Bridging the Gap GED and Accuplacer by dffhrtcv3


									 Bridging the Gap:
GED and Accuplacer

        Tessa McDonnell
        Dean of Learner Services
        Granite State College
GED Profiles:
High school dropouts

                        Lack of interest
    Unforeseen
     circumstances      Lack of motivation
                        Weak skills
Reasons to take GED

   Economic benefit               More employable
   Getting a job or a better
   Preparing for college

   More motivated to do           Less motivated – just
    well                            pass
Nontraditional Adult Learner

   Working
   Has children
   Out of formal education for a period of time
   Often first generation
GED Recipients who
Gain admission to college

   Have equal or higher GPA than high school
   Take less credits per term/semester
   Have a significantly higher drop out rate
    during the first year of attendance
Factors to Consider

   High school students - 400 hours of
   GED – 100 hours
   GED = Non-traditional
    –   All the demands of adult life
    –   Anxiety
    –   Lack of understanding of higher ed expectations
Study Results

   Comparison of GED and Accuplacer

    –   Arithmetic and Algebra

    –   Reading
Proactive Interventions

       Caring
       Freedom to Fail
       Functional Support
       Friendship
       Fun
What Next?

   Consider transitions

   Academic Supports

   Personal connections

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