Legend has it that lion dancing originated in China during the by KVFeBY1l


									Legend has it that lion dancing originated in China during the Tang Dynasty, when the Emperor
was troubled by a nightmare, a terrifying dream that ended after he was saved by a rare and strange
beast – the lion…
An important part of New Year celebrations, lion dancing has long been associated with Southern
Chinese systems of Kung Fu; an association that dates back to the Ching Dynasty, when
revolutionary martial artists used the lion dance as a secret means of communication.

Lion Dancing, in all its glories was performed in festivities and celebrations in squares, streets,
villages and religious temples. The performance was always accompanied by drums, cymbals, gongs
and firecrackers. Today, lions can be seen opening major cultural events, corporate roll-out parties,
conventions, conferences, parades, grand openings weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and any other
celebration where a colorful and exciting beginning sets the tone and ambience for the balance of the
It is interesting to note that no matter fearful or ferocious the lion appears, he is considered a divine
beast sent by heaven and is loved by all. He blesses his patrons with happiness and joy, wealth and
prosperity, and is a harbinger of good luck and good fortune in all future endeavors.

Loong Mah Sing See Wui, aka Dragonhorse Lion and Dragon Dance Association is a traditional Lion
Dancing troupe with a few modern twists. We offer a team that is lighthearted and sparked with a
youthful vitality that has to been seen to be believed. Our specialty, traditional Sunn Tai, the lion’s
ability to demonstrate the eight basic emotions is a hallmark in all of our performances.

Building New Traditions is one of our trademarks as we present lion dancers as young as four years
old with equal members of boys and girls. Our primary instructors have many years of experience in
theatrical performing arts and stage production. Thus, we can entertain and accommodate most any
type of event or festivities you desire. Special effects, props, lighting and sound systems are also
offered as options.

Celebrate the Lion Dance with Loong Mah Sing See…Dragonhorse Lion Dance Association was
founded in April 1994 as a non-profit San Francisco based organization who performs regularly for
worthwhile charities, fundraisers, community, corporate, and multi-cultural events.
Loong Mah’s primary objective is to help develop among our youth, the sense and spirit of sharing,
teamwork, community involvement, and charity. We also emphasize on developing in our members,
honesty, integrity, self-confidence, and good moral character, as well as focus on developing an
appreciation of our cultural heritage, our beautiful art forms and our ethnic diversity.

We appreciate your consideration for our service and extend our sincere gratitude for your generosity
and support. Inquiries can be directed to:

Wilson Mah
Executive Director
Loong Mah Sing See Wui
(415) 531-7016

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