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									Morning Workout Tips
For many people, the only option they have to get their workouts in is first thing in the morning. If
they don't do it at that time they are either too busy to sneak away from work during the day or have
other obligations in the evenings that prevent them from making it to the gym.

The good news is that studies show that people who workout in the morning are much more likely to
stick with their workouts once they get used to getting up at that time since it becomes a habit.
Generally for something to become a habit you must do it continuously for a period of one or two
weeks at which point it will become automatic. Over time you might even find that it gets to the point
that if you miss a morning workout, you simply do not feel well the rest of the day. That is a very
good place to be because it means you are likely to make being active a regular part of your lifestyle
for a long time to come.

If you do choose to workout in the morning though, there are three things you should know.

1. Warming Up Is Even More Critical
Because you are just waking up for the day, your body is likely to be a little sore and stiff. This
makes it even more important that you do spend a little extra time performing your warm-up so to
both increase the effort you are able to give during the workout as well as reduce your injury risk. It
is always a good idea to start every weight lifting exercise off with a warm-up set to bring blood into
the muscles and get them used to the contraction and relaxation process. Doing so will help you lift
heavier during the remaining sets, leaving you seeing faster progress.

2. You Must Eat Beforehand
Not many people like eating first thing in the morning. You likely aren't really that hungry and the
thought of food may even make you slightly nauseous. Skipping the preworkout meal however is not
a good idea because first, your body has gone through the whole night period without food and your
blood glucose is likely low and secondly because in order to prevent muscle breakdown during the
workout you should have some protein in your system. Many early morning exercisers choose to
have a shake rather than solid food for this meal and that is perfectly fine. Try and get both
carbohydrates and protein in this shake to give you the energy you need and supply your muscles
with amino acids. You do want to avoid taking in fat however as it will slow the digestion process and
simply weigh you down.

3. Preparation Is Key
You will likely find this one out yourself after one or two days of trying a morning workout. If you are
not prepared to workout with food ready to go and clothes readily available, chances are your bed is
just going to be a little too comfortable and you won't be finding the motivation to get up. When you
know that everything is waiting for you it might just give you that extra kick you need to get yourself
out of bed. Another tip that you can try is putting your alarm clock across the room. This way you
have to get up to turn if off (if you want to go back to sleep) and once you are physically out of bed,
your chances of just getting up altogether are much greater. You may also want to set your coffee
pot on an automatic timer if you have one so that you can easily have a cup before your workout.
Many studies have shown that you are able to workout at a higher intensity after consuming caffeine
so this could be a very practical and beneficial tip.
Going to bed at a decent hour the evening prior is also critical as the less sleep you have, the more
tired you will be (obviously) and even if you do manage to crawl into the gym, how effective that
workout will be is questionable.

So if you have a busy schedule, don't let this deter you from making exercise a part of your lifestyle.
Just take the necessary steps to get into the habit of working out first thing and before long you may
just start looking forward to your morning exercise sessions.

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