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									                             Press Release
                 Ryan Feeney (Public Relations Officer)- Club Derry
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   Information on City Banquet/City Oaks Grass Roots Development

  Club Derry support Derry City Grass roots development programme

On Friday 12th of May the Tower Hotel in Derry City will play host to the first
Derry City GAA banquet. Club Derry, County Derry’s Fundraising organisation
have organised the Banquet with the support of local businesses to raise funds
for the city coaching and games development programme.
Pundit and all-Ireland medallist Joe Brolly will be the guest speaker at the
evening sponsored by Mickey Kelly Construction and Albert Fry and Associates.

The banquet marks the second successful year of the City Urban development
programme headed by District GAA Development Officer and Armagh all-Ireland
Medallist Barry O’Hagan. The six clubs in the city have been part of an Ulster
Council pilot programme designed to assist and development Gaelic Games in
urban areas. By June 2006 the City will have a full-time Gaelic Games Promotion
Officer a post that has been created through a strategic partnership with the
Derry City Council and Derry County Board GAA. When appointed the new GPO
will coach Gaelic Games throughout the schools and clubs of the city.

County Chairman Seamus McCloy highlighted the success of the ongoing project
“The County Board are fully committed to the development of Gaelic Games in
Derry’s largest urban area and hope to continue our successful alliance with the
Derry City Council and Ulster Council GAA”

For information on the evening or Club Derry please view
                 ‘City Oaks’ Grassroots Development Squad

This project is about developing the game in the city at a grassroots level and is
based at Celtic Park, Derry GAA’s County ground.

This squad comprises of boys and girls, 7-11 years of age from the entire city
area. They are coached by qualified coaches from each of the Gaelic clubs in the
area and by the Urban Gaelic Games Promotion Officer for Derry City.

This squad meets for structured training every 4-6 weeks and their base is Celtic
Park. The idea behind this initiative is to raise the standard of performance in
Gaelic Games within the city area. Quality coaching will be provided to the boys
and girls and they will play challenge/exhibition matches with other teams
throughout Ulster and Ireland.

The children participating will hopefully develop a sense of identity with the
project and ultimately a sense of identity representing their family, club, school
and city in Gaelic games.

The only prerequisite is the children must be registered with a city club, and that
clubs’ coaches are participating. The club coaches are also trained up with the
latest coaching techniques within the sport.

The idea behind this initiative is that children and coaches taking part will be able
to bring their experience back to their individual clubs and thus improve the
standard within each of the clubs in the city. This will then hopefully lead to a
rise in the overall standard of performance within the Derry City area.
The boys and girls involved taking part wear a new specially designed and
unique kit for the squad. (Sponsored by Club Derry and the Tower Hotel in the

We would welcome all parents in the city area to come out and support the
scheme and encourage their children to get involved in the programme.

I would like to thank the 6 city clubs involved in the programme and in particular
the coaches from each of the clubs who actively participate in the scheme. Also a
word of thanks to Club Derry and the Tower Hotel for their help and support.

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