tonight is beautifu; by iceisme237


									"Tonight was a beautiful huh?" You say. I may sit beside you?

"Of course, should be". I replied.

I looked at your little eyes were full of longing. You held my hand gently - missed each other.

Why are you sitting here tonight? "I asked slowly.

You smiled gently towards me. "I want to thank; grateful.", You said with a smile looked towards me
- the moon and the stars did not forget to greet us with smiles.

Every time you smile there's always the little things that reconcile things - love. "Thank God for the
glory of God." Imbuhmu. You looked at me with a sincere smile to reconcile the universe tonight.

"Give thanks for all the glory that God has given to us, God still allows us to sit together at night is
beautiful, the night that gives peace, moon and stars that give joy and still cool evening breeze."
Sambungmu while a soft smile towards me - anymore.

I paused to hear you say. I nodded slowly.

"Is not God's will add pleasure to us who are grateful in every situation?" Sambungmu gently.

Our fingers are mutually reinforcing. Dissolved in the head on the shoulder - Instantly silence.


"I (also) want to thank you, ok?" I asked the Ayyu.
"For what?" Look into my eyes you asked me, smiling.

I smiled at you. "Thank ya, God is good, we brought in together - to learn (her) Thank you." I said,

The atmosphere was quiet again. You look at me suddenly broke silence was interrupted. moon and
stars smile again.

You ... I smiled and smiled with silence. This smile off desire - happiness and peace in the silence of
the night.

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