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                                                    6 Easy Gifts with Gourmet Food
                                                              By Merrie Schonbach

    6 Easy Gifts with Gourmet Food by Merrie Schonbach

Thank you for reading this article, we will explore 6 low cost gifts sets you can make with gourmet food.
The below gifts are designed to be hand delivered, if you plan on shipping them add additional packing
materials to cushion the items.

1 - Tea Gift

Items Needed: Two small boxes of gourmet tea, a teaball, bow, gift tag and 1" decorative ribbon.

Stack the two boxes of tea and carefully tape the teaball to the top box using clear tape. Wrap the
ribbon four ways around the box ending at the top and tie or add a bright bow and gift tag.

2 - Coffee Gift

Items Needed: Large decorative coffee cup, small bag of gourmet coffee, 3 or 4 packs of flavored
creamer that you do not have to keep cold, empty coffee can and a bow.

File the edge of the coffee can till smooth, place the coffee cup inside the coffee can, add the packets
of creamer inside the coffee cup and the bag of gourmet coffee on top. Use white tissue paper around
coffee cup to keep it from breaking. Put plastic lid back on coffee can, add a gift tag and bow to the top.

3 - Salsa Gift

Items Needed: Large plastic snack bowl, individual serving size of chips and a bottle of gourmet salsa.

Place chip bags into bowl, wrap the salsa bottle with tissue paper, tie off the top with curling or
decorative ribbon, place in bowl. Place bowl in a large decorative gift bag or wrap with gift warp tie off
top with ribbon, add a bow and gift tag.

4 - Pretzel Gift

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Items Needed: Individual serving size bags of pretzels, a large empty pretzels bag, a bottle of pretzel

Wrap dip in decorative paper tie off with ribbon, place bags of pretzels into large bag add the pretzel
dip. Trim off the top, gather the top and ties off with decorative ribbon. Add a bow and gift tag to the
front of the bag.

5 - Salad Dressing Gift

Items Needed: Small box or bag of croutons, gourmet salad dressing, jar of dried bacon, salad bowl,
large gift bag or gift wrap and salad thongs.

Warp salad dressing and jar of bacon in decorative paper and tie off with ribbon. Add bag or crouton,
dressing and bacon into bowl. Wrap bowl in gift wrap, separately wrap thongs and attach to the top of
the bowl, add ribbon and gift tag.

6 - Chocolate Spoon Gift

Items Needed: 3 or 4 chocolate spoons, fabric ribbon, curling ribbon, old chocolate tin or small gift bag.

Carefully gather the spoons together and tie them with the fabric ribbon. Add decorative curling ribbon.
If you have the old chocolate tin place the spoons inside the tin and close with the plastic lid. Add bow
and gift tag.

If your using a gift bag, use a smaller one so that the top of the spoons stick out, use curling ribbon tied
around the spoons to flow over sides adding color. Add gift tag.

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                                             Holiday Gift Baskets for the Gourmet
                                                            By Michelle Parks

When it comes time to purchase a gift for your friend that’s a gourmet, you may feel overwhelmed.
Especially if you are not a gourmet yourself. Where should you begin? Instead of opting out altogether
and sending your buddy a pair of socks, consider sending gourmet holiday gift baskets instead. This
eliminates the guesswork out of what to send and also gives your friend or loved one a basket
brimming with gifts that they are sure to love. As an added bonus, they can prepare some of the
creations in their gourmet basket and you can enjoy eating it!

Here are some things to look for when purchasing gourmet holiday gift baskets:


 You want to pay attention to what comes in the holiday gift baskets. A person only needs so many
pate spreaders. Make sure there is some variety in the basket you are selecting. A good basket will
have spreads, crackers and maybe even a nice soup mix. Basically a meal in a basket, from appetizer
to dessert. While you may have never heard of “she-crab soup,” your gourmet friend will delight in
trying something new and out of the ordinary.


 Gourmet holiday gift baskets can be on the pricey side, so make sure that you are getting ample bang
for your buck. As mentioned earlier, you want to make sure there is plenty of variety in your basket to
account for the price you are paying for the gourmet foods. Obviously, this isn’t a cheese-wiz basket,
so you should expect to pay a little more for a high quality basket.

Warranty On The Food

 With many gourmet holiday gift baskets there will be foods that possibly could expire or go bad. You
will want to inquire if there is any satisfaction guarantee on the gift or a warranty on the food in case of
spoilage. Since these items are prepackaged and/or canned, you probably don’t have to worry much
about spoilage, but it never hurts to ask ahead of time.

Small or Large?

 Not sure what your budget can handle? Then maybe you should opt for small gourmet holiday gift
baskets instead of large gourmet holiday gift baskets. Either way, you are able to give your friend a
well thought out gift filled with gourmet goodies that they are sure to enjoy, but will also fit into any gift
giving budget. Also, if you have more than one gourmet friend, (lucky you!), you can opt for smaller
baskets so they all can enjoy the gourmet gifts inside and you still have a budget left for the rest of your
family and friends around the holidays.

 Gourmet holiday gift baskets are an excellent way to treat a friend or loved one that is into high end
cooking. These baskets give variety and a veritable meal in a basket for you and your loved one to
enjoy. Instead of giving just one gift, give many gifts in the form of a holiday gift basket.

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