; Real Estate - The Unknown Things When Selling Ann Arbor Area Home
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Real Estate - The Unknown Things When Selling Ann Arbor Area Home


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                                  Th Unknows When Selling Your Ann Arbor Area Home
                                           By Tony Dulgeroff and the Help-U-Sell Team

   Th Unknows When Selling Your Ann Arbor Area Home by Tony Dulgeroff and the
Help-U-Sell Team

When you chose us to market your home, we began marketing efforts immediately to locate
prospective buyers using our "Performance Campaign" marketing plan. Working along with our
company, we have now implemented various methods of attracting the right buyer for you.

As partners in the selling process, we are likely to encounter a number of unknowns, which in turn
prompt questions. The most often asked by our sellers is, "How long will it take to sell my home?"
Another might be, "What else can we do to attract the right buyer?" Obviously, the unknowns center
around the uncertainty associated with selling any real estate. And, until the right prospective
purchaser has seen your home, it is impossible to answer those questions.

What we can do in the meantime is strive to change and improve our marketing efforts until we have a
buyer. That may include changes in advertising strategies and other methods of exposing your home
to the greatest number of potential buyers. It also means offering the right price and terms on the
home, making necessary improvements to the condition of the home and maintaining open

Please call us at your earliest convenience so we can set an appointment to get together and discuss
any revisions or modifications to our marketing plan that might be made to enhance the salability of
your home.


"The Help-U-Sell team"
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                                               An Eclectic and Fascinating City
                                                              By John Parks

When people think of Michigan, its largest cities such as Detroit and Grand Rapids are usually what
immediately spring to mind. The state capital of Lansing is also popularly thought of when it comes to
Michigan. However, one of the most fascinating and unique cities in "the Mitten State" is definitely Ann

 Home to the state's largest school, the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor is a consummate college
town. The University of Michigan's football team, the Wolverines, make this city a popular draw on
game days; the city becomes inundated with major football fans on days when this popular football
team is playing. The campus of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor is incredibly beautiful, with
many architecturally amazing buildings and a classic dig at its center. One of the most beautiful
campus buildings is definitely the law school building, which was paid for by a successful alumnus of
the school and features an exquisitely beautiful open-air courtyard.

 On fair weather days in the city of Ann Arbor, it is incredibly pleasant to simple stroll around and
explore. There are certain to be a good number of people walking around, enjoying the weather and
pedestrian-friendly streets of Ann Arbor. Many people enjoy grabbing a lunch at a nearby cafe or stand
and eating lunch while sitting out on the grass in the diag or by one of the nice fountains.

 Ann Arbor also boasts a great array and variety of really unique shops and boutiques. While walking
around this city, one can find a shop selling just about anything they could possibly think of. There are
wonderful music stores, novelty shops and even a great array of home furnishing and decorating
stores. Ann Arbor is also the birthplace of Borders Books, and there is a large and extensive Borders
book store here. Visitors will also find a nice selection of independent bookstores where they can find
something truly unique.

 With its annual, wildly popular Art Fair, Ann Arbor is also home to many great little art galleries and art
stores. Whether you have a large or small budget, you are sure to find an incredible work of art that
you can purchase while perusing the selections at Ann Arbor's many art-themed shops. Finding
something that is truly one-of-a-kind is not hard to do in this fascinating city.

 When it comes to food and dining options, Ann Arbor is a true paradise. Every kind and variety of food
imaginable seems to be offered at the many restaurants dotting this city. From exotic, foreign fare to
classic American diner food, there is truly something for everyone in this town. There is also a
wonderful array of pleasant coffee shops in Ann Arbor, and the college's presence ensures a fabulous
bar scene and nightlife, is that is what you seek.

 If you are planning to travel into or through the state of Michigan, you should definitely plan a day to
spend in the city of Ann Arbor. Its fine mix of shopping, dining and unique attractions make it a fantastic
place to get to know

For more information on Ann Arbor, Michigan visit http://annarbormicroblog.com and

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