractor.


        The District hereby notifies all Vendors it will affirmatively insure that, in any contract entered into
        pursuant to this advertisement, minority business enterprises will be afforded full opportunity to
        submit Proposals in response to this Request and will not be discriminated against on the
        grounds of race, color, sex, national origin, or ancestry in consideration of an award. Vendor
        hereby agrees that should he/she be awarded this contract, Vendor will not discriminate against
        any person who performs work there under because of race, religion, color, sex, height, weight,
        handicap, marital status, national origin, or ancestry.


        By submitting their Proposal, Vendors certify they do not and will not during the performance of
        this contract employ illegal alien workers or otherwise violate the provisions of the Federal
        Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986.


        The use of tobacco, drugs, or alcohol is prohibited in all District buildings, vehicles, and on the
        grounds of all District facilities.


        Information submitted in Vendor proposals becomes public information and, as such, is subject to
        public disclosure and review under the Michigan Freedom of Information Act. Information
        contained in the Vendor’s proposal which is company-confidential must be clearly identified in the
        proposal itself.


        Any issues or provisions of the contract in dispute between the district and the Vendor, which, in
        the judgment of either party to the contract may materially affect the performance of such party,
        shall be reduced to writing by both parties and delivered to the Business Services Administrator.
        The District and the contractor shall promptly, thereafter, negotiate in good faith and use every
        reasonable effort to resolve such dispute in a mutually satisfactory manner.


        The laws of the State of Michigan shall govern the validity, construction and effect of this contract
        and any and all extensions and/or modifications. Michigan law shall govern regardless of any
        language in any attachment or other document that the Vendor may provide.


        Should any provision of this contract be declared to be invalid by any court of competent
        jurisdiction, such provisions shall be severed and shall not affect the validity of the remaining
        provisions of this contract.

Confidential                                   Page 5                                        6/28/2012

        The Vendor, at its expense, must maintain during the terms of any subsequent contract the
        following minimum levels of insurance coverage:

               1. Professional Liability Insurance with minimum limits of $1 million per occurrence and $1
                  million aggregate.
               2. Workers’ Compensation Insurance which meets Michigan statutory requirements.
               3. Comprehensive General Liability Insurance with minimum limits of bodily injury of
                  $500,000 each person and $1 million aggregate and with minimum limits for property
                  damage of $500,000 each occurrence and $1 million dollars aggregate.
               4. Comprehensive Automobile Liability with Michigan no-fault coverage, with minimum limits
                  for bodily injury of $500,000 each person and $1 million each accident and with minimum
                  limits for property damage of $500,000 each accident.
               5. Errors and omissions coverage with minimum limits of liability of $1 million.

        If, during the terms of this or any subsequent contract, changed conditions or other pertinent
        factors, should in the reasonable judgment of the District, render inadequate the insurance limits,
        the Vendor will furnish on demand such additional coverage as may reasonably be required and
        available under the circumstances. The insurance must be affected under valid and enforceable
        policies, issued by recognized, responsible insurers which are well-rated by national rating

        Insurance policies must name the Vendor as the insured, along with the District as additional
        insured, and must not be canceled or materially changed without at least 30 days prior written
        notice from the Vendor to the District contact. The Vendor must submit a certificate evidencing
        the insurance to the District at the time the Vendor executes the contract, and at least 15 days
        prior to the expiration dates of expiring policies.


        The Vendor shall indemnify and save harmless the District, including WISD and each of its
        constituent school districts, their officers and employees from all suits, actions, or claims of any
        character brought because of injuries or damage received or sustained by any person, persons,
        or property; on account of the operations of the said Vendor, its agents, servants, or
        subcontractors; or on account of or in consequence of any neglect in safeguarding the work.


        Subject to the provision below, the contract may be terminated by the District upon thirty (30)
        days advance written notice to the other party; but if any work or service hereunder is in progress,
        but not completed as of the date of termination, then this contract may be extended upon written
        approval of the District until said work or services are completed and accepted.

        Termination for Cause: Termination by the District for cause, default, unsatisfactory performance or
        negligence on the part of the firm shall be excluded from the foregoing provision; termination costs, if
        any, shall not apply. The thirty (30) days advance notice requirement is waived in the event of
        Termination for Cause. The failure of the successful Vendor to comply with the terms and
        conditions of this proposal will subject this contract to revocation.

        Unsatisfactory performance shall be defined as no service, consistent late service or failure to
        comply with the requirements of this Request for Proposal.

Confidential                                   Page 6                                        6/28/2012

        The undersigned agrees to furnish the commodity and/or services stipulated in the
        attached Request, at the prices and terms stated, subject to the general conditions
        outlined and the specific conditions identified. If more than one company is involved in
        providing this solution and certifying its compliance with this Request, all companies
        should sign the certification below.

        A signed contract furnished to the successful Vendor results in a binding contract without further
        action by either party. The contents of your response to this Request for Proposal will become
        part of the final contract between the parties.

Authorized Signature of Company Representative                    Company Name

Printed Name & Title of Representative

Authorized Signature of Company Representative                    Company Name

Printed Name & Title of Representative

Authorized Signature of Company Representative                    Company Name

Printed Name & Title of Representative

Confidential                                 Page 7                                      6/28/2012
                                           BID SPECIFICATIONS

The Washtenaw Intermediate School District Consortium, (WISDC) consists of Ten School Districts with
approximately 427 School buses and various other School vehicles. WISDC has created this Invitation to
Bid and the Specifications herein. WISDC’s sole responsibility in the Parts/Services Purchasing Program
is to solicit Proposals from Vendors and inform the WISDC Participating School Districts of the bid results.
WISDC is not responsible for delivery arrangements or for payment by participating School Districts to
Vendors. All aspects of Parts Purchasing and payment by other constituent Districts will be between the
Participating School Districts and their chosen vendors.

The W.I.S.D. Transportation consists of Ann Arbor, Willow Run and Ypsilanti Public School Districts.
These three school districts have a total combined fleet of 195 School buses and various other School
Vehicles. W.I.S.D. Transportation will issue purchase orders for parts/services purchased by Ann Arbor,
Willow Run and Ypsilanti Public Schools.

Bidder acknowledges that the W.I.S.D. Transportation, which consists of Ann Arbor, Willow Run and
Ypsilanti Public Schools, reserves the right to (1) award a bid by line item, (2) accept or reject a bid in
whole or in part, and (3) qualify or disqualify bidders on the basis of available information pertaining to the
suitability of the goods bid.

Please use the enclosed documents with the specific Part Number, Description, Brand and Price of the
parts we are requesting. Bid pricing must be firm from Friday, July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2013.

The vendor shall fully describe the terms of the warranty, for both parts and labor, to begin upon the
product acceptance, including the following:
    1. Customer Service Support
    2. Warranty Period Maintenance
    3. Extended Warranty
    4. License Fees, if any

Questions with regard to the RFP are to be emailed to the contact on the cover page, phone calls will not
be accepted. Two copies of the bid are requested in addition to the original. Proposals must arrive at
1819 S. Wagner Rd, P.O. Box 1406, Attention: Lana Stiebe, Transportation Bus Parts Bid, Ann Arbor MI
48106 by 2:00 p.m. on Friday, June 1, 2012, to be considered. The WISD will hold a bid opening meeting
at that time. No proposal received after the bid opening will be considered. No facsimile proposals shall
be accepted.

Confidential                                   Page 8                                      6/28/2012
PART NUMBER             DESCRIPTION                  BRAND            PRICE

56-17                   MIRROR GLASS, FLAT
                        MIRROR LITE                  _____________    _____________

56-18                   MIRROR GLASS, CONVEX
                        MIRROR LITE                  _____________     _____________

52-200                  GLASS KIT, MIRROR
                        LITE BUS BOY                 _____________     _____________

56-600                  MIRROR , HEATED
                        BUS BOY                      _____________     _____________

56-73                   MIRROR, HEATED DOUBLE
                        NICKEL FLAT           _____________            _____________

56-74                   MIRROR, HEATED DOUBLE
                        NICKEL CONVEX         ______________            _____________

74-4-63                 HEATER, DOUBLE NICKEL
                        MIRROR                       ______________    _____________

10601                   HEATER GRID, BUS BOY
                                                     ______________     _____________

3365H                   MIRROR, ROSCO MINI
                        HAWKEYE                      ______________    _____________

52380                   MIRROR, BUS BOY
                        HIGH DEFINITION HEATED _______________          _____________

BBHD3801                MIRROR, BUS BOY
                        HIGH DEFINITION HEATED
                        TUNNEL MOUNT                  ____________    _____________

PART NUMBER             DESCRIPTION                  BRAND            PRICE

                         SEAT BACK COVER
               AM TRAN / INTERNATIONAL           _______________      ______________

                         SEAT BACK COVER
               INTERNATIONAL FIRE BLOCK          _______________      ______________

Confidential                                Page 9                             6/28/2012
PART NUMBER    DESCRIPTION                  BRAND              PRICE

               SEAT BACK COVER
               THOMAS                 _______________       ______________

               SEAT BACK COVER
               WAYNE                   _______________       ______________

               SEAT BACK COVER
               BLUE BIRD               _______________       ______________

               SEAT BACK COVER
               BLUE BIRD FIRE BLOCK    _______________       _____________

               SEAT BACK FOAM
               AM TRAN / INTERNATIONAL_______________        ______________

               SEAT BACK FOAM
               THOMAS                  _______________       ______________

               SEAT BACK FOAM
               WAYNE                   ______________       ______________

               SEAT BACK FOAM
               BLUE BIRD               __________            __________
               SEAT BOTTOM COVER
               AM TRAN / INTERNATIONAL ______________        _______________

               SEAT BOTTOM COVER
               INTERNATIONAL FIRE BLOCK______________        _______________

               SEAT BOTTOM COVER
               THOMAS                      ______________   _______________

               SEAT BOTTOM COVER
               WAYNE                       ______________    _______________

               SEAT BOTTOM COVER
               BLUE BIRD                   ______________    _______________

               SEAT BOTTOM COVER
               BLUE BIRD FIRE BLOCK        ______________    _______________

               SEAT BACK COVER
               J HOOK                  ______________        _______________

Confidential                     Page 10                               6/28/2012

PART NUMBER    DESCRIPTION                 BRAND            PRICE

38454          “STAR” BUS SEAT             ______________    _______________

38454C         “STAR” BUS SEAT WITH
               BODY SUPPORT STRAP          ______________   _______________

F16606         “STAR PLUS” BUS SEAT        ______________    _______________

30-0011-0145    “PROTECH” BUS SEAT         ______________   _______________

               HARNESS, LARGE              ______________   _______________

               HARNESS, MEDIUM             ______________    _______________

               HARNESS, SMALL              ______________    _______________

PART NUMBER    DESCRIPTION                   BRAND                  PRICE

H6054          SEALED BEAM                 ____________     ____________

H6054 LL
LONG LIFE      SEALED BEAM                 ____________     ____________

H-3            OVERHEAD BULB               ____________     ____________

37             BULB                        ____________     ____________

53             BULB                        ____________     ____________

89             BULB                        ____________     ____________

93             BULB                        ____________     ____________

194            BULB                        ____________     ____________

313            BULB                        ____________     ____________

906            BULB                        ____________     ____________

1076           BULB                        ____________     ____________

1156           BULB                        ____________     ____________

Confidential                     Page 11                             6/28/2012
PART NUMBER    DESCRIPTION                   BRAND             PRICE

1157           BULB                        ____________    ____________

3157           BULB                        ____________    ____________

4636           OVERHEAD BULB               ____________    ____________

9004           BULB                        ____________     ____________

9007           BULB                        ____________    ____________

5000-1400-1    CLEARANCE LIGHT             ____________     ____________

5000-1400-2    CLEARANCE LIGHT             ____________     ____________

5050-1400-1    CLEARANCE LIGHT             _____________     ____________

5050-1400-2    CLEARANCE LIGHT             _____________    ____________

1010-1120-1    7” STOP AND TAILIGHT        _____________    _____________

1020-1100-1    OVERHEAD LIGHT ASSEMBLY     _____________    _____________

1020-1100-2    OVERHEAD LIGHT ASSEMBLY     _____________   _____________

50852          4” STOP AND TAILIGHT        _____________   _____________

ECVCBLTST      LED OUTSIDE LIGHT           _____________   _____________

ECV7561STT     7” LED STOP TAIL LIGHT      _____________    _____________

ECV7561TY      7” LED TURN SIGNAL          _____________    _____________

ECV7561B2W     7” LED BACK UP LIGHT        _____________    _____________

EL12           ELECTRONIC FLASHER          _____________    _____________

344A           TURN SIGNAL ASSEMBLY        _____________    _____________

Confidential                     Page 12                         6/28/2012
PART NUMBER    DESCRIPTION                   BRAND               PRICE

30-18          WIPER BLADE                   _______________    ______________

30-22          WIPER BLADE                   _______________    _______________

30-24          WIPER BLADE                   _______________    _______________

59-18          WIPER BLADE                   _______________    _______________

6565220        WIPER MOTOR                   _______________    _______________

S25005         BODY FLUID KIT                ________________   _______________

S25000         BODY FLUID REFILL KIT         ________________   _______________

               FIRST AID KIT,
               METAL BOX,
               MICHIGAN SPEC.                _______________    _______________

               FIRST AID KIT BOX,
               METAL (BOX ONLY)              _______________     _______________

56012          107 DB BACK UP ALARM          ______________     _______________

BB104          SOLENOID 3 POST               _______________     ______________

BB106          SOLENOID 4 POST               _______________     _______________

2222800C1      SOLENOID, PLASTIC COATED      _______________     ______________

370001A        WHEEL SEAL                    _______________     _______________

370023A        WHEEL SEAL                    _______________     _______________

203FF          BEARING, IDLER PULLEY         _______________    _______________

               MICROPHONE, 4 PIN             _______________    _______________

427709002      MICROPHONE 5 PIN              _______________     _______________

1159318        BODY INSULATOR,
               BLUE BIRD PER FT.             ______________      _______________

45003571       LATCH, PUSH OUT WINDOW        _____________       _______________

34310          COOLANT PUMP                  ______________      _______________

189            PIGTAIL, STOP ARM LIGHT       ______________      _______________

194            LENS KIT, STOP ARM            ______________      _______________

Confidential                       Page 13                             6/28/2012
PART NUMBER          DESCRIPTION                      BRAND               PRICE

193SAE                 LENS GASKET                   _______________     _______________

5151                   KIT, STOP ARM RETROFIT        _______________     _______________

40001001               MOTOR AND CONTROL
                       TRANSPEC STOP ARM             _______________     _______________

5172K                  MOTOR, STOP ARM               _______________     _______________

TA1000020              I/C BUS STEPWELL HTR.
                       MOTOR ASSEMBLY                _______________     _______________

GR157                  MOTOR, HEATER                 _______________     _______________

GR314                  MOTOR, HEATER                 _______________    _______________

1013009               MOTOR, HEATER                  _______________    _______________

7000                   8 WAY FLASHER                 _______________    _______________

7200                   FAN WITH 8000 BASE            _______________    _______________


PART NUMBER          DESCRIPTION                       BRAND                  PRICE

FF5269 / BF7629        DT466 FUEL FILTER             ________________      _______________

FF5418 / PF7698        VT365 FUEL FILTER             ________________      ________________

FS1298 / PF7678        T444E FUEL FILTER             ________________      ________________

FS19547                WATER SEPARATOR               ________________      ________________

LF3630 / B7039         T444E OIL FILTER              ________________      ________________

LF3883 / B7030         DT466 OIL FILTER              _______________       ________________

1842639C91 / BD7250 DT466 OIL FILTER                 ________________      ________________

LF16166 / P7235        VT365 OIL FILTER              ________________      ________________

1842636C92 / PF7779 DT 466 FUEL FILTER               ________________      ________________

1840752C91 / P7235     MAXX. 7 OIL FILTER            ________________       ________________

1876533C93             MAXX 7 FUEL KIT               ________________       ________________

AF979M                 AIR FILTER                    ________________       ________________

Confidential                               Page 14                            6/28/2012
PART NUMBER        DESCRIPTION                   BRAND               PRICE

AF25707              AIR FILTER                ________________    ______________

29539579            FILTER, TRANSMISSION       ________________    ______________

PART NUMBER        DESCRIPTION                   BRAND               PRICE

MA212 MERITOR LINING ONLY)                     ________________    ________________
MA212 MERITOR LINING ONLY)                     _________________   ________________

MA212 MERITOR LINING ONLY)                     _________________   ________________

MA212 MERITOR LINING ONLY)                     _________________   ________________

MA212 MERITOR LINING ONLY)                     _________________   ________________

MA212 MERITOR LINING ONLY)                     _________________   ________________

109493X        AIR DRIER DESICCANT             _________________   ________________

DQ6026         AIR DRIER DESICCANT             _________________   ________________

109493X ADIP AIR DRIER CARTRIDGE               ________________    _______________

0786.11        PAD SET                         _________________   ________________

0786.10        PAD SET                         _________________   ________________

0225.10        PAD SET                         _________________   ________________

Confidential                         Page 15                         6/28/2012
PART NUMBER        DESCRIPTION                     BRAND                PRICE

381.082.20     ROTOR                             _________________   ________________

381.089.20     ROTOR                             _________________   ________________

381.113.20     ROTOR                             _________________   ________________

1459957        ROTOR                             _________________   ________________

55850          CALIPER                           _________________   ________________

55250          CALIPER                           ________________    ________________

55849          CALIPER                           ________________     _______________

1660600C2 / 3710 BRAKE DRUM, FRONT               _________________   ________________

1670176C1 / 3757 BRAKE DRUM, REAR                ________________    _______________

3295A          BRAKE DRUM                        _________________   ________________

3767X          BRAKE DRUM                        _________________   ________________

3760B          BRAKE DRUM                        _________________   ________________

3721AX         BRAKE DRUM                        _________________   ________________

3800X          BRAKE DRUM                        _________________   ________________

3647X          BRAKE DRUM                        _________________   ________________

1664103C3      HOSE, FRONT CALIPER               _________________   ________________

3523113C2      HOSE, REAR CALIPER                _________________   ________________

3526214C1      HOSE, MASTER CYL. SET             _________________    _______________

483637C2       HOSE, OVER AXLE                   _________________   ________________

578961C3       HOSE REAR CALIPER                 _________________   ________________

3518689C1      HOSE, REAR CALIPER PRE ABS        _________________   ________________

3538974C93     HOSE REAR CALIPER W/ABS           _________________    _______________

1691291C92     MASTER CYLINDER                   _________________   ________________

2502522C92     BRAKE BOOSTER                     _________________   ________________

1694891C91     PARK BRAKE CABLE                  _________________    _______________

Confidential                           Page 16                         6/28/2012
PART NUMBER        DESCRIPTION                       BRAND               PRICE

2011892C1      PARK BRAKE CABLE                    _________________    _______________

2005283C93     PARK BRAKE AIR CYL                  _________________    _______________

101818         FOOT BRAKE VALVE                    _________________   ________________

065661 / 2032342C91 PLASTIC PARK VALVE             _________________   ________________

229859               BRAKE VALVE                   _________________   ________________

2509252C92           SLIDE PIN KIT                 _________________   ________________

383344C1             DRUM, PARK BRAKE              _________________   _______________

388912C91            SHOE SET, PARK BRAKE          _________________   _______________

583503C92            SHOE SET, PARK
                     BRAKE AIR                     _________________   _______________

990956C91            HARDWARE KIT                  _________________   ________________

BX801481             ABS VALVE                     ________________    _______________

BX801479             ABS VALVE                     ________________    _______________

BX801549             ABS SENSOR                    ________________    _______________

BX801551             ABS SENSOR                    ________________    _______________

BX801552             ABS SENSOR                    ________________    _______________

BX801553             ABS SENSOR                    ________________    _______________

5010414              AIR CHAMBER, 3030
                     LONG STROKE                   ________________    _______________

5011594 3030         LONG STROKE PIGGIE
                     BACK KIT W/ DIAPHRAGM
                     AND CLAMP                     ________________    _______________

Confidential                             Page 17                         6/28/2012

PART NUMBER       DESCRIPTION                 BRAND            PRICE

               CONVENTIONAL BUS           ____________      ____________

               BLUE BIRD VISION BUS       ____________      ____________

OD67           TAILPIPE HANGER               ____________   _____________

ODS            HANGER                        ____________   _____________

IMH-1.1/2      HANGER                        ____________   ____________

IMH-1.3/4      HANGER                        ____________   ____________

3544459C3      PIPE, TURBO T444E
               2001 AND NEWER                ____________   ____________

86631M         MUFFLER, INTERNATIONAL        ___________    ____________

06400          CLAMP, STAINLESS 4”           ____________   ____________

06312          CLAMP, STAINLESS 3 ½”         ____________   ____________

17444739       CLAMP, BAND TC2000 BUS        ____________   ____________

X007831        CLAMP, BAND 3 ½ “             ____________   ____________

X007784        CLAMP, BAND 4”                ____________   ____________

I133-77        PIPE                          ____________   ____________

Confidential                       Page 18                        6/28/2012
PART NUMBER     DESCRIPTION                 BRAND              PRICE

               160 AMP ALTERNATOR NEW      ____________       ____________

110555PHO      LEECE NEVILLE 160 AMP
               ALTERNATOR ,
               PAD MOUNT NEW               ____________       ____________

2800LC         LEECE NEVILLE 160 AMP
               ALTERNATOR, NEW             ____________       ____________

10461171       STARTER                     ____________       ____________

10461170       STARTER                     ____________       ____________

8200271        STARTER, MAXX 7             ____________       ____________

M105602        STARTER, VT365              ____________       ____________


PART NUMBER     DESCRIPTION                BRAND             PRICE

M66923         SHOCK                       _______________   ______________

AMS672         SHOCK                       _______________   ______________

M65409         SHOCK                       _______________   ______________

ETN0971443     TIE ROD                     _______________   ______________

GY1R12538      AIR BAG                     _______________   ______________

GY1R12523      AIR BAG                     _______________   ______________

FTR8407        TIE ROD END                 _______________   _____________

FTR8408        TIE ROD END                 _______________   _____________

FTR8409        TIE ROD END                 _______________   _____________

FTR8410        TIE ROD END                 _______________   _____________

FDL1214        DRAG LINK                   _______________   _____________

3534115C91     DRAG LINK                   _______________   _____________

Confidential                     Page 19                             6/28/2012

PART NUMBER              DESCRIPTION                    BRAND           PRICE

J124-0                   JERSEY GLOVES                ____________    ____________

8606                      VINYL GLOVES
               POWDERED, 100 PER BOX LATEX FREE      ____________     ____________

21340                    FACIAL TISSUE, CASE OF
                  30 BOXES, 100 TISSUES PER BOX      ____________     ____________

34790                    WIPE ALL HAND WIPES         ____________     ____________

0915                     GO-JO HAND CLEANER
                               4.5 POUND TUB         ____________    ____________

                    CLEAR, YELLOW AND BLACK          ____________    ____________

VLP                     BUS SEAT PATCH            ____________       ____________

                    FLOOR DRY 40 LB. BAG          ____________       ____________

                        GEOBOND, QUART            ____________       ____________

                       GEOBOND, GALLON               ____________    ____________

133K                         ANTI-SEIZE           ____________       ____________

08881                    UNDERCOATING             ____________       ____________

81850           WEATHERSTRIP ADHESIVE             ____________       ____________

OIL DRY           FLOOR DRY, 50 LB. BAG           ____________       ____________

                        SEAT TAPE, ROLL
                BROWN,BLACK AND GREEN             ____________       ____________

01687         12/3 CORD, POLAR SOLAR
          25 FT. LIGHT AT FEMALE END              ____________       ____________

Confidential                               Page 20                              6/28/2012

All Bids shall be accompanied by a sworn statement disclosing any familial relationship that
exists between the owner(s) or any employee of the bidder and any member of the Board of
Education of the District and/or the Superintendent of the District.

The undersigned, owner or authorized officer of __________________________________ (the bidder),
pursuant to the familial disclosure requirement provided in the Washtenaw Intermediate School District,
hereby represent and warrant, except as provided below, that no familial relationships exist between the
bidder or any employee of the bidder, and any member of the Washtenaw Intermediate School District
Board of Education and/or the Superintendent.

The following are the bidders’ familial relationship(s) with the Washtenaw Intermediate School

Bidder/Employee Name Related to: Relationship

1. _____________________________ ____________________ _____________________

2. _____________________________ ____________________ _____________________
(Attach additional pages if necessary to disclose all familial relationships.)

There is no familial relationship that exists between the bidder and/or any employee of the bidder and
any member of the Washtenaw Intermediate School District Board of Education and/or the

(Company Name)


This instrument was acknowledged before me, a Notary Public, in and for ______________________

County, _________________ on this ___ day of ____________________, 200__.

______________________________________________ SS:
(Notary Public Signature)

My Commission expires: __________________________

Acting in the County of: __________________________

Confidential                                Page 21                                    6/28/2012
                                       BID SIGNATURE FORM

The undersigned declares that he/she has carefully examined all the items of the Specifications and
Instructions and that he/she fully understands the requirements of the same.

Bids shall include installation as specified, and the successful bidder shall obtain all required permits.

Bids shall state completion time and/or date:

State warranty or guarantees:

Make or model, where applicable:

State terms:

Bids pricing to include any shipping charges F.O.B. to each specified school district within the WISDPC.

Firm Name: _____________________________________                 Date: ________________________

Address:       ________________________________________


Telephone: ________________________________________


                                      (Person executing bid and official capacity)

               (Names of principal officers:             (If partnership or assumed name,
                designate official capacity)                   indicate name of owners)

Confidential                                  Page 22                                       6/28/2012

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