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Basic Yoga Poses by dffhrtcv3


									Basic Yoga Poses
Partner Coaching
Today will be one of the few days we
 will work with partners. We will
 assess each others poses. Examine
 your partner’s pose and provide for
 them two stars and a wish.
Two things you felt they did great at
 and one thing they can work on.
 Provide Truth over Harmony.
Easy Pose
Lotus Pose
Bound Angle Pose
Wide Angle Seated Forward Bend
Child’s Pose
Extended Puppy Pose
Cat Pose
Dolphin Plank Pose
Dolphin Pose
Downward Facing Dog
Plank Pose
Low Lunge Pose
Warrior One Pose
Warrior Two Pose
Warrior Three Pose
Extended Side Angle Pose
Extended Triangle Pose
Gate Pose
Half Moon Pose
Extended Hand to Big Toe Pose
Hero Pose
Eagle Pose
Chair Pose
Revolved Triangle Pose
Tree Pose
Staff Pose
Standing Half Forward Bend
Happy Baby Pose
Side Reclining Leg Lift
Full Boat Pose
Garland Pose
Half Lord of the Fishes Pose
Head to Knee Forward Bend Pose
Lord of the Dance Pose
Upward Salute
Wide Legged Forward Bend Pose
Reclining Bound Angle Pose
Corpse Pose
Salutation Seal (Nomaste)
Time for Reflection
Pull out your yoga journal and
   reflect on how challenging the
   poses were.
1. What was the most challenging?
2. What was not so challenging?
3. What pose did you like the most?
4. How was your breathing? Were
   you able to be present? Were your
   movements graceful?

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