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Plasma Television


This Document will provide a good knowledge about Plasma Television.

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									Plasma Television

By: Brian Adams
Copyright 2009, http://www.getplasmatelevisions.com

The objective of http://www.getplasmatelevisions.com is to educate and inform the public about “Plasma Television”. Before purchasing please go to “Plasma Television” and become an informed consumer. The following articles can be of great help when deciding to make a purchase. The Story behind "Plasma Televisions" in our modern times The innovation of a Plasma TV has completely revolutionized the world of Television industry. It is a flat screen display which usually comes with a size of 32’’ or higher. A plasma TV can be mounted over a wall and has a very slim body. The weight and size of a plasma TV is also very low as compared to the rear projection TV’s. The best thing about a plasma TV is its very fine picture and sound quality. The colors produced by a plasma TV are deep in color and appear as if they are just natural. The picture blurring is also very low as the screen refresh rate and the picture resolution of the Plasma TV’s is exceptionally high which makes the picture very lively.

Another important feature of a Plasma TV is its wide viewing angle which enables user to see a clear picture even from weird angles. The first ever Plasma TV came into the picture in the year of 1964. These TV’s were designed to replace the heavy and bulky, ugly looking cathode ray tube monitors. The advancements in the field of digital electronics enabled the scientists to develop an efficient, good looking Plasma TV. A CRT produces a crisp, sharp image but to improve the screen size, the size of the tube had to be increased which resulted in the increase of the weight which made it even more bulky. Liquid Crystal TV’s were developed in between but they had the problem of a clear visibility from different angles. LCD TV’s removed the problem of flat screen televisions but color and sound problem was not yet solved and the ultimate solution emerged as a Plasma TV. A very wide screen can be obtained in the plasma TV with minimized thickness which was not the case with the cathode ray televisions. Contrast ratio determines the quality of an image and contrast ratio is also very high in case of a plasma TV and is as high as 1,000,000:1, which makes the picture quality of a plasma TV far superior than any other existing technology. From 1983 to 2003 many improvements were done in the design, shape and size of a plasma TV to make it more effective. Many multinational companies have developed

their own plasma TV’s with different features. A Plasma TV works on the basis of pixels which includes lighting up several tiny dots to form an image. Plasma occurs as the central element of the fluorescent lights. Plasma is the fourth state of matter which occurs as free flowing ions in between a noble gas. Recently new High Definition TV’s (HDTV) have been developed which are just mind blowing. The Plasma TV’s are quite expensive but considering their matchless sound and picture quality and other properties, these televisions will definitely look good on your wall or in your living room. The color resolution, screen size, sound quality and almost all the other features of a HDTV are too good and they just redefine the television experience.

Where To Buy the Best "Plasma TV" Online? Plasma TV has become quite popular in the recent times due to its high quality pictures, modern flat screen, its slim design and light weight and lots of other designs. A lot of TV manufacturers have lately ventured into the production of plasma TV and made the competition for buyers quite stiff. Consumers are bombarded with commercials and advertisements on the various brands and it’s pretty difficult to make the right choice and end up with a good product which functions as required. One of the best places to buy a plasma TV would be to use a well established brand name. Most of the popular brand names that have manufactured and produced TV sets over the decades have built a solid reputation in the market. It is easy for consumers to relate to their products and to trust them. A well established brand name such as Sony, Samsung or Panasonic will have the technology and resources necessary to produce a reliable plasma TV set. They also adopt international good practice in their operations. Most of the reputable brands should have a website where they allow consumers to purchase their products online. Customers need a credit card and an address for purchase and delivery. The website will also advertise the various models and make, with varying price range and would most often provide a discount and after-sales service. It is therefore in a customer’s best interest to look into a well established brand name’s website and see what options are available.

Another great place to shop online for a plasma TV would be a well know and well established department store website or online facility. Here there will be a wider selection of various brands and one can compare the price as well as the various models, screen sizes, colors etc. Well established and trusted department stores have websites and online facilities that can enable a consumer to make a purchase at any time or pay in real time and have the product home delivered. Again it is easier to trust a well known department store and the service is expected to be of high quality. Buying at a registered and authorized online dealership is a safe bet as well. Most dealerships deal in genuine products and liaise directly with manufacturers. Their products, spare parts, technicians and all other sale and after sales services come directly from the manufacturer or are approved by the manufacturer. Authorized dealers also provide most of the services that a manufacturer would such as after sales service and home delivery with every online purchase. There are reputable online market places that are well known and reputable. They are found in many states and internationally across many countries. However most of the products are not new but second hand and have been brought to the online mart by the previous owner. Due to the well established nature of these online marts and the good reputation they have it would be a good place to purchase a good, reliable plasma TV.

How does a Plasma TV work?

Televisions work by accepting an input signal which tells it how to display an image or sequence of images. This is done by illuminating thousands of tiny dots called pixels. These each pixel can be any color and all together they make up the television screen. In a plasma TV, the pixels are illuminated by a fluorescent light. Each pixel contains a red light, a green light, and a blue light. By varying the intensities of each of these lights, a pixel can appear as any color in the spectrum. The term "Plasma" is used because of the

fluorescent lighting used by the plasma TV. Plasma, in regards to a fluorescent light, is the gas used in the light. It is made up of ions and electrons. When an electrical current is applied to the plasma, this adds many negatively charged electrons. This causes the differently charged electrons and ions to rush in different directions, causing many collisions at the molecular level. These collisions cause the atoms to give off photons, or particles of light. Plasma TVs use Xenon and neon for plasma. These elements give off ultraviolet photons, which cannot be seen by human eyes, but their energy is used to cause photons of the visible spectrum to be excited and become visible. Now that we have explained the basic concept, how does it actually happen? Well the plasma in the TV is held between two plates of glass in thousands of tiny containers set up in a grid. On the back side of these containers there is a grid created by address electrodes and display electrodes. Each intersection of these electrodes correspond a container of plasma. The computer charges each of these containers, causing them to give off ultraviolet photons. The front of each container is coated with phosphor materials that give off light when hit with the ultraviolet photons. When the phosphor material is hit with the photon, one of its electrons jumps to a higher level and the atom gets hotter. When the electron moves back to its normal level, it gives off energy in the form of visible light. Each pixel is made up of three plasma containers with different phosphors, one for red, green and blue. When blended together in different intensities, it created a colored pixel. The intensity is determined by the amount of current applied to the container. The main advantage of plasma televisions is the size. The main component is the grid of plasma containers between the two sheets of glass and these are made from very thin materials. The end result is that the display screen is not very thick and a very large screen can be created without having to increase the thickness of the screen, unlike traditional cathode ray tube televisions, which require a larger depth as the screen size increases. Additionally, since each pixel has its own current source and intensity control, the image is clear and bright and the angle from which the screen can be viewed is very large, unlike liquid crystal displays where the image quality decreases as viewing angle increases.

The gain we get in possessing good quality Plasma Television. Buying a Plasma Television is a good long time investment other than buying another type of television. Plasmas are a good investment because they have better picture this is because it is in wide screen format. Also the screens are made out of glass so there is less glares on the screen but they break every easy. Plasmas are very thin so they easily can be mounted on the wall out of harm’s way and out of your way. Plasmas comes stock with HDMI input and

output so you can play your favorite games with great picture and sound quality. Also it has a stocked Ethernet input so you can play your games online without any hassle to do so. It comes with the slandered color stream so if you don’t have the HDMI cables you can still play your games with good picture and sound quality and no glares to mess you up. It comes with 2 speakers in the back and 2 in the front so you don’t really have to buy speakers. With Plasmas you feel like you are actually are in your favorite movie with the great picture quality. The prices are great they have a verity for sizes so you can find one just right for you budget and taste. Most Plasma have picture in picture so you can watch two of your favorite shows without missing a moment of them. They are very light so you can pick it right up without a hassle like toughs other televisions that are heavy. It has a very simply menu so you can set the TV and to just control the way you like it. You can just pick it up and go no need to read the book. The TV has a mode that adjusts light according to the light in the room for best picture quality and less amount of glares. IT has a full 1080 p for full HD for your shows and games. The controller for the TV is very simply to use with a lot of widgets of your local weather traffic and news. The buttons are big so they are easy to press and there are a lot of features to the TV. Like favorite channels reminders for shows and a search for your shows. Plasmas are a good investment for you budget and taste. They come with a lot of features to make your life that much easier and simple. With the great picture and sound quality of Modern plasma TVs to make you feel like you are really there in that movie or game. They comes stock with a lot of things so you don’t have to spend more money getting those other things. That other TV don’t come with so you save money and get the best picture and sound quality. Out there today, now I told you about why Palmas TVs are so great now it is in your hands to make up your mind and I hope it is the right one.

The advantage we get in owning high-quality Plasma TV While early Plasmas had a life span of 30,000 hours or 8 hrs of viewing a day for 9 years, new Plasma televisions have a life span of up to 100,000 hours. At this point you are buying a television that could last decades. All quality plasma televisions now come with HDMI inputs which the standard for video is now. If the size of the screen is important to you plasma televisions are a lot less expensive then LCD when you get to the over

40 inch range. All televisions that are made in the very large range (100 inches) are plasma because the LCD technology is not cost effective at this size. Another advantage of a good plasma television is that they have better contrast ratio and ability to render deeper blacks. This is important if you don’t want to have to make lighting changes to see quality video. If you have a LCD television you have to compensate for the poorer ability to see darker blacks by not using as much light in the room. If you are a gamer than a good plasma television is what will optimize your experience. The contrast ratio and the deeper blacks will ensure you get the best picture.

Even more important is high quality motion tracking that a good plasma television gives you. This eliminated the lag you get from fast moving images. This is measured in milliseconds and will be very low in a high end plasma television. The sports fan will also want to get a high end plasma television. The larger screen and the ability to get no lag in fast moving images are best effects. With a large television you can also enjoy the picture in picture function and view multiple games at the same time. True HD is 1920 by 1080 and I would suggest buying a 1080P plasma television in order to get the full HD experience. Although I can see some difference between a 720P and 1080P I do not think that technology will make the 1080P television obsolete anytime soon. When making a purchase of this size I think that it is important to think about what you think the future entails. I would buy a plasma television with multiple HDMI inputs. I think that many people are going to get rid of their satellite or cable provider and use free content websites. Therefore you will be outputting video and sound from

your computer directly to your television. You will want the multiple HDMI inputs so you can connect your computer, gaming system, and a blue ray player. You will also need multiple speaker inputs for the above inputs. Your computer may also only output VGA or S-video so I would suggest having these inputs. Most good plasma television now comes with multiple inputs. A card reader is nice if you like to show digital pictures when company comes over. The final advantage to the good plasma television is they are more energy efficient than the large tube television. Over the life of the television the savings could be great.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Brian Adams is the founder of http://www.getplasmatelevisions.com, a website about “Plasma Television”. Please visit our site to get tips and information about buying “Plasma Television”.

Copyright 2009, http://www.getplasmatelevisions.com

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