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					                                          CAYPELS EQUIPMENT INVENTORY
                                    SEATING, POSITIONING & WEIGHTED PRODUCTS

  Item No                                                                           Current
            Category     Item Name               Description        Supplier         Price             Web Link               Use              Location               Item Image
           Assistive   Sloped Writing       Ergotilt Portable Desk Ergonomic                   http://www.ilcnsw.asn.                         CAYPELS
           Technology Board -               Top - Wooden grey      Office                      au/items/3010                                  Main Store
    23                 Portable Desk                                                $141.90                               Assessment                        1
           Seating,    Top
                                            Blue table Size 1. 396
  96, 396, Positioning                      table and cnr chair set.
 454, 645, & Weighted Jenx Nursey           645 to go with icnr chair                       http://www.ilcnsw.asn.                            CAYPELS
   1086    Products    Table                646                         DoAbility   $565.00 au/items/1568                     Loan            Gym Store     5
                                            A lightweight, portable
                                            plastic seat suitable for
                                            babies four months and
                                            older. It is shaped to
                  Seating,                  support the baby when
                                            sitting. Available in one
                  Positioning Bambino       size. The baby must have
                  & Weighted Bumbo Baby     independent head control                           http://www.ilcnsw.asn.                         CAYPELS
    102           Products    Seat          before using this product     Donated   $80.00     au/items/6776                  Loan            Gym Store     1
                                            A made to measure, child's
                                            timber corner chair and
 113, 117, 121,                             adjustable height
122, 135, 137,                              table. The chair can be
 142, 143, 147,                             made with a raised seat for
 150, 157-159,                              high sitting or a low
163, 170, 176-                              seat for long sitting with or
179, 181, 184-
                                            without wrap arounds. It has
186, 193, 297,
298, 327, 354,    Seating,                  a cylindrical abduction peg.
 365, 369, 370,                             The table has a semi-
                  Positioning TAD Joey      circular front edge and cut                                                  439 clinical use
 372, 430-439,
 463, 518, 594    & Weighted Corner chair   out section to fit around the                      http://www.ilcnsw.asn.   only All others for   CAYPELS
   627, 651       Products    and Table     child's body.                 TADACT    $90.00     au/items/1568                  loan            Gym Store    52
                  Seating,                                                            162 Clinical
  131- 134,
136, 138, 139,
                  Positioning        Height Adjustable                                         au/tadaid/easy%20to%        Only All
140, 149 162,          Tables (Table Tables Adjusts from
                  & Weighted                                                                   20order/support_seati      others for          CAYPELS
  604, 606             only)
                  Products           32 cm - 39 cm          TADACT                  $150.00    ng.php                       Loan              Gym Store    11
                                     Blue rubber textured                                      http://www.ilcaustralia.
           Seating,                  cushion/wedge, 456, Smith and                             org/home/search4.asp
 141, 456- Positioning               643 & 1079 - large & Nephew,                              ?State=VIC&searchdb 141 clinical
 458, 643, & Weighted Movin' sit     141, 457, 458 & 1062 - Life Skills for         $50.00 -   =&Search=&MC=43&          only all the         CAYPELS
1062, 1079 Products    cushion       Small                  Kids                     $67.00    MinC=62&page=11          rest for Loan         Gym Store     6
                 Assistive  Sloped Writing Sloped Writing Board -                               http://www.ilcaustralia.                 CAYPELS
                 Technology Board - Acrylic Acrylic Slanted                                     org/search4.asp?State                    Main Store
                            Slanted                                                             =ACT&MC=64&MinC=
    144                                                                         $49.00          2                           Assessment                1
                                              Leckey Sleepform.
           Seating,                           White vinyl with
           Positioning                        matress and pump                                                              145-Loan,
 145, 571, & Weighted Leckey                  145, - Cot Size & 571- FAS. Life           http://www.ilcnsw.asn.               571-    CAYPELS
   942     Products
           Seating,    Sleepform              Sz 3-4, 942-Cot Size Health Care $3,063.00 au/items/8065                     Assessemnt Gym Store       3
           & Weighted               Small Wooden Home                               Price Not                                            CAYPELS          picture not
   151     Products    Wooden Chair made chair                                        avail                                   Loan       Gym Store    1    available
           Seating,                                                                         http://www.ilcaustralia.
           Positioning                        Small Reclining chair                         org/search4.asp?state
 152, 261, & Weighted Tilt-In-Space           Blue upholstery, 368                          =ACT&page=50&MC=                             CAYPELS
   368     Products    Chair                  Modified Tilt         TADACT          $210.00 41&MinC=28                        Loan       Gym Store    3
          Positioning               Jay Cushion
          & Weighted Jay Cushion Accessory Kit. Lge &                 Sunrise       Price Not                                            CAYPELS
 156, 500 Products    Accessory Kit Small                             Medical         avail                                 Assessment   Gym Store    2

                 Seating,      Wooden                                 C.A.P
158, 208, 245,
                 Positioning   Ladder                                 Educational 
246, 263, 450,   & Weighted    backed PETO Wooden Ladder Back         Furniture &                           CAYPELS
465, 468         Products      chair       Chair
                                           A steel frame chair with   Equip         $264.00 =9                                Loan       Gym Store    8
                                              height adjustable,
                                              removable armrests and                        http://www.ilcaustralia.
 160, 161,       Seating,                     height adjustable legs.                       org/home/search4.asp
 164-166,        Positioning                  161, 166, 296, 333, 334                       ?State=SA&MC=41&M
 296, 333,       & Weighted                   3-5 yrs & 160, 165, 5-8                       inC=28&Item=724&pa                           CAYPELS
   334           Products    Kelly Chair      yrs                     GTK           $540.00 ge=15                             Loan.      Gym Store    7

          Seating,                            Large & Med
          Positioning          Glentham       Scooped wedge for
          & Weighted           Scooped        prone lying with                              http://www.ilcnsw.asn.                       CAYPELS
 167, 168 Products             Wedge          headrest.               Glentham      $400.00 au/items/1579                     Loan       Store        2
          Positioning                         High Chair Safety
          & Weighted           High Chair     Seat. Blue Plastic,                   Price Not                                            CAYPELS          picture not
   174    Products             Safety Seat    Yellow srtaps                           avail                                   Loan       Gym Store    1    available
                                              A height adjustable, timber
                                              chair and table for a child of
                                              pre-school age.
                               TAD Rawson     The chair has a straight                                                                     SAS Gym,
                 Seating,      Height         seat and back. The table                                     467 clinical
                                              slides over the chair                                                                        only, 978 &
 149, 194-
                 Positioning   Adjustable     armrests. Pommel not
                                                                                                     au/tadaid/easy%20to%                  979
196,198-201,     & Weighted    Chairs &       available. Tables adjust                               20order/support_seati                 Assessment
467, 978-981     Products      Tables         from 32 cm - 39 cm             TADACT       $150.00    ng.php                      Loan      items          13
                 & Weighted                   Medium wooden cut                          Price Not                                         CAYPELS
    206          Products    Table            out table                                    avail                                 Loan      Gym Store      1
202, 203, 207,
          Seating,                            TAD Koala Corner                                       http://www.ilcaustralia.
209- 211,
213, 214, 216,
                               TAD Koala      Chair and Table. 202,                                  org/search4.asp?state 214 clinical
          & Weighted
217, 219, 233,                 Corner Chair   203, 209 & 210 with                                    =ACT&page=46&MC= item all others CAYPELS
602,      Products             and Table      risers                TADACT                $160.00    41&MinC=28               for loan  Gym Store         13
          & Weighted  Wooden Chair Wooden Chair with                                     Price Not                                         CAYPELS                 picture not
 235, 466 Products    with arms    arms Easys Pushchair TAD
                                   Jazz                                                    avail                                Clinical   Gym Store      2         available
                                   Base/Seat with grip
                                   bar and tray. For use
          Seating,                 with Hi Lo base and
          Positioning Jazz Easys   Push chair base.Sz 1 -
          & Weighted Pushchair     #688 & #1047(seating Paediatric                                 http://www.ilcnsw.asn.                  CAYPELS
 237, 688 Products    Base/Seat    and base same No.), Mobility                          $3,736.00 au/items/7074            Assessment     Gym Store      3
                 Seating,                     Kelly Chair with                                     org/home/search4.asp
                 Positioning Kelly Chair      pommel, footplates,                                  ?State=SA&MC=41&M
                 & Weighted with              tray and shoulder                                    inC=28&Item=724&pa                      CAYPELS
  260,296        Products    accessories      straps.
                                              Accessories include:- tray,       TADACT   $1,214.00 ge=15                        Loan       Gym Store      1
                                              footrest & heel loop,
                                              Headrest, hip guides,
                                              mobility base and support
                                              kit. Features a height and
                                              depth adjustable seat with a
                                              15º anterior or posterior tilt.                      http://www.ilcaustralia.
           Seating,                           The armrests are height                              org/home/search4.asp
                                              and width adjustable.
           Positioning                        Includes a mobility base.
                                                                                                   ?State=NSW&MC=41            892 - Loan
 278, 893, & Weighted First Class             Size 1- 892 & 893 Size 2-                            &MinC=28&Item=8232         893 & 894- CAYPELS
   894     Products    Chair                  894                               PME      $1,980.00 &page=7                    Assessment Gym Store             3
                                            This cushion range features
                                            a contoured high density
                                            memory foam base with a
                                            gel insert in the Solution
                                            model and optional inserts
                                            of gel or foam in the
                                            Spectrum. The inner cover
                 Seating,                   is water resistant. The outer
                                            cover features a slip
                 Positioning Synergy        resistant base with a four
                 & Weighted Spectrum        way stretch top. The                                http://www.ilcnsw.asn.                CAPELS Gym
    279          Products    Cushion        cushion is designed for       Dejay                 au/items/6845               Loan      Storeroom     1
           Positioning TAD Joey
 315, 316, & Weighted Table (Table                                                                                                    CAYPELS
   331     Products    Only)                TAD joey table               TADACT      $90.00                                 Loan      Gym Store     3
                                            A rigid adjustable
           Seating,            Leckey       postural support seating
           Positioning         Squiggles    system that is designed
 323, 342, & Weighted          Seating      to fit children aged 1-5                          http://www.ilcnsw.asn.              CAYPELS
 362, 546 Products             System       years.                   Otto Bock      $3,171.00 au/items/8802
                                                                                              http://www.ilcaustralia. Assessment Gym Store         4
 338, 833,       Seating,      Supracor     Cushions composed of six                          ?State=VIC&searchdb
                                            sided cells arranged in a
 834, 836,       Positioning   Contoured    honeycomb configuration.
 837, 839,       & Weighted    Paediatric   338, 833, 834-14x14, 836,    Mobility             EARCH&MC=43&Min                     CAYPELS
   840           Products      Cushion      837-10x10, 839, 840-12x12    Plus        $978.00 C=62&Item=6729&pag                   Gym Store         6
                 Seating,                   Highly adjustable hi-low
                 Positioning Leckey         bases to easily and
                 & Weighted Squiggles Hi    safely position a child at                        http://www.ilcnsw.asn.                CAYPELS
    344          Products    Lo Base        varying table-top heights Otto Bock     $4,772.00 au/items/8802              Assessment Gym Store       1
                                            Contoured for correct
                                            postural seating with an
                                            integrated abduction roll.
                                            The hips are positioned at
                                            90 degrees and the
                                            backrest rounded to keep
                 Seating,                   the shoulders slightly                                                       493 & 677 -
379, 384,492,                               forward. The high back
493, 509, 529
                 Positioning Tumble Form    supports the head. Sm -
                                                                                                                         clinical only.
591, 607, 628,   & Weighted feeder and      379, 384, 492, 493, 509,                            http://www.ilcnsw.asn.   All others for CAYPELS
676, 677, 697    Products    Base           529, 591, 597, 697, 676. M - FAS        $1,162.00   au/items/1553                 Loan      Gym Store   12
                                            A rigid adjustable
           Seating,                         postural support seating                            http://www.ilcnsw.asn.
           Positioning Leckey Mygo          system that is designed                             au/items/8132?topic_h
 355, 366, & Weighted Seating               to fit children aged 4-12                           eader=models_and_op               CAYPELS
   363     Products    System               years.                    GTK           $3,520.00   tions                  Assessment Gym Store         3
                                   The Hi - Lo base
         Seating,                  enables the Mygo                                     http://www.ilcnsw.asn.
         Positioning               to be used indoors                                   au/items/8132?topic_h
         & Weighted Leckey Mygo    for play, dining and                                 eader=models_and_op               CAYPELS
  364    Products    Hi Lo base    school work.         GTK                 $3,503.00   tions                  Assessment Gym Store   1
                                   Consists of a base, half roll,
                                   lateral support, wedge, tray
                                   with mirror and a carry bag.                         http://www.ilcaustralia.
         Seating,                  It is designed for children up                       org/search4.asp?State
                                   to approximately three years
         Positioning Tadpole       of age and can be used in
         & Weighted Paediatric     seated, side lying and front                         arch=&MC=41&MinC=                 CAYPELS
381, 413 Products    Positioner    lying positions                FAS       $1,206.25   30&page=3                  Loan   Gym Store   3
                                   A positioning support for
                                   children and adults and
                                   consists of a base and 16
                                   accessories. Positions that
                                   can be achieved include
         Seating,                  side lying, back lying, front                        http://www.ilcaustralia.
                                   lying and long leg sitting.
         Positioning Grasshopper   The padded base is on four
         & Weighted Positioning    locking castors enabling it                          =VIC&MC=41&MinC=3                 CAYPELS
  382    Products    System        to be transported             FAS        $2,319.00   0&Item=5908&page=6         Loan   Gym Store   1

                                   Mobile floor sitter which
         Seating,                  consists of adolescent size
                                   sitter on a mobile base with
         Positioning Tumble Form   locking ball castors. Base
         & Weighted Floor Sitter   raises sitter 63mm. Blue                             http://www.ilcnsw.asn.            CAYPELS
385, 386 Products    Mobile Base   wooden base on castors       FAS          $880.00    au/items/1553              Loan   Gym Store   2
         Positioning Tumble Form
         & Weighted Feeder seat    Sloped red and blue                                  http://www.ilcnsw.asn.            CAYPELS
387, 508 Products    tray          tray                         FAS          $847.45    au/items/1553              Loan   Gym Store   2
                                   A compact padded corner
                                   seat with a detachable
                                   abduction block. The                                 http://www.ilcaustralia.
          Seating,                 back height is adjustable                            org/home/search4.asp
                                   and the top section can be
396, 455, Positioning              removed to leave hip
596, 646, & Weighted Jenx Corner   supported. Size 1 - 396,                             =jenx&Search=SEARC                CAYPELS
  1070    Products    Chair        596,1070 & 2 - 455, 646      DoAbility   $795-$930   H&Item=1382&page=2         Loan   Gym Store   5
                                       Portable corner chair
                                       supports a child sitting at
                                       floor level in a prone sitting                         http://www.ilcaustralia.
          Seating,                     position. Features a seating                           org/search4.asp?State
                                       surface with slight forward
          Positioning                  tilt, chest and back supports
397, 451, & Weighted Jenx Ladybird     and a height adjustable tray.                          8&Item=2547&page=1                      CAYPELS
469, 1058 Products    Seat             Size 9 months to 3 years.      DoAbility   $1,550.00   0                             Loan      Gym Store   4
                                       Portable corner chair
                                       supports a child sitting at
                                       floor level in a prone sitting                         http://www.ilcaustralia.
          Seating,                     position. Features a seating                           org/search4.asp?State
                                       surface with slight forward
          Positioning                  tilt, chest and back supports
398, 423, & Weighted Jenx Turtle       and a height adjustable tray.                          8&Item=4700&page=1                      CAYPELS
  453     Products    Seat             Size 1 to 5 years.             DoAbility   $1,655.00   2                             Loan      Gym Store   3
                                       A mobile, height adjustable
                                       seating system featuring tilt
                                       in space, anterior seat tilt
                                       and backrest recline.
                                       Seating features adjustable
                                       postural supports including
          Seating,                     headrest, thoracic and hip                             http://www.ilcaustralia.
                                       pads, knee blocks and
          Positioning                  sandal foot supports. A
          & Weighted Jenx Gamma        push handle and tray are                               =SA&MC=41&MinC=2                        CAYPELS
  419     Products    Chair            also featured.                 Jenx        $5,000.00   8&Item=4977&page=9            Loan      Gym Store   1
          Positioning Harness and      Harness and pelvic
          & Weighted pelvic straps     straps Kit in 2 x red        Spastic       Price Not                                         CAYPELS
  422     Products    Kit              canvas bags                  centre          avail                                Assessment Gym Store     1
                                       A height and angle
                                       adjustable bolster seat with
          Seating,                     the option of being fixed or                           http://www.ilcaustralia.
                                       mobile for dynamic balance
          Positioning                  training. Sideways
          & Weighted                   movement of the roll is                                ?state=NSW&page=14                      CAYPELS
  424     Products    Jenx Roll Seat   adjustable                   Jenx          $1,100.00   &MC=41&MinC=28                Loan      Gym Store   1
         Seating,                                                                             org/home/search4.asp
         Positioning                   Bambach Saddle                                         ?State=ACT&searchdb
         & Weighted Bambach            Seat Blue without                                      =Bambach%20Saddle                       CAYPELS
426, 427 Products    Saddle Seat       back rest                    Corp Exp      $786.00     %20Seat&Search=SE            Clinical   Store       2
                                        Amulti-adjustable seat with
                                        posture supports designed
                                        primarily to break the strong
                                        extensor pattern in children
          Seating,                      with high muscle tone. It
                                        has a wooden tray which
          Positioning                   attaches to height and
          & Weighted Jenx Giraffe       angle adjustable armrests.                             http://www.ilcnsw.asn.                   CAYPELS
  452     Products    seat              Size 9 months to 4 years      Do Ability   $1,750.00   au/items/1566                 Loan       Gym Store   1
                                        A soft contoured seat with
                                        an anti thrust seating
                                        surface covered with a
                                        seam free waterproof
                                        material. It has an in built
                                        abductor, contoured head
                                        and lateral supports and an
                                        adjustable 5 point
                                        positioning harness.
                        Special         Attachment straps are                                  http://www.ilcaustralia.
          Seating,      Tomato Sitter   provided for securing the                              org/search4.asp?State
                                        seat to a standard chair.
464, 690- Positioning   with Tilt       Size 1 690, 692, 964-966 &
692, 964- & Weighted    Wedge or        968(W/B). Size 2 464, 691,                             28&Item=7465&page=                       CAYPELS
  968     Products      Wooden Base     947 & 967(W/B)               PME           $1,070.00   40                            Loan       Gym Store   10
                                    A body support system
                                    using foam cushions,
          Seating,                  brackets and sheets.
          Positioning               Infinitely adjustable for
          & Weighted                supine, prone or side                                      http://www.ilcnsw.asn.                   CAYPELS
  491     Products    Symmetrisleep lying while sleeping              GTK          $3,000.00   au/items/4409              Assessment Store          1
                                        A cushion with a firm,
                                        contoured foam base and a                              http://www.ilcaustralia.
         Seating,                       combination foam and fluid                             org/search4.asp?State
                                        pad for pressure relief.
         Positioning                    Fitted stretch cover. Sizes
         & Weighted Jay J2              14"X16" & 18"X16" with                                 arch=&MC=43&MinC=                        CAYPELS
501, 502 Products    Cushion            cover                                      $750.00     63&page=5                   Assessment   Gym Store   2
                                     A dry air flotation cushion
                                     designed for use in
                                     wheelchairs. The cushion
                                     consists of a series of black
                                     neoprene rubber air cells
                                     attached to a common
                                     base. It provides a low
                                     surface tension, pressure
                                     redistributing system when
                                     inflated. The cells are half
                                     the height of the regular
                                     Roho and so the cushion is
                                     more stable, with easier
          Seating,                   transfer capabilities.
                                     Suitable for people at
          Positioning                medium risk of developing
503, 504, & Weighted ROHO            pressure ulcers/sores. 9x9                              http://www.ilcnsw.asn.                  CAYPELS
521, 522 Products     cushion        & 8x8 cell                    Able Rehab.   $850.00     au/items/2119
                                                                                                                        Assessment   Gym Store   4
          Seating,                                                                           org/search4.asp?State
          Positioning                                                                        =WA&searchdb=&Sea
          & Weighted             Brown vinyl foam                                            rch=&MC=71&MinC=3                       CAYPELS
  542     Products    Foam Wedge Wedge                                           $400.00     7&page=27                   Clinical    Gym Store   1

          Seating,                   The Wombat chair is a                                   http://www.ilcaustralia.
                                     height adjustable seating
          Positioning                system. . Features recline
          & Weighted R82 Wombat      and tilt and adjustable seat                            ?state=WA&page=31&                  CAYPELS
  548     Products    Chair          width and depth. 548-Size 2 Mobility Plus   $4,570.00   MC=41&MinC=28            Assessment Gym Store       2
                                     Leckey Therapy Chair
         Seating,                    seating system has a                          
         Positioning                 high level of contoured                        549-Loan,
         & Weighted Leckey           postural positioning. Sz 2                              au_en/hs.xsl/4316.html    550 -   CAYPELS
549, 550 Products    Therapy Chair   for children 5-11 yrs      Otto Bock        $4,867.00   ?id=teaser1#teaser1    Assessment Gym Store         2
                                     Designed to assist in the
                                     prevention and
                                     management of pressure
                                     sores (decubitus ulcers).                               http://www.ilcaustralia.
                                     Made from a combination of                              org/home/search4.asp
                                     foam and Floam (a very                                  ?State=ACT&searchdb
         Seating,    Advantage       light polymeric gel). Suitable                          =advantage%20cushio
                                     for people who are at
         Positioning Antidecubitus   medium to high risk of
         & Weighted  Wheelchair      developing pressure sorest.                             MC=43&Item=1891&p                   CAYPELS
567, 568 Products    Cushion         567-12x12, 568-14x14           Otto Bock    $490.00     age=1
                                                                                             http://www.ilcaustralia. Assessment Gym Store       2
                     Otto Bock       A foam and fluid                                        org/home/search4.asp
         Seating,    Cloud           cushion available in a                                  ?State=QLD&searchd
         Positioning Pressure        range of standard and                                   b=Cloud&Search=SEA
         & Weighted Reduction        custom sizes. 570-                                      RCH&MC=43&MinC=6                    CAYPELS
569, 570 Products    Cushion         12x12, 569-14x14       Otto Bock            $575.00     3&Item=2026&page=1 Assessment Gym Store             2
          Seating,      Leckey          Leckey Sleepform
          Positioning   Sleepform Leg   Leg & Knee Guides.                                     http://www.alliedmedic
          & Weighted    & Knee          Size 1, Size 2, Size 3,                    Price Not                CAYPELS
572-575   Products      Guides          Size 4 Boards -
                                                                Otto Bock            avail     ct.asp?s=82&id=366         Assessment Gym Store     4
                                      Wooden adjustable.
          Seating,                    Sloped writing board
          Positioning &               provides a portable
600, 601, Weighted      Writing Slope angled work surface           Therapy Toy                http://www.therapytoys                  CAYPELS
  630     Products      Boards        when reading or                  shop        $228.00                      Loan      Gym Store   3
          Positioning &
          Weighted                                                                 Price Not                                           CAYPELS         picture not
  605     Products      Table           Adjustable table angle TADACT                avail                                   Loan      Gym Store   1    available
                                        A portable fabric mat with a
                                        kit of supports, wedges and
                                        rolls designed to help
                                        promote activity in children
                                        from approximately 6-36
                                        months old. It provides
                                        moveable, flexible
                                        components to enable the
                                        child to engage in
                                        supported activities. Key
         Seating,                       positions encouraged are
                                        supine laying, prone laying,
         Positioning    Leckey Early    side laying, sitting on the
         & Weighted     Activity        floor with legs extended and Wonderland             http://www.ilcnsw.asn.                     CAYPELS
  627    Products       System          four point kneeling.         Rehab, GTK   $2,200.00 au/items/8505                    Loan      Gym Store   1
         Positioning                                                                           http://www.productrevi                  ECS, ECN
         & Weighted                     Black and Grey high        Love ‘N                               Treatment
638, 639 Products       High Chair      chair.                     Care            $200.00     hp?item_id=31631             Clinical   rooms       2
          Seating,                                                                             org/home/search4.asp
          Positioning                                                                          ?State=SA&MC=71&M
          & Weighted Disc’o’sit         Blue rubber textured                                   inC=16&Item=1959&p                      CAYPELS
  642     Products    cushion           cushion, large                              $50.00     age=1                         Loan      Gym Store   1
                                    HGC248-Harvest Abduction
                                    Cushion for knees. 680 x
                                    HGC249-Harvest Universal
                                    Cushion- Size 1. 410 x
                                    Positioning Cushion for
                                    heel. Size 412 x 228mm
                                    Positioning Cushion for
                                    Hand. Size 412 x 228mm.
                                    HGC250-Harvest Universal
                                    Cushion- Size 2. 640 x
                                    Positioning Cushionfor Hip.
                                    Size 342 x 300mm
                                    HGC257-Harvest Half Moon
                                    Positioning Cushion.
                                    HGC251-Harvest Cylinder
         Seating,                   Cushion- Size Ø210 x
         Positioning Harvest        HGC255-Harvest Decubitus
         & Weighted Positioning     Positioning Cushion. Size   Acute        Price Not   http://www.ilcnsw.asn.              CAYPELS
  663    Products    system         1830 x 666mm.               Healthcare     avail     au/items/9071            Assessment Gym Store   1
                                    Adjustable School Table.
                                    Red frame cream tray.A
         Seating,                   work surface of 77 x
                                    64cm. The height
         Positioning                adjustment is secured
         & Weighted Adjustable      with hand wheels on each                                                                 CAYPELS
686, 841 Products    School Table   upright.                   PME           $649.00                                Loan     Gym Store   2

         Seating,                    Hi/Low Indoor Frame has
                                    seat height adjustments
         Positioning                The Hi/Low mechanism has
         & Weighted Jazz Easys Hi   a foot-operated gas spring Paediatric                http://www.ilcnsw.asn.              CAYPELS
  689    Products    Lo Base        seat-to-floor height. Size 1 Mobility    $3,736.00   au/items/7074            Assessment Gym Store   1

                                    Adjustable, rigid chair
          Seating,                  designed to support a child
                                    in a seated position with
693, 694, Positioning               castors.With Headrest &
812, 813, & Weighted Leckey Easy    potty seat. Sz 1-694, 813.  Paediatric           http://www.ilcnsw.asn.                  CAYPELS
  1019    Products    Seat          Sz 2-693, 814. Size 4 1019 Mobility              au/items/6069
                                                                             $3,737.00                              Loan     Gym Store   4
         Seating,                   Air Alert Cushion with                           org/home/search4.asp
         Positioning                bottoming out sensor, air                        ?State=TAS&MC=43&
         & Weighted Air Alert       detector & pump, extra                           MinC=62&Item=6140&                      CAYPELS
790, 791 Products    Aircushion     cover - blue              Otto Bock      $650.00 page=4                          Loan    Gym Store   2
          Seating,                                                                             org/search4.asp?State
                                          An inflatable cushion with
          Positioning                     made from individual
          & Weighted Kineris Duo 10       neoprene rubber air cells                            =62&Item=8403&page                  CAYPELS
 792, 793 Products    Aircushion          attached to a common base Otto Bock          $481.00 =13                          Loan   Gym Store   2

                                          It is primarily developed for
             Seating,                     individuals who require
                                          moderate positioning and
             Positioning                  pressure relief. It can be
             & Weighted Jay Easy          used with either a seat sling                                                            CAYPELS
   822       Products    Cushion          or a solid base 14"x16"         PME          $675.00                              Loan   Gym Store   1
                                         A modular seating system
              Seating,                   on a height adjustable                                  http://www.ilcaustralia.
                                         hydraulic base with a tilt in
              Positioning                space mechanism. For
              & Weighted                 children aged 4 months to 4                             =SA&MC=41&MinC=2                  CAYPELS
 823, 1057 Products       Jenx Bumble   Bee yrs
                                         1/2                              Do Ability   $5,830.00 8&Item=4893&page=7                Gym Store   2
                          Supracor                                                               http://www.ilcaustralia.
              Seating,    Contoured       Cushion two way stretch                                org/home/search4.asp
                                          cover is removable with a
              Positioning Paediartic      slip resistant base. 832-
              & Weighted Cushion          14x14, 835-10x10, 838-          Mobility               =Supracor&Search=S                CAYPELS
832, 835, 838 Products    Cover           12x12                           Plus          $144.00 EARCH&MC=43&Min                    Gym Store   3
                                          Has contoured/modular and
                                          adjustable cushion with a
                                          high degree of pelvic
          Seating,                        stability, which is is easily
                                          configured for both
          Positioning                     symmetrical and
          & Weighted Spex Foam            asymmetrical sitting                                   nz/postural_care/ws-              CAYPELS
 860, 861 Products    Cushion             postures. 14x16 cushion
                                          A contoured foam                PME          $1,029.00 spex-cushions.php                 Gym Store       2
                                          with a number of adjustable
                                          features that are designed
                                          to suit people with moderate
                                          to severe positioning needs
                                          with both symmetrical and
                                          asymmetrical sitting
                                          postures, including limited
 871-873,    Seating,                     hip flexion and pelvic
                                          obliquity. Sizes 12x12,
 896-902,    Positioning Spex Vigour      12x14, 14x14,871-
904, 1082,   & Weighted Cushion with      16x16,872, 873-14x16,                                  http://www.ilcnsw.asn.            CAYPELS
   1085      Products    spare cover      1082 - 18 x 18, 1085 - 16 x     PME          443 - 585 au/items/8798              Loan   Gym Store   12
                                       Anti thrust, medial thigh
                                       supports, lateral hip & thigh
                                       supports, fixed arms,
                                       curved headrest and tray.
877, 879,   Seating,                   877 goes with 876, 948 -
                                       12x12 , 879 goes with 878,
881, 945,   Positioning Freedom        949- 14x14 , 881-16x16
946, 948,   & Weighted Seating         goes with 880, 945 goes                                                                  CAYPELS       no picture
  949       Products    System         with 797, 946 goes with 532      PME        $2,390.00                         Assessment Gym Store   7 available
                                       An adjustable padded belt
                                       with a quick lock plastic
                                       buckle. The belt has
                                       horizontal and vertical
                                       webbing handles used by
                                       the attendant to stabilise the
                                       person while walking or
            Seating,                   assisting with transfers. The
                                       FlexiBelt is available in five
                                       sizes and with a nylon or
            & Weighted Romedic Flexi   polyester inner surface.         Mobility           http://www.ilcnsw.asn.               CAYPELS
  905       Products    Belt                                            Plus       $148.00 au/items/2420                        Gym Store   1
                                       A long nylon covered
                                       transfer tube, with an inner
            Seating,                   padded section, designed to
                                       use a low friction rolling
            Positioning                action to assist with the
            & Weighted Romedic Easy    turning and repositioning of     Mobility           http://www.ilcnsw.asn.               CAYPELS
  906       Products    Slide          people in bed.                   Plus       $237.00 au/items/972                         Gym Store   1
          Positioning Vigour Straight Vigour Straight                                      nz/products/wheelchair-
943, 955, & Weighted Swingaway        Swingaway Laterals.                                  seating/vigour-lateral-              CAYPELS
  956     Products    Laterals        955 & 956-5.5"x3.5"               PME        $545.00 supports                    Loan     Gym Store   3
          Positioning                  Vigour Backrest. 944-
944, 950, & Weighted    Vigour         14", 950 -12"x16",                                  http://www.ilcnsw.asn.               CAYPELS
   951    Products      Backrest       951-12"x12"           PME                   $789.00 au/items/8346                Loan    Gym Store   3
          Seating,                     SPEX T Shaped
          Positioning   SPEX T         Backrest 952-12"x12",                               http://www.ilcnsw.asn.
          & Weighted    Shaped         953-14"x14", 954 -                                  au/items/8345?topic_h                CAYPELS
 952-954 Products       Backrest       12"x16'               PME                   $890.00 eader=additional_info        Loan    Gym Store   3

            Seating,                   Provides anterior support                 
                                       for increased comfort and
            Positioning SPEX Curved    spinal extension.
            & Weighted Swingaway       Waterproof foam with                                seating/spex-straight-               CAYPELS
957-959     Products    Laterals       removable washable cover.        PME        $480.00 pad-laterals                 Loan    Gym Store   3
                                           Designed to replace the
                                           wheelchair's sling                                 http://www.ilcaustralia.
                                           upholstery. A lightweight,                         org/home/search4.asp
                                           rigid and contoured                                ?State=ACT&searchdb
          Seating,                         backrest suitable for manual                       =Jay%20J3&Search=S
                                           or powered wheelchairs.
          Positioning                      Available with a wide range
          & Weighted Jay J3                of backrest heights, depths                        C=66&Item=7343&pag                           CAYPELS
960 - 963 Products    Backrest             and widths.                     PME        $730.00 e=1                               Loan       Gym Store       1

             Seating,        Ottobock
             Positioning     Padded         Ottobock Padded
             & Weighted      Wheelchair     Wheelchair backrest                        Price Not                                           CAYPELS           no picture
   973       Products        backrest cover cover                          Ottobock      avail                                  Loan       Gym Store       1 available
                                           Helps to increase On-Task
                                           behaviour in Children with
                                           Attention Difficulties for
             Seating,                      short periods of time. Sizes
                                           XS (Chest 48 - 55cm),
             Positioning                   Small (Chest 56 - 64cm),
             & Weighted Weighted           Med (Chest 65 - 69cm),          Calming                     CAYPELS
 993-999     Products    Vests             Lge (Chest 70 - 76cm)           Kids        $55.00      89993.htm              Assessment Store                 7
                                           Help restless children
             Seating,                      sleep easier. #1000 -
             Positioning &                 Small Blue 1.5kgs,                                   http://www.calmingkids
             Weighted        Weighted      #1063 - Large Green             Calming    $110.00 &            CAYPELS
1000, 1063   Products        Blanket       3kgs                            Kids        $179.97 789998/5686047.htm      Assessment Store                    2

             Seating,                      Pkt of 4 weights to go with
                                           weighted vests. Xsm pk -
             Positioning                   2x4 190g ea, sm pk - 3x4
  1005 -     & Weighted                    250g ea, med pk -2x4 312g       Calming     Price Not              CAYPELS                   no picture
   1012      Products    Vest Weights      ea, lge pk -1x4 400g ea         Kids          avail     89998.htm              Assessment Store                     available
                                           Light weight sprung seat
                                           system that reduces jolting
                                           on uneven surfaces and
                                           adjusts for the weight of the
                                           child. Size 1 - Kimba                                   http://www.ilcaustralia.
             Seating,                      Spring seating 1043 goes                                org/home/search4.asp
             Positioning                   with Kimba Spring Stroller                              ?State=ACT&MC=43&
             & Weighted Kimba Spring       Base 1042                                               MinC=32&Item=5936&                      CAYPELS
  1043       Products    Seating      Kimba Spring Spider Ottobock                    $3,890.00    page=22                    Assessment   Gym Store   1
                                      Hi Lo Base. Height
                                      adjustable. Spider
                                      Base has tilt-in-space.
                                      Can Be used with
             Seating,                 both the Kimba Spring
             Positioning Kimba Spring Seating System and                                           http://www.fasequipme
             & Weighted Spider Hi Lo Squiggles Seating        Mobility                                     CAYPELS
  1044       Products    Base         System                  Matters                 $1,700.00    eating/s40.html            Assessment   Gym Store   1
                                   The PresSure Vest features
                                   a secure hook and loop
                                   adjustable fit for a terrific
                                   "hug", double stitched
                                   seams and 2 choices for
       Seating,                    "fidget" adornments (cars or                        https://www.lifeskills4ki
                                   flowers, both included).
       Positioning Abilitations    Vest is 43cm (shoulder to
       & Weighted Presseure        waist) and 22.9cm -35.5cm Life Skills 4             page/autism/abilitation                 CAYPELS
1045   Products    Vest            across the front              Kids        $84.95    s-pressure-vest/          Assessment    Main Store   1
                                  They have been
                                  developed to help
       Seating,                   children calm and
       Positioning                organise themselves in a Calming                     http://www.calmingkids
       & Weighted Stainless Steel seated position with     Kids                                CAYPELS
1073   Products    Pellet Lap Bag deep pressure sensory Australia            $45.97    789998/7585059.htm         Assessment   Main Store   1
                                  A combination of a foam
                                   contoured base with a deep
                                   pelvic cut out area with the
                                   option of an air or fluid pad
                                   insert, for pressure
                                   reduction. The supplier
                                   states it is designed for a
                                   user at high risk of                                http://www.ilcaustralia.
       Seating,                    developing pressure areas                           org/home/search4.asp
       Positioning                 and a moderate to high                              ?State=TAS&MC=43&
                                   need for positioning. A
       & Weighted Jay J3           range of options and sizes Lightning
                                                                                       MinC=63&Item=6932&                      CAYPELS
1083   Products    Cushion         and are available for an      Mobility    $849.00   page=6                       Loan       Main Store   1

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